Executive Producers: Sir Dwayne Melancon, Jordi Ramirez
Associate Executive Producers: Steven Fettig
Art By: Daniel MacDonald
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  1. ECA says:

    Radiation poisoning and iodine..
    What foods can you get with iodine in them?

    Iodine in salt for how long??

  2. ECA says:

    Cadence is speech is a TOOL, in many groups.
    the Mind picks up on certain words, depending on reference..

  3. Glenn E. says:

    While there probably were several unknown, or unpredictable, factors that contributed to Sandy’s strength. The phases of the moon, isn’t one of them. Full, half, or New, doesn’t matter. That merely an optical effect. Caused by the relative positions of the earth, moon, and the Sun. The earth cast a shadow on the moon, most of the time. But a few days out of every 28, it doesn’t, so the moon appears ‘Full”. That has zero effect on the weather. Though it may slightly influence animal behavior. Whose physical cycles sync up with the moon phase. At least for a time. It could just as easily drift out of sync. Purely a coincidence. But folklore attributes the effect of a full moon, as goosing one’s hormones or something. When it doesn’t, you just ignore that.

    Just as when the full moon has no effect on hurricanes, it’s ignored.

  4. Glenn E. says:

    I’m not one of those who think Obama caused a hurricane to happen. But all these months I’ve been waiting for some last minute event, that would make him look caring and heroic. It could have been a terrorist attack, that he responded to. Though the one that happened in Libya, seem to generate more confusion and negativity, than positive feelings toward the White House. Though that may have been the intent, by the anti-Obama camp. A dirty trick maneuver. Like when John Kerry war records were called into question, back in 2004, so Bush would win.

    So low and behold, what should happen two weeks before the election? A hurricane turns toward the US east coast, just as predicted. Impacting almost exactly where they predicted it would. When most of the time, they seldom get these things right, days in advance. And it makes me wonder if that abandoned technology to steer hurricanes, was dusted off and put into play here? Maybe they know how to alter the Jet Stream’s path. By flying enough Air Force jets thru it, up north. Or tweaking the path of the 35,000+ airline flights that happen each day. Chaos Theory states extremely tiny changes in the atmospheric winds, like caused by butterfly wings. Can significantly effect weather pattern, days or a week later. Which is why it’s next to impossible to predict the weather, more than a few days in advance. But maybe a couple super computers, can tell them how to steer a weather event, with some certainty.

    So what popped up on its own, and might have turned out to sea, after rolling over Haiti, Got snagged and reeled back in to the upper east coast. I’m sure the odds were fairly good that some sort of tropical storm or hurricane, would come along in late October. So lets do some training flights up near Canada, to give the Jet Stream just the right curve that’s needed.

    No less valid an idea than Adam’s HAARP technology, for making earthquakes. Maybe even more plausible. But not Obama’s plan or doing. More like the elite political and economic manipulators, at work. Shutting down the NYSE for a couple days, might just as easily been their goal, too. We haven’t been hearing what the other world markets did, to take advantage of that. In the news.

  5. ivan says:

    The name of the episode should be “Pussified!”

    Art brief: Anderson P. in the bathtub holding glass of wine
    with array of candles around him off course.

    P.S. Would be too much that Adam is standing close with questioning look and finger at his lips.


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