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  1. Somebody says:

    I’m kind of surprised that the first bomb didn’t fall on Iran when the polls closed in Hawaii.

  2. Glenn E. says:

    Interesting that Adam brought up how the UNIVAC was close to predicting the election of Eisenhower. And CBS didn’t want to believe it. Decades later, ABC used a “computer” in their 1996 televised Presidential election. Only one problem. This time it was a totally fake computer, a Hollywood scifi prop.


    In fact, from a minute examination of the first photo. I believe the “computer” panel behind the Tv Hostess’ left side, was only a large photo poster of the real physical prop. Because some of the knobs and switch groups, are reversed (mirror image) of normal. So perhaps the prop house send them some 1:1 scale photos, rather than ship the real prop to NYC.

    In any case, it’s a fake. Not even a whole functioning computer. At best, just some blinking lights rigged up in an obsolete cold war relic’s control panels. Not the actually gut of the whole computer. Which took up a building the size of a two story department store (Sears, Macy’s, etc.). A billion dollar a copy computer (when it was new), that ABC could never afford for real. So why put together a stage of fake computer props, for election night coverage, when really computers existed in 1996, that fit into any office room? Was ABC’s election coverage a Scifi Tv drama, or what?

  3. Glenn E. says:

    boycotting Tv shows doesn’t work. Because only what 1,000 “Nielsen” families watch, count. And I seriously doubt they are hip to anything like Twitter, or even the Internet. The ratings company doesn’t want polling members, who are influenced by such external factors like social media. So as soon as they find out, they’ve got Twitter accounts, or on Facebook. They’re struck off the list. So boycotts via Twitter would effect Trump’s show’s ratings.

  4. TThor says:

    These two so called “media assassins” don’t even know who Marc Farber is! Hello??? Under which stone have you two been sleeping the last 10 years?

    • The Coach says:

      Farber-Faber? The 2, They provide a bit-o info and 1hr(can’t bear the monetary crying starting 2nd 1/2) of banter. They ask for $1 hr. I give 3 mnth avg.


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