Executive Producer: Thor Hanks
Associate Executive Producers: Sir Joshua Poulson, Tyler Fox, Toby Knotts, Sir Dean Bertram, Ed LeBouthillier
Art By: MartinJJ

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  1. TooManyPuppies says:

    Man, Adam really butchered the gun story. It was first reported on last Saturday. The flight attendant was taken to a private room, a police officer came and “tried to unload the gun”. That part’s bullshit, I carry an S&W Airweight everyday. To make it go boom you MUST pull the trigger. That’s why the officer is under investigation. The attendant never should have been charged with any crime, she held a valid carry permit, had no intent and she never fired the weapon.

    By Monday it made it to every single Bay Area TV news channel in mangled butchered form with 1% fact 99% bullshit, so maybe that’s why Adam screwed it and you John never heard it.

  2. jpfitz says:

    Kudos John, on the NASCAR yahoo impersonation. Made me laugh.
    I agree one driver did not invent NASCAR. The legend became truth. As usual.

  3. TooManyPuppies says:

    Adam’s way too late on the Moonshine thing. You can buy it in the stores, yes in jars and in flavors for the gals, plus Ole Smokey Moonshine does TV ads up the wazzo here in the Bay Area.

  4. JCD's Lovechild says:

    Is it me or is the show becoming darker? By dark I mean more like Alex Jones but with jingles. Maybe it’s just JCD and Adam “growing up.”

  5. crackpotwhileflyinggeneralaviation says:

    UAV’s or diy-drones are actually a fascinating branch of RC
    airplanes. The general population should be permitted to build
    them. Or is it knowledge only government should have?

    It’s like saying in the early 80’s regular people shouldn’t have computers in there homes. To much power. Might be abused.

    Adam … In 5 years when your in the government “re-education”
    camp, look up and wave at the styrofoam wing overhead.

    Now to see whats up at groom lake 😉


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