Gotta be careful in campaign season when every word you say is turned and twisted and discombobulated by the press and opposition.

The Los Angeles Times story that relayed Romney’s airplane remark to the world was based off a pool report written by the New York Times’s Ashley Parker. When we asked Parker this morning whether it seemed as if Romney made the mark in jest, she left no doubt. “Romney was joking,” she e-mailed. Parker told us that while the pool report didn’t explicitly indicate that Romney was joking, it was self-evident that he was. “The pool report provided the full transcript of his comments on Ann’s plane scare,” she said, “and it was clear from the context that he was not being serious.

  1. kmfix says:

    So he also has a horrible sense of humor?

    • scandihoovian says:

      It’s definitely similar to C-3PO.

    • msbpodcast says:

      Yup. The cretin really is totally insensitive.

      Shows the kind of humor he likes, and the power of discretion he actually has. He probably thinks Gay Bashing is a joke. He’d even rent you the bat and take videos.

      He’d probably make nuclear detonation jokes the first time he’d meet Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Not Good

      We don’t expect jokes from politicians, and he didn’t deliver any either.

      I’m sure he didn’t get any that night neither.

  2. eighthnote says:

    Yes, of course he was joking. He said something exceedingly stupid, so he couldn’t possibly have been serious. Except that at the time, he *was*.

  3. bobbo, one true Liberal recognizing Obama is too far Right says:

    Yeah–I was channel surfing and caught the tail end of this joke. Rmoney was at a podium giving what looked like a prepared speech and he was smiling almost laughing.

    On those facts alone: probably a joke. Not “his” joke but one he paid money for. Hey!===thats a twofer.

  4. Billy Bob says:

    What? Uncle Dave not exploiting false information to pontificate?

    Somebody check the temperature in hell.

  5. moss says:

    So, uh, put up the video and judge for yourselves…whether he was being as dense as he may be – and someone pointed it out to him next day.

  6. jbenson2 says:

    Uncle Dave is running out of stuff to report on.

    Hey, maybe you might want to comment on how no one has done a thing to investigate the murder of our Ambassador two weeks ago. No FBI, No CIA, No State Dept,

    Or maybe report on how the White House knew within 24 hours that it was a terrorist attack and not some rabid movie critics as The One keeps repeating.

    No, I guess anything approaching the truth about Obama’s gang of bumbling stooges is out of Uncle Dave’s grasp of understanding.

    Uncle Dave will have to dig up more dog on the roof stories.

    • Mextli: ABO says:

      Don’t forget Chris Steven’s personal journal. Maybe Barry should hire CNN.

  7. Peppeddu says:

    Well he’s also unaccountable.

    This time is a plane window, next time what?

    “We had the wrong intelligence, we went to war with the wrong country”?

  8. McCullough says:

    “Uh, Yeah…it was a JOKE! Yeah, that’s the ticket!”

    Tommy Flanagle

  9. GregAllen says:

    Obama was obviously joking about the “57 states,” yet conservatives will absolutely not let that go.

    Can we all just agree to let both of these things go?

    • NewformatSux says:

      And I suppose he was joking about speaking Austrian too.
      He is quite intelligent only when talking about how to implement Marxism.

  10. GregAllen says:

    You know whats REALLY dumb?

    Still believing that cutting taxes increases revenue.

    • NewformatSux says:

      Hmm, that’s what happened with the cuts in capital gains taxes. Obama said he wanted to increase them even though it lowers revenue for the government.

  11. NewformatSux says:

    So was Obama joking when he said the video caused the Al Qaeda operation to take out the ambassador? That was a 24 level of operation, and they called it a spontaneous protest to hide the sophisticated attack that happened on their watch.

  12. TooManyPuppies says:

    So, why is Uncle Dave posting this and not the dipstick who fell for it being all seriousness? It was blatantly obvious satire when he said it, why bother with this post anyway?

  13. Captain Obvious says:

    Obviously he isn’t that stupid. Obviously he isn’t all that funny either.

  14. jbenson2 says:

    Hey Uncle “I love Obama” Dave,

    Here’s some food for thought:

    New figures from the Census Bureau show the typical American household’s real income has dropped 5.7 percent during the Obama “recovery.”

    The median annual income of American households was $53,718 as of June 2009, the last month of the recession. Now, after 38 months of this “recovery,” it has fallen to $50,678 — a drop of $3,040 per household.

    • Whatever says:

      New figures from most of the statewide polls in key states show Obama’s lead expanding. If Obama wins Ohio, Rmoney is in major trouble. If Obama carries Florida, it’s over for Mittens. Whine away, but don’t expect it to win the election.

      BTW, extend your data back ten years for these comparisons to have any validity. The world was not created on 1/20/09, you know.

      • NewformatSux says:

        You can still get a 25-27% gain in under 40 days on betting on Obama. It’s half the return you could have gotten when I told you 3 weeks ago, but anything over 10% in that time frame is still good, especially when his Fed is giving out 0% bonds.
        Hurry up and you can still get 25%.

  15. NewformatSux says:

    Don’t post such things. It might encourage him to put up another post about how graffiti vandals are justified because they could never afford the houses they attack.

  16. Dallas says:

    Is that a nervous laughter? Willard’s poll numbers look pretty bad.

    Also, I was in Miami this past week and saw his Spanish ‘vote para mi’ ad on TV. In addition to his ‘roll down the airplane windows gaffe, his spanish is pretty shitty too!

  17. deowll says:

    Yesterday or the day before, I think, it was some dude did a Ryan joke and the DNC media ran with it.

    It doesn’t even matter much any more. The DNC media say something and then I have to do a major search and wait a few days because all to often it turns out to be brain fart.

    The same for the polls. Nearly all are based on Obama getting the same level of support from some groups he has seriously shafted. Sure most blacks will vote for Obama but a lot of the more pragmatic ones aren’t that happy about him. The Latinos know he made promises he didn’t even try to keep. The Catholics know he is stomping on their church. The Jews know he is no friend of the Jewish state. Black Christians know Obama doesn’t pass muster and it goes on and on. If you are business person you most likely think he’s not your friend.

    My best guess is you show up and vote for your candidate and hope he doesn’t try to do something ultra nasty if he doesn’t get his way. My guess is he may be planning to haul this into court if it is at all close.


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