Homes and businesses in the Lower East Side and East Village are still without power and under water. Residents began dumpster diving outside a Key Food supermarket Thursday, looking for whatever food they can take. Jonathan Vigliotti reports.

Right, 48 hours without food drives people to desperation. What a load of crap!

  1. jbenson2 says:

    BS Meter?
    I guess McCullough has never been to New York City.

    • McCullough says:

      Wrong. If you are so stupid, with all the warnings, that you can’t prepare to survive 48 hours, than dude you need really need to go ahead and just check out.

      • Nalgadas says:

        I’m posting tonight from Manhattan.

        BS meter with opportunistic picture posted by a guy who is not in Manhattan = 10.


        That is all. Over and out.

      • jbenson2 says:

        McCullough seems to have rather thin skin. She needs to check the media reports on the storm.

        “We Need Food, We Need Clothing”
        Staten Island Residents Plead for Help 3 Days After Sandy

        The residents of Staten Island are pleading for help from elected officials, begging for gasoline, food and clothing three days after Sandy slammed the New York City borough.

        “We’re going to die! We’re going to freeze! We got 90-year-old people!” Donna Solli told visiting officials. “You don’t understand. You gotta get your trucks down here on the corner now. It’s been three days!”

        • MikeN says:

          Staten Island is the wealthy part of the state. They are the ones that Bane dispossessed. Occupy Wall Street is tweeting about the glories of the hurricane, “no subway, no electricity, no chains”

  2. Cap'nKangaroo says:

    People reduced to desperate measures to feed themselves, no. People seeing a supermarket trashing ALL of their perishables and deciding to dumpster dive for a better class of food, if cooked quickly, YES.

    When North Carolina is in the bullseye for a hurricane, the wholesale food warehouse company my brother drives for usually sends at least one refrigerated trailer to their company owned stores so the store can save some of their meat and dairy.

    • Nalgadas says:

      Pretty much it Kangy. I was in a deli today where the guy was cooking up a whole sh*tload of Bacon. I’m talking like twenty pounds of that stuff He was cooking it for exactly that reason. The freezer lost power and they wanted to cook it before they had to take a chance.

      Amazing how much hatred some people have for those who choose to live in urban areas.

      • Tom says:

        Blah, Blah, I’ll bet you make fun of people who are in the same situation, but just might live on the Carolina coast, or in some other storm / fire prone area.

        Heard it time and time again.

        Well guess what, Manhattens is an island. And you could have a weeks worth of food stored away, but you won’t because as long as the power is on…you feel safe.


    • bobbo, one Real Liberal making Obama a Moderate Conservative by comparison says:

      Yes Cap’n I think you have it. I know I would dumpster dive for that and right now I’m so full I could hardly get over the side.

      Context strikes again.

      XXXX—-Ha, ha==”Just LOOK!” Most slow motion and deliberate “desperation” I have ever seen—–with smiles.

      The key is to cook it right away. Somehow, scavenged food always tastes better.

  3. Ah_Yea says:

    OhYes! when people are in need we need BIG GOVERNMENT!!

    Help us, Help us!! We are too weak and feeble minded to look after ourselves!

    Forget Romney raising food, forget neighbors helping neighbors, we need the Red Cross!

    Save us!!

    • Bob Andweave says:

      If I found myself in the middle of an emergency where FEMA was offering help in the middle of town and the Red Cross was offering help in the next town over, I would put on my hiking boots. The Red Cross is not a government organization where the person running the show is a bundler for whatever political party happens to be in power.

      • Cap'nKangaroo says:

        As opposed to Elizabeth Dole, wife of Senator Bob Dole, who served as Sec of Trans under Reagan and Sec of Labor under Bush the Elder. And then was head of the American Red Cross, before moving back to North Carolina just in time to win Jesse Helms’ Senate seat.

        • MikeN says:

          hehe, nice! Reminds me of King of the Hill,”Dale, the NRA is a Washington, DC based organization. Are you telling me you support Washington, DeeeCeee?

      • Gwad his own self says:

        Nope the Red Cross is a private organization which asks for and accepts donations, then hoards the money in interest-bearing accounts, while doling it out to the needy pennies at a time.

        I spent over 2 weeks a few years ago after a major hurricane, never even SAW anybody from the Red Cross. I didn’t see anybody wearing a FEMA uniform either (which I assume comes from Brooks Brothers) however the National Guard was there taking care of business, passing out rations and ice, managing what vehicular traffic there was, and acting like professions. Let me think here, hmmm, does the National Guard qualify as “the government” ??? Yeah, yeah, I think they actually do. We would have been screwed without them.

        You’re a nitwit who has obviously never gone through a natural disaster.

        • Gwad his own self says:

          Sorry that should have read “I spent over 2 weeks WITHOUT POWER a few years ago ”

          That’s better. Actually I spent two weeks, two weeks ago and I’m just getting past it. It was fine.

          Thank you.

  4. spreeuw says:

    Probably regular dumpster divers, this happens as a hobby in many western countries. It’s not _that_ desperate to do this, especially not if you don’t have food or long range transport. However time and especially benzine (gas) is running out on people in Jersey and NY it’s being used for generators. Could lead to unrests now going into the 4th day. Good luck folks.

  5. Admfubar says:

    lets just hope it is the bankers and wall streeters that have to dumpster dive… we can only hope…

    • Cap'nKangaroo says:

      They wouldn’t do it themselves, they would send their butlers and housekeepers.

  6. Dave Koss says:

    In New Orleans this would be called “Looting.”

