1. noname says:

    Now that’s just cool!

    Every police department needs to have their own Zombie response SWAT team.

  2. WmDE says:

    Okay! Who called for the zombies?

  3. Don't be scared says:


    Looks like it’s seen some action.

  4. Boulder Bastard says:

    I’ve actually seen this car!

    It’s not a cop. Someone in Douglas County (I assume, since that’s where I saw it) bought it and transformed it. It might be a cop who owns it but it’s no longer an official cop car.

    I can only hope it’s being driven around “The People’s Republic” of Boulder to mow down any brain deficient zombies inhabiting the area. Cause there’s no shortage!

    FYI: Most everything in Boulder is mindless which is a perfect place for zombies! In fact, Colorado University is in Boulder where that mindless asshole Ward Chirchill used to teach. And he wasn’t alone!!!

    Need more proof?

    Just look at the “Buffs” football team with one win all year. Wouldn’t that classify at least as zombie-like?

    Look at the Boulder City Counsel who has outlawed smoking tobacco – not dope! Talk about “blowing” your mind.

    Or how about the regular freak show at the Boulder Mall? It’s like going to Burning Man every single day but without all the nudity (although not by much)!

    I might also point out many of the protests that no one ever seems to fully understand either. These protests almost always have roots in Boulder!

    And is it any surprise that Obama visited Boulder more often than any other place in Colorado?! Is it any wonder that Solyndra was also located in Boulder?! Yes, their headquarters are technically in California. But a large part was relocated to, you guessed it, Boulder!

    Zombies are all over the place in Boulder, Colorado. And now, they’ve started to infect Denver (which is only about 35 miles away).

    So what I’d like to know is why only ONE CAR?! Isn’t it time to start driving?!

    • McCullough says:

      Actually it was in the Four Corners area, on the Rez.

      • Boulder Bastard says:

        That’s good to know. So maybe there IS a force of these vehicles. Either that or that guy was in Douglas County visiting family or going to court or something.

        Then again, I can see zombie busting in the 4-corners area too. However, most of the weird “rez” inhabitants seem to be in that liberal paradise Billy The Kid also called home, better know as New Mexico.

        But if you like crazy right wing radical (and something tells me you do) then check out a little place southwest of Pueblo near Wetmore or Rye called “Bishops Castle.” You won’t likely find it on any map but it’s right off highway 165. The thing that’s so scary is that the owner/proprietor Jim Bishop actually makes sense (most of the time) when he gets on a rant. Here’s just a sample:


        So if you live anywhere in Colorado but haven’t heard of this guy then you’re just another clueless “Californicating” or “Taxus” transplant.

        (And no! I’m not him.)

        • I’ve lived in Boulder, Co. since ’68 and this guy is obviously not a big fan, however Boulder is a beautiful place to live. Always is included in the top-10 best places to live in the USA studies and voted ‘best place to live if you’re a dog lover”. Lots of open space. Just on the edge of the Rocky Mountains. Fantastic if your a rock climber. Sure, there are tree-hugging liberals here but the whole environment breeds nature-loving hippie freaks. 🙂 Boulder was once thought to be a refuge for hippies in the 70’s after Woodstock and Boulder had a huge hippie population back then. Now it’s doctors, lawyers and startups (the TechStars.com startup incubator is headquartered in Boulder).

          Boulder is also known for John Bennet Ramsey and Mork & Mindy.

          As far as the zombie response vehicle, it’s probably patrolling the more violent areas of Denver since there are more whack-jobs living there. 🙂

          • Boulder Bastard says:

            It’s not just Boulder. In fact, Colorado has more college educated graduates on average than any other state excepting for possibly the District of Columbia. That means COLORADO has more doctors, lawyers and formally educated professionals per average group of residents than almost anywhere else in the country. Colorado also averages more sunny days than Florida and is even currently experiencing a bit of an economic boom! And Boulder seems perfectly situated to experience nearly everything Colorado has to offer EXCEPT COMMON SENSE! And you need not look any further for the fabled Rocky Mountain High IDIOCY than the Boulder City Council!

