If we want to reduce pollution and global warming – what is the biggest single point of change that will actually make a difference? Who is in the best position to affect the environment? That person is the Pope.

If the Pope were to reverse his position on birth control and abortion then some billion Catholics would slow down their reproduction rate and set an example for global population control. And population control is the single most critical issue when it comes to the environment. You can cut emissions in half but when the population doubles you’re right back where you started.

Population growth is exponential. As long as it is any positive value there will be a doubling rate. As long as there is a doubling rate then the population will double every cycle. And with the size of the Earth fixed there’s no place to go. At some point society collapses and you have a mass starvation event coupled with war and disease.

So when you think about it – who is in the best position right now who can make the biggest difference with the least effort – it’s the Pope. All he has to do is say the words and a huge chunk of the population slows down their reproduction.

  1. Dallas says:


    The POOP is pushing his new book instead of leading his sheeple to responsible baby production.

    As a matter of fact, his new book rewrites the bible about Jesus born in Kenya or something like that – all to push sales.

    He could have said something about woman’s rights, apologize for the mass murder and genocide by the church, sell of some of that blood asset stashed in vatican as well as say something about over-population and how the church is directly responsible for fucking up God’s earth.

    • jpfitz says:

      A German in power apologize for deaths and refusal to educate his flock of sheep about responsible love making on an over populated planet. Hardy har har.

      The pope is omnipotent in his mind and actions. Sig heil mine supreme leaderhosen.

      A leader of billions of catholics who creates more pain and suffering should be shot, or hung by his evil heels. Betcha the next man given the papal power would do a more humane job leading his sheep.

  2. US says:

    The results may or may not be what you want. The more realistic approach would be to require a government panels to review applications for having a child. They would restrict the number of children born and only allow those that are appropriate (meet political guidelines, physical traits, etc) from having a child. Any child had outside of this process would be aborted.

    Another option, reduce quality of medical care. Start letting people die from otherwise curable conditions. While you are at it, start to reduce educational opportunities, it would allow you to force people into unhealthy habits and make them easier to control while reducing population growth. This would have an almost immediate impact.

    There is also the direct approach of just killing people randomly. Hire a team of sharp shooters to randomly shot a couple hundred people a day in each city. If you shot people driving it would have the added bonus of convincing people not to drive, further reducing carbon emissions.

  3. John E. Quantum says:

    There is also the direct approach of just killing people randomly. Hire a team of sharp shooters to randomly shot a couple hundred people a day in each city. If you shot people driving it would have the added bonus of convincing people not to drive, further reducing carbon emissions.

    They tried that in DC a while ago, but it didn’t work too well. People still drove, but they got pulled over if they were driving white vans.

  4. Charlie Primero says:

    Does any aware person still believe the Global Warming Grift?

  5. Accremonious says:

    The whole point of blaming a single religious faction misses the truth of the matter. Homo sap. in general is to blame for over population, or unsustainable population growth would better state the case.
    Furthermore, the growth in Roman Catholicism is paltry in comparison to that of the Moslem World. Google the statistics for yourself!
    The solution to this problem lies in better education and better paying employment, but don’t hold your breathe waiting for that to materialize!

    • Gildersleeve says:

      The point of blaming a single religious faction is to demonstrate how and why this blog will never be taken seriously by anyone. The stench of blog bait is overpowering. Shame on me for being a rubber-necker.

  6. Drone -on says:

    I was unaware of the incredible influence the evil Pope had in Qatar, the country with the highest population growth on the planet.

    What about the five areas with the highest population density, since that is a more important measurement (Macau, Monaco, Singapore, Hong Cong, and Gaza). Talk about hotbeds of Catholicism.

    China and India each have 1.2 billion people while the third largest country by population, the USA, has only 0.3 billion people. Damn that even Pope and his evil work to convert India and China over to Catholicism.

    Just another ignorant article written by someone wanting to attack christians; is it the holiday season already?

    • US says:

      Also makes the false assumption that the 1 billion Catholics in the world follow the Pope’s declaration of no birth control.

      Arguing about religion being the problem is just a deflection from not being able/willing to solve the real problem. Build Nuclear power plants to make cheap, plentiful electricity and the carbon issue disappears. But we’re scared of Nuclear so we’ll just blame religion.

  7. WmDE says:

    Save the Laurentide ice sheet!

    20,000 years ago the spectacular Laurentide ice sheet covered Canada, Chicago and New York! Now the US has only remnants of its former grandeur in Maine and you have to dig to find those.

    Reverse global warming NOW! Besides do we really need Canada anyway?

    • Cut Em Off says:

      Unless you are a human, who cares if the planet warms up or cools down a little? The EARTH has been doing it for MILLIONS of YEARS and will probably continue to do it well into the future. It’s NATURAL!

      Just look at your own body when it gets INFECTED! The NATURAL reaction is to warm up either a little or a lot until the infection is burned out. The only question is whether or not you will survive the process.

      Same goes with the earth!

      So all I can say is keep burning that gas. Drive your overweight SUV everywhere. Make sure you burn as much electricity as you can too. And by all means, DON’T recycle! After all, those things just might bring the temperature down. And we CANCEROUS HUMANS don’t want that! Do we?

