With Hurricane Sandy approaching the New York metro area, the nation’s eyes are turning to its largest city. Photos of storms and flooding are popping up all over Twitter, and while many are real, some of them — especially the really eye-popping ones — are fake.

This post, which will be updated over the next couple of days, is an effort to sort the real from the unreal. It’s a photograph verification service, you might say, or a pictorial investigation bureau. If you see a picture that looks fishy, send it to me at alexis.madrigal[at]gmail.com. If you like this sort of thing, you should also visit istwitterwrong.tumblr.com, which is just cataloging the fakes…

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Everything about the lit-up Jane’s Carousel pictures from Dumbo scream fake. One, the carousel is gorgeous. Two, it’s lit up like a beacon amidst the dark of the flood waters. Why are the lights on? Three, it seems difficult to get this photograph from that area. Shouldn’t the photographer have evacuated?

Well, yes, it turns out. Anna Dorfman, a book designer who lives in Dumbo, took this photo shortly before evacuating. She’s confirmed that she took it. Another Instagram user and Dumbo resident, Ana Adjelic, also posted a photo of the carousel from a different angle. And we also got independent confirmation from a journalist Jeff Howe that another friend who lives in the area had sent him similar photographs. These may be the most improbable and striking images of the night, and they are real. There will be moments of serendipity and islands of beauty amidst any storm.

RTFA for more real vs. fake photos from this monster storm. The article continues to be updated.

  1. UncDon says:

    Where’s the flying saucers? Surely flying saucers are to blame for the power outage in New York City?

  2. noname says:

    Since when was twitter not full of fakes?

  3. ECA says:


    ALTITUDE 6 feet.

    I wish a few people to understand basic NATURE stats..

    At 6 feet altitude..most basements are BELOW sea level.
    SUBWAYS?? get the hint..
    Also figure that with this much water in a large area, ALL FLOWS to a low point.. ANY LOW POINT..
    NOW take 3 inches of water covering an area of 200 miles ALL LOOKING for a LOW POINT.. And I NOT saying they only got 3 inches of water..

    ADD 3 more facts to this..Large water areas, add MORE affects to the location. Major rivers, OCEAN, GREAT LAKES..
    You might as well be living in the FLOOD PLANE of the mississippi..

    Do I have to mention that Along most of the rivers USED TO BE, marsh areas??

    So, any takers on the amount of damage to happen??

  4. Dallas says:

    Has any religious loon piped in about the cause of this storm?

    Oh, and what exactly did Obama know about this storm looming and is there a cover up with NOAA?

    • The Monster's Lawyer says:

      Hurricane Sandy never happened. It was a hoax perpetrated by the Libral Media to bolster their belief in Global Warming and present the president as a life saving hero by being in charge at a time of calamity. That little bit with Christy didn’t hurt either. Those commie librals would stoop to anything.

  5. deowll says:

    I’d be shocked if you don’t find dead fish, some of them fairly large, left behind after the water receded.

  6. Glenn E. says:

    Since when did Sandy become a cat’s name? Yuk. For me, there will only ever be one Sandy. Sandy Duncan. Make a storm of her.



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