Ad is inaccurate. HE WILL NOT be on all state ballots. Nor will he get a shot at the debates for similar reasons.
The following is the letter that went out to members of the Libertarian Party of Michigan regarding the inclusion of Gary Johnson on the Michigan ballot. This epitomizes the problem with rigged American politics and the apparently corrupt two-party system with ideologues on both sides not allowing an opinion that varies from the Repub-Dem Military Industrial elites. No alternative perspectives allowed! You are either for Obama or Romney! Or else.

Sent: Friday, September 14, 2012 10:09 PM
Subject: Help Us Keep Gary up and Running

Fellow Libertarians,

In the past 10 days a lot has happened with our Libertarian Party of Michigan presidential ballot status! I am writing to report what has happened, and to ask for your help.

Last week Thursday the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan refused to place Governor Gary Johnson on the ballot as our presidential nominee. The Judge accepted the arguments of Secretary of State Ruth Johnson and the Michigan Republican Party that Michigan´s “sore loser” law applies to keep Governor Johnson off the ballot, even though it was not applied to other presidential candidates in the past, like John Anderson.

We immediately appealed the decision to the Federal Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati. When the Sixth Circuit refused to expedite the case, yesterday we appealed to the US Supreme Court. Justice Kagan issued an order that the State respond to our appeal by 5 pm today.

Within minutes of the Judge issuing his opinion in the Eastern District case, the Secretary of State sent us a letter denying ballot status to our “contingent” presidential candidate, Gary E.Johnson of Texas. You will recall that at the LPM convention on June 2 we nominated him in the event Governor Johnson was denied aplace on the ballot. Ever since, we had been requesting confirmation he would be placed on the ballot, but the Secretary of State refused to say until she issued this recent letter. Now the State insists we should have no presidential candidate on the ballot.

Tuesday of this week we sued Secretary of State Ruth Johnson in the Federal District Court for the Western District of Michigan to place Gary E. Johnson of Texas on the ballot as the LPM´s presidential nominee. The State had the audacity to argue to the Judge that it is ´too late´ to consider our case, even though it waited three months to deny Gary E. Johnson ballot status. The State also claims we can´t show irreparable harm to support a decision in our favor ´because Gary E. Johnson has no chance of winning.´

The briefs are filed and fortunately the Judge in the Gary E. Johnson case is treating us fairly. He has scheduled a hearing for this coming Tuesday to consider our demand to place Gary E. Johnson of Texas on the ballot as our presidential nominee.

I can´t begin to describe the commitments so many Libertarian activists have made, in time and money, to fight this attempt by theState and the Republican Party to strip the Libertarian Party of Michigan of its ballot status. I´m hoping you see the need and theurgency to stick it to the state by contributing now to support their efforts.

We might not win either of these cases, but we sure have made life Hell for Secretary of State Ruth Johnson. Governor Johnson is reaping publicity from our fight all across the country, with hundreds of news reports, including an article in the New York Times and stories on network news programs.
Yours in Liberty, Denee Rockman-Moon, Chair, Libertarian Party of Michigan

  1. droozilla says:

    Absolutely sickening. But it’s par for the course.

  2. Uncle Patso says:

    Wait — so there’s this other Gary E. Johnson (of Texas) ready to run in place of Gary E. Johnson (of New Mexico), former Republican party primary candidate for president, as Libertarian party general election candidate for president in Michigan? Have I got that straight? If it’s even possible to “get it straight.” This thing has more twists and turns than a handful of pubic hair.

  3. fr0mundacheese says:

    another inaccuracy: He will NOT be able to fix Washington. Not unless he summons’ a mammoth amount of bulldozers to push that corrupt cesspool into the Potomac river.

  4. AdmFubar says:

    the two party system is in name only… there is only one party… the corporations.

  5. msbpodcast says:

    Is it any wonder that I’m advocating for the replacement of the two party system with its election from a pool of 1%ers mechanism with an no party system with the selection of citizens to actually represent 100% of this country…

    The arguments about fitness to represent don’t count as we have seen some incredibly bone headed statements coming from people whose only qualification to lead was that they had been lucky in piling up enough money to run for office.

    While I don’t contend that cupidity = stupidity, I also don’t contend that money = virtue.

  6. NewformatSux says:

    Libertarian press releases are not the best source of information. He was a candidate in the Republican primaries, then left after those guys kept him out of the debates on the grounds that there is only one Libertarian candidate and his name is Ron Paul, who as a true Libertarian sold out to Mitt Romney. Nevertheless he did not remove his name from the ballot even after the state’s office told him this detail. Yet these libertarians were too busy using drugs to meet the deadline. Instead, they want to sue to get their name on the ballot despite the sore-loser law that’s on the books. Who cares if the law was not applied properly in 1980.

    Now, ignoring those details they chose to go ahead and nominate Gary at their convention. State law doesn’t allow for replacements. Or they could have sent in the withdrawal forms in time. They missed the deadline by THREE MINUTES!

    But it gives JCD the opportunity to put up the headline which gets a high google ranking just searching for Gary Johnson Michigan.

    Now why no post about corrupt Democrats who said they would not allow delegates for anyone other than Barack Obama at their convention? One guy nearly won a state primary which would have been embarrassing, but this announcement depressed the turnout.

    • ± says:

      I’m going to help Mr. Dvorak get better google ratings.

      stochastic resonance
      face genes
      sun-like stars
      printing 3-d microstructures
      neuronal disorder in autism
      lossless datacompression
      AGW is bullshit

  7. NewformatSux says:

    Under the current environment, when I hear squelching, corrupt Michigan Republicans is not the first thing that comes to mind as the squelcher, and Gary Johnson is not the squelched.

  8. Hyph3n says:

    Libertarians, look on the bright side… If you were black, Hispanic or just a plain ole Democrat, the Republicans would be trying to keep you out of the voting both entirely.

  9. NewformatSux says:

    This is the primary squelching of the moment, and would not happen if Gary Johnson were president. For that matter it wouldn’t happen with Romney either, but liberals will act like it might, but go silent when a Democrat actually does it. “People need to watch what they say”

  10. TThor says:

    And the US is going to tech the rest of the world democracy?
    To remind you, in China there are 6-7 alternative parties on the ballot when they wote in the Communist Party…
    The same choice of none.
    Not a nice comparison.

  11. Bob73 says:

    We’ve been trying unsuccessfully to establish a greater than two party system in this country for literally centurys. The people as a whole are basically binary in their thinking and understanding. Left, right, hot, cold, up, down, black, white, etc etc. It’s hopeless.

    • orchidcup says:

      The more political parties there are, the less influence corporations would have in the political process.

      The bulk of campaign finance is provided by corporate interests, not human interests.

      The rights of collective interests overshadow the rights of individuals by a large margin.

      Constitutional rights are meaningless in that context.

      • Bob73 says:

        So …. what? What does all that have to do with the ultimate success of a third party?

        Enlighten us.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    Make sure for 2016, the Michigan Secretary of State doesn’t put Gary Johnson on the GOP ballot, ESPECIALLY WHEN HE DIDN’T ASK TO BE.

  13. NewformatSux says:

    “We cannot and will not SQUELCH freedom of expression in this country,” said Jay Carney. “It is a foundational principle of this nation.”

    • orchidcup says:

      Too many times the freedom of expression is claimed by one party or another without acknowledging the right to dissent by other parties.

      The mainstream media does not give equal time to dissenting viewpoints, whatever the subject matter.

      There is no counterpoint to Rush Limburger and other commentators that dominate the markets with their diatribes, rants, and rubbish opinions.

  14. Tim says:

    Here’s the real Gary Johnson:


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