  8. Moebeans says:

    Fewer people = fewer Catholics = less money to extort.

    This church is worse than the mafia. At least with the Gambinos only a few people got fckd. These goombas get to fck the entire planet while they pick your pocket.

    • Cut Em Off says:

      …And they’ve been doing longer than anyone else!

      Ain’t “tradition” wonderful?

      (BTW, Chile abuse is a tradition too!)

  9. Belezumba says:

    Complete bogative!!! Have you seen the birth rate of muslins lately???

  10. Grandpa says:

    You do realize he was a “Nazi Youth” at one time.

  11. Ken says:

    Population alarmists have been claiming apocalypse since Roman times.

  12. MikeN says:

    World population is already projected to peak and decline.

    China has implemented population control, and it is the source of the largest emissions and highest growth in emissions, far more than all Catholic countries combined.

    Your exercise in Catholic hatred: FAIL.

  13. Cut Em Off says:

    Here I was thinking this might be a joke since the pope is always full of hot (stinky) air. Which he IS!

    In any case, I don’t know what the Catholic view is exactly. I’m not gullible enough to “believe” the crazy crap religious people always want to tell me. I just keep hearing how they don’t want to use condoms or take pills to prevent conception. And that does seem reasonable since “raincoats” and medicine aren’t exactly things a bunch of throw-backs to the Dark Ages would know very much about. Because if they did use those things it might actually mean they knew something about RESPONSIBILITY!

    So my question is, do they have anything against sterilization?! I mean, do they have a problem with getting spayed or neutered? Because I think surgical sterilization ought to be a mandatory procedure for anyone going to prison on a third strike or for everyone who has more than 2 kids without any way to support them. Especially men! Because NOT doing it is just CRUEL! But hey! Look who we’re talking about.

  14. dittmv says:

    A person who is supposedly celibate is responsible for the baby making activities of others. How does that work?

    Blaming the Pope is like blaming lawyers for stupid lawsuits. Lawyers do not make stupid lawsuits, stubborn morons do.

    • Cut Em Off says:

      EXACTLY! Someone who is RESPONSIBLE won’t be out there having sex and consequently making more babies – even IN wedlock. That’s sure a great philosophy but that’s not what they DO! And when even the PRIESTS don’t follow that guideline how the “FUCK” do you expect anyone else to?!

      And it’s not like anyone is really asking them to give up fucking either! JUST BE RESPONSIBLE! But OH NO!!! They can’t allow that. The Pope can’t permit anyone to THINK for themselves especially where reproduction is concerned. Probably because the Catholic church doesn’t own any shares in Trojan!

  15. Uncle Patso says:

    Does any aware person still DISbelieve the Global Warming Grift?

    – – – – –

    US says, in part:

    Also makes the false assumption that the 1 billion Catholics in the world follow the Pope’s declaration of no birth control.

    Many, many do.

    – – – – –

    Belezumba says:

    Complete bogative!!! Have you seen the birth rate of muslins lately???

    So THAT’s what’s been going on between my sheets!

    – – – – –

    You posit an interesting hypothesis, Marc. Personally, I tend to agree with former Secretary of Agriculture Earl Butz when he said “You no playa da game, you no make-a da rules.” On the other hand, the Pope is realistically the only person in the world who could change the Roman Catholic Church’s position on contraception.

    • Cut Em Off says:

      I agree. Global warming IS occurring. Not too many people would argue the facts either. But…


      Are you really so conceited to think that humans should live as long as the earth?! Or maybe you’re delusional and think we humans need to “save the earth” from something. But save it from WHAT? The SUN?! Or maybe we’re supposed to save it from the Devil or some other non-existent perceived threat. GET REAL! The earth will be just fine once we humans go extinct. It’s the natural progression of things.

  16. msbpodcast says:

    The man is full of methane, (Ever notice its always a fuckin’ man, [what is it about this species anyway? {They seem to require belief in some bi-polar invisible guy who lives in the sky, and vacillates between being omni-potent and needy (as in “Needing your dough”)}]).

    Killing the pope would stop the pollution of the environment by inanity, that’s for sure.

  17. denacron says:

    Substitute “Global Warming™” for Hell and AGW activists for a congregation, their spokesholes for priests. Carbon credits for indulgences. “Repent sinner! The end is near!” The Green inquisition is upon you! Beware oh ye trespassers who commune with the great horned Carbon!

    ” And with the size of the Earth fixed there’s no place to go.” Our Solar system is quite large. If a lame excuse gets us to space so-be-it. Mars needs women!

  18. bracketcreep says:

    Applying logic to AGW alarmist’s theories, the next worst category of offenders is the open borders crowd who want to move those swarming masses from the 3rd world shitholes they destroyed to the USA, which will quadruple their carbon footprints.

    But many are in both camps, and their cognitive dissonance is deafening.

    I read about a guy who confronted Al Gore after he gave one of his AGW speeches and asked him, “What is the optimal population level for the US, Vice President Gore? Is it 400 million, 500 million, 600 million?”

