These two articles consider who might be on the cabinet for Obama’s second term or Romney’s first. Who do you think each would want/get? Who would you want in that position?

A. Chief of Staff
B. Secretary of State
C. Defense Secretary
D. Attorney General
E. CIA Director
F. Director of National Intelligence
G. National Security Adviser
H. Homeland Security Secretary
I. Treasury Secretary
J. OMB Director
K. Council of Economic Advisers Chairman
L. Energy Secretary
M. Health and Human Services Secretary
N. Housing and Urban Development Secretary
O. Interior Secretary
P. Commerce Secretary
Q. Labor Secretary
R. Agriculture Secretary
S. Transportation Secretary
T. Education Secretary
U. EPA Administrator
V. Supreme Court
W. Federal Reserve Board

  1. soundwash says:

    -har har, another “illusion of choice”

    -It makes no difference.

    Both sides are controlled by the same corporate / policy think-tanks that install all cabinet level puppets, write all the scripted talking points for said puppets, write all our laws, plan (most of) our Lives and of course, plan all our wars 30 years (at least) in advance.

    a pointless exercise.


  2. MikeN says:

    Also endorsing Romney are Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, I suspect the Olsen twins will endorse next, and I believe that privately Hillary will be voting for Romney.

  3. hmeyers says:

    If Obama wanted to win this election, he would have replaced Biden with Hilary. Would have been an automatic re-election where 1 to 1.5% of the vote in key states means everything.

    I’ve always maintained Obama does not want re-elected, watch for a “fuck up” tonight.

    Even a minor “fuck up” gives Obama and Michelle complete freedom. And this is last chance Monday.

    Unless Obama has a October or even November surprise in mind.

    He doesn’t golf all the time because he wants to be president, he golfs to escape from being president. He has the fortune, the fame, the security staff for life … and the enthusiasm for the job he displayed in the first debate where he walked through the motions.