1. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    Akin lost the election, the GOP condemned abandoned him after his stupid comments…but that doesn’t prevent the Elite propaganda machine’s pogrom of destroying all potential obstacles to socialist idiocy.

    • noname says:

      Taxed Enough Already Dude, are you just another paranoid-schizoid or just clever; let the readers decide?

      You got DU; Marc Perkel and the rest are card carting members of the Elite propaganda machine (pp calls it the lefty loon elite denial team). They meet twice a week in their Elite propaganda machine secret hide away. There, they make their worldwide elite denial domination plans.

      Once a month, they have a conference call with the rest of the worldwide League of Elite propaganda machine members!

      Will the good Taxed Enough Already Dude thwart the lefty loon Elite propaganda machine plans?

      Tune in latter — same Taxed Enough Already Dude-time, same Taxed Enough Already Dude-channel!

      • Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

        Marc is one of Justice Kagen’s volunteer Government skewers of free speech.

        Didn’t mention anyone else.

        Paranoid is when no one is doing what you believe, right is when they are.

        Marc Perkel is a foreign agent, just ask him.

        • Marc Perkel says:

          I’m a space alien. (elitist)

          Die puny humans!

          • noname says:

            Nice I finally get to meet a fellow space traveler! I too have traveled far and researching earth for my book, “Zaphod Beeblebrox” and “To Serve Man”

            Give me your coordinates and I will beam over?

          • noname says:

            Really pp(pathetic pedro), are you trying to be funny? You wish you had something to think with.

            No, pp jerking yourself doesn’t make you smarter!

            Try getting an education, maybe read a book or something.

            Watching Glen Beck or listening to Lush Limpdick rots away any intelligence one might ever had.

          • noname says:

            Yes, I do indeed enjoy having fun at your expense.

            The blatant and continuing stupidity displayed does make you an easy and fun target.

          • noname says:

            pp(poor pedro) still wishing to have at least a 1/10 of “dweeb” intelligence! Posing a pocket protector doesn’t count!

            pp, ever the looser! Own your loss and grow up!

      • The Monster's Lawyer says:

        Great, next you’ll be telling him about our secrete handshake.

    • Dallas says:

      Why do Teapublicans hate women? You have not answered that simple question. Shame.

      • Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

        Why do Teapublicans hate women? You have not answered that simple question. Shame.

        We didn’t want to upset you…but if you insist, those men at Dallas State Prison weren’t Republicans….

        • What? The moth is always drawn to the flame? says:

          It is amazing that you duck every issue with propaganda. You are our own local Goebbels.

          • Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

            Not propaganda, that was a life changing event, ever since he calls himself “Dallas”.

            But they weren’t Republicans.

          • stormtrooper 651 says:

            “still projecting yourself on others?”
            “Why do Teapublicans hate women?”
            “It is amazing that you duck every issue with propaganda”

            Classic National Socialism comrades!

            as for “You are our own local Goebbels”, repetition always trumps ridiculous irony comrade.
            Be unwavering in your belief, no lie is too big, black is white, the slaves only hear the loudest, fear is your friend.

            “Legitimate Rape as Birth Control” is a poor title for the video though, replace it with “These Filthy xxx Scum Want To Rape OUR Women!”

          • What? The moth is always drawn to the flame? says:

            Do you even know what a Stormtrooper is?

            Such The Child.

      • Grandpa says:

        We don’t call them Christian Tali-ban for nothing.

    • msbpodcast says:

      Les bras me tombent.

      The US military is a socialist enterprise and its the biggest bunch of bad asses on the planet. Are you calling the US military out as a bunch of Soviets? (Joe McCarthy tried that shit and they nailed his drunk ass to the floor.)

      Health care should be a socialist enterprise (and it is except in third world hell-holes and the US.)

      Why are you saddling your employer with your health care costs and meanwhile “Fuck the 50 million unemployed and the millions more who are underemployed even though they may have paid into a health-care plan for years before this last recession. (Wal*Mart employees are told to go to the emergency room for health are. That’s one popular way of getting out of paying for it, isn’t it TEAD? [Another popular industry practice is to deny coverage because of pre-existing conditions.])

      You’re such a knee-jerk unthinking ass-hole you should run for congress as a repube.

  2. Pile on says:

    Yeah. The research for S.L.U.T. was carried out at the F.lorida U.niversity of C.ultural K.nowledge. Good old F.U.

  3. Anyone who voted Republican must be embarrassed. If not, then they are too stupid to be embarrassed.

  4. orchidcup says:

    I have used legitimate rape as a birth control method many times, and I find it to be effective.

    • Zybch says:

      And fun!

      • msbpodcast says:

        Well, not for the women.

        They just scream and cry, at least until I gag ’em or hit ’em hard enough.

        Nobody’s ever come forward claiming to be my kid so it must be working, right? I said right <smack> didn’t I?

        • What? The moth is always drawn to the flame? says:

          You are due for professional help, actually overdue, actually you’re a lost cause.

  5. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    As sarcasm, the video misses the mark as the spokesperson was smiling throughout the sexual encounter and did not fight or yell out a protest. Just another slut in her low cut provocative clothing basically advertising herself as a wanton.

    Also, a good time to post that “rape is not rape.” There are lots of gradations. Just because ALL the various forms of rape should not prevent a womans access to birth control/abortion does not equate all the different rapes on all the other distinctions.

    How can you juggle if you got no balls at all?

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  7. Charles says:

    I watched that ad, It sounded like a liberul ad to me, now the liberuls are talking about Murdering Baby’s after they are born, you know in case you don’t like the Baby’s hair or eye color.
    Just like osama voted Three times against a Bill that would let a Baby who survived ( Attempted Murder ) A.K.A. Abortion receive medical treatment, this guy is A REAL FAMILY MAN, IF THEY SURVIVE ATTEMPTED MURDER LET THEM SUFFER FOR HOURS BEFORE THEY MERCIFULLY GO BACK TO HEAVEN, I WOULDN’T WANT TO BE HIM WHEN HE FACES GOD, look in the Bible for what God says about people who hurt his little ones.
    Another liberul gem, Now that we have given Homosexuals Special rights more rights than NORMAL PEOPLE HAVE, Now we should give Child Molesters THE SAME KIND OF RIGHTS, because Child Molesters LOVE YOUR CHILD MORE THAN YOU DO, and should be allowed to LIVE IN YOUR HOME SO THAT THEY CAN ATTACK YOUR CHILD ANY TIME THEY WANT TO AND YOU AS THE PARENT LEGALLY CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!
    SURE SOUNDS LIKE A ( liberul ) IDEA TO ME!!
    Every political party has a Lunatic Fringe, The Lunatic Fringe of the left ( IE liberuls ) NOW CONTROL AMERICA FROM OUR WHITE HOUSE DOWN TO YOUR TOWN. HAVE A NICE DAY.

  8. jesica says:

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