    Al Gore, not one to be outfoxed, immediately got to the nub of the question and roared back,”Diversity is our greatest strength! Diversity is our greatest strength!”

    • MikeN says:

      Actually immigration restrictionists tried to take over the Sierra Club some years back, with that exact same argument.

  19. MartinJJ says:

    A bit deceptive. The Pope is propagating his formula in mostly poor countries and of course not handing out condoms. Next starvation or HIV (often resulting in AIDS) take care of the CO2 reduction.

    He is more interested in calling for a Global Currency.

  20. Cut Em Off says:

    Poor dumb-ass Pope. You can see why he doesn’t want to endorse birth control can’t you? It’s partly because in his twisted mind it’s as if he’s saying it’s okay to have sex out of wedlock so long as an approved form of birth control is used. Never mind the fact that married couples continue to have children they can’t afford or what kind of miserable existence it might create for the children. Never mind the fact that children are often why many spineless (or should I say mindless) men divorce their families and leave. Never mind that condoms might actually help prevent disease!

    The Catholic Church is trying desperately to get us all back to the middle ages. Back to a time when a person could be put to death for not believing “correctly.” Back to a time where church clergy were feared (for damned good reasons) and mistook fear for respect. They still want you to believe their traditions and want you to think they respect you too. HA! That’s like saying the man with the gun at your head also loves you.

    If you want a really good laugh at it all, I highly recommend Mark Twain’s “Letter from the Earth”. I just love the part where Satin is cracking up at the fact that we humans place more importance on sexual intercourse and yet won’t even acknowledge it in any of our religions. In fact, we actually try to discourage sex as if trying to keep water from a man who’s been wandering the desert and who is parched from thirst. “It’s insane!”

    • fred says:

      Thanks a lot for the Mark Twain reference. “Letter from the Earth” is an excellent piece of writing in illustrating, among many other things, the paranoia that all religions appear to have when it comes to matters of sex.

  21. Jack O'Shyte says:

    And who is it that doesn’t know the difference between the teachings of Jesus and the rules made by man? Uh, that would be us.

  22. GregAllen says:

    I’m a huge critic of the Pope’s stand on birth control but this article is a stretch.

    By using the same logic, you can argue that Pol Pot, Hitler and Stalin greatly reduced global warming.

    • They did. New motto: KILL ALL HUMANS! That would fix global warming and drunk driving for that matter.

      • GregAllen says:

        I suspect that a massive die-off of the human race is really the only hope for the big problems of the planet.

        We are at a point in our history where we can no longer even agree on what the big problems are, let alone solve them. Global warming is a prime example of this.

        Overpopulation, dwindling water resources, energy, and pollution will all be reduced if we have massive de-population.

        All it would take is a single, un-checked virus.

        It’s horrible to think about but almost seems inevitable.

  23. deowll says:

    Liberals and greens support birth control. Demographic data shows that both groups are going to join the Shakers in extinction. Every group is one generation from extinction and if you fail to make enough members in the next generation you are through.

    The numbers say in a 100 years Islam will rule the world or at least by far the majority of it and they do understand how they are doing it: making babies.

    • Gwad his own self says:

      I’ve done my share. I have 7 kids, 4 of them homeowners and all of them taxpayers.

    • GregAllen says:

      Since Muslims are part of the Religious Right (generally speaking), then you are right that liberalism has a democratic disadvantage globally.

      But what we don’t know is if it will stay that way. We’ve seen major shifts in other world religions, in this regard.

  24. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    Amusingly GregAllen says:
    11/24/2012 at 10:06 pm

    I’m a huge critic of the Pope’s stand on birth control but this article is a stretch. /// How so? Because you don’t “like” it?

    The difference in your demonstration of reductio absurdity in the opposite premise is that the purpose of war is not coincidently a cause of global warming. In fact, Hitler had a breeding program to provide MORE PEOPLE to have more soldiers.

    The earth is already overpopulated for many different issues. Room to grow some more for other issues. Everything has its pros and cons.

    • GregAllen says:

      Wow, you totally went an odd direction with this.

      My point is that it’s a stretch to blame the pope for global warming unless you are willing to credit the great murderers and war mongers for making it better.

      • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

        Oh Greg!!! Do you even notice when you jump horses like that?

        Pope = more people = bad.

        War = less people = good.

        On the issue of population if you think more is bad and less is good. Probably the same outcome for having the trains run on time? Lazy Italian Catholics and all that?

        We can reverse the good/bad outcomes if we pick a different subject but we “never” mix and match.

        The pope as I understand it thinks the more people the better, so his ratings would reverse the above.

  25. LOLing @ you says:

    Again, a stupid article. If you really want to curb and reverse the growth of the population start cutting the taxes of single or Married couples without children. Tax heavier those families with more kids as they are a heavier load on the planet.

  26. Mr Show says:

    Marc Perkel, as pope of his weird church of high reality, would likely stoke the papal fires with copious amounts of WEED.

    I get no spam DVORAK!

    Check out Perkel’s site on how to find hookers. That’s gold baby!


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