  7. jbenson2 says:

    Just a few headlines to blow away McCulloughs’ BS meter.

    Gas Shortages May Not End for Another Week…
    Fear Turns to Frustration, Anger…
    Fistfights, Guns Drawn…
    ‘You’re not getting gas tonight’…
    Lines grow…
    Some Siphoning From Cars!
    ‘I’m pretty pissed’…
    Troopers deployed to gas stations…
    Stars throw extravagant Halloween party despite destruction…
    Commuter Delays Rage…
    NYC Official: Red Cross ‘Absolute Disgrace’…
    Looters Dress Like Con Edison Workers to Gain Access to Houses…
    Staten Islanders Plead for Help: ‘We Need Food’…

    • McCullough says:

      Copy and Pasted right off Drudge front page.

      What I posted is a bogative report. I’ll say it again, if you can’t survive a few days without power, you didn’t prepare, for the basics and you’re just a moron.

      • TooManyPuppies says:

        While I completely agree and my own family is good to go at minimum for 2 years with food and water, three if we stretch it, and longer since we can procure more hunting and having rain water collection. The average in my own county is 1 week, and that’s what they have in their freezers. Two days max if they go by non-perishables. It happens, since the majority think FEMA will swoop in and save them.

    • Tommy says:

      Sounds like an average day in NYC.

  8. MWD78 says:

    those look like homeless people and i’m sure they’d be dumpster diving storm or no storm regardless. talk about playing up a non-issue.

  9. Jambe says:

    One wonders if McCollough is a fan of Ayn Rand.

  10. cd barber says:

    Hungry Katrina victims = Looters
    Hungry New Yorkers = Foragers

    • bobbo, one Real Liberal making Obama a Moderate Conservative by comparison says:

      Looting – illegal break in and theft of stores
      Foraging – legal going thru the trash.

      Big difference.

  11. smellsfishy says:

    Let them eat tuna.

    You can tune a piano …..

  12. Dallas says:

    Fake. This is an old Romney campaign video showing the 47% vandalize and have sex in a Wall Street dumpster.

    • MikeN says:

      Obama has released pictures of him in the Situation Room monitoring the hurricane, and the raid on Bin Laden. Where are the pictures of him monitoring Benghazi? What was he doing? Why did he say no to the Seals? Why did he become Colonel Troutman?

  13. MikeN says:

    Non-union volunteers from Alabama were turned away from New Jersey. Where is Chris Christie? Where is Obama to explainwhy this is a good thing?

    • Gwad his own self says:

      That was a p1ssing contest between workmen, not an official position of the state of New Joisey. Personally I hate Joisey, but it doesn’t matter because I can’t go back there because I didn’t pay the toll on the Walt Whitman and then never paid the chit I had sign for that. I’m sure there’s a warrant out for my arrest or something. Oh yeah, point being there aren’t any conclusions to be drawn here, other than the linemen from Alabama probably were grateful for an excuse to go home. Maybe. Those guys, even the non union ones, get AWESOME amounts of overtime and per-diam pay for those out of state jaunts.

    • The Monster's Lawyer says:

      They were turned away because they weren’t union.
      If the utility work ever gets viewed as slow or inept this incident could come back negatively.

  14. Red Ghost says:

    Just wondering why the “Diggers” weren’t interviewed. I would think they would want to tell their story. The report makes no attempt. Why? Because he know the truth…

  15. bobbo, one Real Liberal making Obama a Moderate Conservative by comparison says:

    First story I saw was about a lady who lost her house on Staten Island–lots of pathos and misery and a cry for help.

    Very next story, same channel, different reporter was from Midtown Manhattan where a lady had lost her garbage to the flood water that was stored in her basement. The same pathos, misery, and cry for help was portrayed.

    Kinda jarring side by side but I think I would have been unimpressed by the second story at any time.

    HEY FOLKS—–ITS GLOBAL WARMING!!!!! Yes it is. The evidence like a high tide just keeps rolling in.

    OverUnder bet for the next 100 year storm?==I’ll go with 5 years. BobboNote: there never will be “proof”==just what evidence based reasonable people CAN ALREADY SEE!!!!! Just————— look.

    Just look.

  16. Ryan says:

    Speaking of global warming I saw on the news that the governors have stated this is a super storm not a Hurricane so that people can pay lower deductibles to insurance. Does the governor have this power? If they governor can do this I assume we are all about to be screwed by higher premiums.

    • MikeN says:

      It is not a hurricane, which requires minimum 72MPH. Only hit about 50MPH.

  17. Benjamin says:

    Only terrorists stockpile food in preparation for a disaster. Sadly that’s from an actual Department of Homeland Security memo.

  18. dansus says:

    Meh, do this kind of stuff all the time. Some great food to be had for free, sushi is a particular favourite, get huge bags of it if you know where to look.

  19. Dan says:

    High qaulity food gets dumped every day in a Supermarket.Bull shit meter should be flashing red.

  20. john says:

    God help the pathetic Americans who simply cannot deal with a disaster. I was reading about a woman with two young kids driving around Manhattan in the hurricane looking for shelter? She get’s out of her car in the storm, and goes to a house for shelter. Nobody of course let’s her in. So she hangs on for dear life to a tree. Her kids get swept away and parish. Go figure. Now tell me why she did not stay in her vehicle? Have we lost all survival instincts?

  21. wow says:

    Reporting in from 13th st in the East Village. This last week was fucked up, but we weren’t foraging for food. If anything we were just annoyed because it was hard for us all to communicate which bar we’d be at.


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