A measure that would require most foods made with genetically engineered ingredients to be labeled in California was significantly behind early Wednesday.

Supporters of Proposition 37 said consumers have a right to know whether food has been genetically altered, particularly when the long-term health impacts are unclear. Opponents argued that the labels would stigmatize foods that are scientifically proven to be safe. With more than 94 percent the precincts reporting, voters rejected the proposed labeling law. California would have been the first state in the nation to pass such an initiative.

Scientists conclude GMOs are toxic on Mammalian Health

“We said from the beginning that the more voters learned about Prop. 37, the less they would like it,” said Kathy Fairbanks, a spokeswoman for the opposition. “We didn’t think they would like the lawsuits, more bureaucracy, higher costs, loopholes and exemptions. It looks like they don’t.”

The measure calls for genetically engineered foods to include labels on either the front or back of the product. Whole foods, such as sweet corn and salmon, would have a sign on the shelf. Products such as alcohol, beef, eggs and dairy are exempt.

“Whatever happens tonight, this is a win,” said Grant Lundberg, CEO of Lundberg Family Farms, co-chair of Yes on 37. “Never before have millions of Californians come together to support giving consumers a choice about genetically engineered foods.”

This is baffling, who wouldn’t want to know whats in their food?

  1. orchidcup says:

    This is exactly why I grow my own food and consume most of what I grow myself.

    More than 90% of the so-called food in the average grocery store is processed or modified in some way.

    People are sick and obese today because they eat at Sonic or McDonald’s and never consume pure and unadulterated vegetables and fruits. A 12-pack of beer every day is not a good source for carbohydrates.

    Wake up and smell the coffee, folks. You are being poisoned by Agribusiness and chemical companies.

    • Dallas says:

      agree. what’s in the food supply is awful.

      This explains why Alphie lactates.

    • PoonofWug says:

      People are obese because of a surplus of calories. Eat less, it does not really matter what. Everything we eat has been genetically modified in some way, nature does these things at random.

  2. ECA says:

    here is a synopses of what BUSINESS IS..
    How do I make money?
    How do I make more money?
    HOW can I cut corners?
    HOw many short cuts can I take?
    Sugar is to expensive..(only in the USA, restricted market) Lets use something ELSE.. oh! that less expensive, but I need CHEAPER..CHEAPER..
    WOW, heres a way to grow 10 times more..LETS DO IT..
    OH! WOW, heres a seed that dont need to be Weeded..It kills everything around it..Cool.
    Heres a plant that BUGS wont eat, Wonderful..
    Heres a plant that Mice wont bother…
    Heres a Seed that has ALL THAT…

    Nature took YEARS to create the seed that we could eat..but do you know WHY?? because we would do the SAME as other animals..PASS IT..and seed other locations. but we dont EAT the seed..we BEAT it down and take out the BULK, then eat the Germ in a power…That seed cant SEED.. And a good 80% of USA people have NEVER eaten RIPE food.(maybe a banana)

    They grow so much FOOD in the USA(it used to be Plains and forests, LIKE BRAZIL) that we EXPORT over 60% of the crops.

  3. Moran says:

    Codex alimentarius.

  4. MikeN says:

    I guess people on this site are anti-science.

    • ECA says:

      The Science of being able to put something on a shelf that expires in 6-12 months, because they removed all the Proteins, and other materials that would spoil, in 2 weeks??
      Food that is so, pasteurized, homogenized, Sterilized, and artificially Flavored..
      I will bet that at least 60% of the people reading this, have NEVER tasted REAL milk. the stuff with abit of Creame in it.. regular Store milk is 1/2 water..
      how about a PICKED RIPE tomato??

      How about religious science?? you think this planet is only 4000 years old??

      • noname says:

        Does fresh, still warm breast milk count?

        • eca says:

          depends on what you FED her first..

          I could leed you out to the areas where they raise cows, on the dairy… And I would believe that in the first Few hours Strapped to a pole, you would think twice about drinking milk from a dairy.
          That a dairy cow has a life of 5 years, Pregnant and milking.. And given drugs to keep them milking.
          I will let you ask them what happens to the calves..

          Strange fact, that in 1999, they CUT the cow herds around the USA, by about 20%, and kept up the amount of milk production..

  5. ECA says:

    Check for Storms in your area..there are to many reasons for NET slow down.

  6. You know, at lunch I ate gene products from 6 different plants all mixed together. Then had some fish gene products mixed with legume gene products, and wheat gene products with cow gene products. And according to common sense, there was probably some insect gene products to a minor extent on everything.

    Using biotech to transfer genes cross species should require labeling for potential immune reactions, but the fear is nonsense. Remember this next time you have a chicken Caesar frankensalad, with gene products from bacteria, fowl, plants all mixed together in your gut.

    • eca says:

      Can I give you a BARE estimate..
      that human kind have killed over(way over) 50% of all the creatures in Europe and the americas.. I cant tell how many from other countries, but considering SOME of them have a high population and smaller size then the USA..I think the animals are having difficulty..

  7. noname says:

    California is finally realizing it needs to be business friendly.

    With the relaxed labeling laws, it time to start making and selling certified and boldly labeled organic all natural “Soylent Green” with no GMO added! It’s a dead certain 120% return on investment opportunity.

    Flavors include, Dark Mocha, White Blanch, Red Tan, Yellow Oriental or our favorite Mystery Mix.

    It’s like having the old folks over for a night of drinks!

  8. rabid monkey says:

    Well here is an argument for the other side of the coin concerning the toxicity of GMO’s. This article points out specifics on how such conclusions cannot be drawn based on the study performed:

    Under Controlled: Why the New GMO Panic Is More Sensational Than Sense –> http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/crux/2012/09/21/under-controlled-why-the-new-gmo-panic-is-more-sensational-than-sense/

    • rabid monkey says:

      in particular I though this fact was interesting: “Then of course, there is the question of the animals themselves. Who were these rats? As it turns out, the rats used in the study were the Sprague Dawley rat strain, a widely used strain in biomedical and behavioral research. Unfortunately, this strain is prone to specific diseases…including the development of tumors. Up to 57% of female Sprague Dawley rats have been shown in other studies to develop tumors, especially mammary tumors, spontaneously.”

    • rabid monkey says:

      here is a poignant question raised by the article I cited: “And as some critics have pointed out, if GMO maize and Roundup, both highly utilized agricultural products, really caused a drastic increase in tumors, why haven’t we seen this in humans? Mark Tester, research professor at the Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics at the University of Adelaide, expressed this concern to the Science Media Centre: “The first thing that leaps to my mind is why has nothing emerged from epidemiological studies in the countries where so much GM has been in the food chain for so long? If the effects are as big as purported, and if the work really is relevant to humans, why aren’t the North Americans dropping like flies?!”

  9. MartinJJ says:

    It reminds me of this demo Jamie Olivier gave to some schoolkids about chicken nuggets:
    Jamie Oliver – Nugget experiment epic failure

    In other episodes the children could not even tell what an union, a tomato or what most vegetables were when he showed them.

    So, labeling food probably would not make any difference anyway.