Federal government says Hobby Lobby cannot raise religious objections to insurance requirements.

The federal government is asking a judge to rule against Hobby Lobby, whose owners do not want to provide their employees with insurance coverage for “abortion-causing drugs and devices.”

Founder David Green and other owners of the Oklahoma City-based retail chain…are asking U.S. District Judge Joe Heaton to prevent the government from enforcing new health care rules on their business “and other individuals and organizations that object on religious grounds to providing insurance coverage for abortion-causing drugs and devices and related education and counseling…”

In a response this week, government attorneys argued the owners cannot raise religious objections to “the preventive services coverage regulations” because Hobby Lobby is a for-profit, secular corporation.

“To hold otherwise would permit for-profit, secular corporations and their owners to become laws unto themselves,” the attorneys wrote.

“Because there are an infinite variety of alleged religious beliefs, such companies and their owners could claim countless exemptions from an untold number of general commercial laws designed to protect against unfair discrimination in the workplace and to protect the health and well-being of individual employees and their families…”

The government responded that the Greens want to block regulations intended to give women access at no cost to approved contraceptive methods “that medical experts have deemed necessary for women’s health and well-being.”

“The Greens’ theory boils down to the claim that what’s done to the company (or the group health plans sponsored by the company) is also done to its owners. But, as a legal matter, that is simply not so…”

As a nation that respects the intellectual freedom built into our constitution, that right is deliberately broad. Equally broad, the citizens of this land should only be governed by civil and criminal laws that don’t allow favors for religions, exemptions from civil practices on the basis of one or another religion.

  1. Supreme Ultrahuman (I see the comment system is still designed for retards.) says:

    This is an issue, but it’s yet another one that shouldn’t even be discussed until every American has a big house and a long commute to work in a vehicle the size of a Suburban.

    Priorities. The rest of the world can do what it wants, but there’s a minimum standard of living that’s worthy of an American Citizen and we aren’t there yet.

  2. Mextli says:

    I am sure there would be no objection if Hobby Lobby provided marijuana to all employees or employed “undocumented workers”.

  3. GregAllen says:

    The conservatives are paranoid about Sharia law coming to America, yet their paranoia about affordable healthcare opens the door to it.

    Your company owned by fundamentalist CEO? The Republicans think your health care should be determined by Sharia law!

  4. Rick says:

    What has modern medicine done for us anyway?

  5. David Wei says:

    Medical insurance for Christian Scientists must be really profitable…