            I’ve lived all over Colorado my entire life since way before ’68 even and have NEVER seen anywhere as STUPID as Boulder. First they banned cigarettes in PRIVATE BARS! HELLO! BARS that aren’t even public. Sure, cigarettes are “bad” and all but we ARE adults after all. Now this nitwit nanny-law movement has gone nationwide and has successfully put a whole lot of people out of business. So way to go Boulder.

            Then Boulder imposed speed limits on bicycles where even CHILDREN might be issued speeding citations requiring them to pay up or go to court. I don’t know about you, but when cops have nothing better to do than become a group of Mayberry Barney Fife tough guys there’s something seriously wrong.

            I also seem to recall Boulder trying to stand up for that lunatic C.U. Professor Ward Churchill who said that all the 9/11 World Trade center victims actually DESERVED IT! So obviously, ‘ol weirdo Ward wasn’t alone in that view. And did ANYONE celebrate in Boulder when he finally got the boot? NO!

            But I think I really began hating Boulder when the city council made that absolutely stupid resolution to ban all business with Arizona over Arizona’s new immigration laws. Maybe you remember it. And when some group of city council members (not much better than political flunkies) think they are going to dictate to another State like Arizona how to run their government, and even place some kind of pseudo embargo on them, it goes way beyond arrogance – it’s PURE STUPID! And never mind the fact that BOULDER TAXPAYERS had to pay these idiots to waste time with crap like that. But that’s your typical Boulder hippie/ZOMBIE in action.

            So visit Boulder. It’s a GREAT PLACE! Just don’t stay too long or the ZOMBIES there will eat your brain!

  5. spreeuw says:

    hey adam or john your IRC operators are jew infested,
    I said I’m anti jewish and 2 of your ops banned me!
    this is an outrage! I hate religion,
    please correct this


    • msbpodcast says:

      Its okay to hate religion, just not any one religion.

      You picked one… Your bad…

      ALL religions are zombie proofing for mouth-breathers.

      Zombies eat brainz and if you’re the product of a defective testicle you obviously don’t have one.

      I mean really.

      Try to keep a straight face while repeating the following: I believe that there’s a invisible guy, who lives in the sky, and he loves you but he wants to kill you if you disobey whatever his head honcho says, oh and he needs your cash.

      Sure, and my ass needs licking…

      • What? The moth is always drawn to the flame? says:

        So if there existed a religion that required some horrible act, say human sacrifice, I wouldn’t be allowed to hate it, and express my hate for it?

        That is fracked.

        • msbpodcast says:

          Catholics are all cannibals

          What do you think the mumbled Body of Christ is when they hand you the host to chew?


          You’re supposed to literally be chewing a quarter-sized piece of Jesus’ flesh.

          Is that horrible enough for you?

          All religions are inane as well as insane.

    • MartinJJ says:

      Jew infested? Really? I see no reason why you would be banned for saying your anti jewish. Who cares? Most probably are in there. It probably was something else going on(?)

  6. moss says:

    So, erm, none of the rightwing punks picked up on Car 54.

  7. TooManyPuppies says:

    Worst vehicle for a zombie outbrake! Have you ever run over a body in one of those vehicles? I have in one of our older patrol vehicles, they don’t stay on the road. I’ll take one of the newer MRAP units, could probably find a deal on a surplus unit given how many they shipped back from Iraq.

  8. noname says:

    Wow, this car must really work! A real Zombie cure!

    This certainly makes for a safer post apocalyptic life style!

    No Zombies around; I don’t see any, amazing!

    Zombies can’t drive can they?

  9. Mr Diesel says:

    Should replace the word zombies with liberals. There should also be a car with conservatives on it.

    There more I look at the results from the last election the more I realize we are “On a highway to hell” and not in a biblical way either…..

    • noname says:

      I agree Mr Diesel, there should be a pre-apocalyptic car with fresh “conservatives” plastered all across the front grill!

      According to church doctrine, that’s the best way to avoid the apocalypse!

  10. Charles says:

    As I said before, You decide how you live while you are alive, The Omnipotent God decides where you spend Eternity, spend your tawdry useless lives mocking and trashing him, I will be there when you face him in Judgement as will we all, will you stop crying long enough to speak to God coherently as you face him in Judgement, or will you be Screaming for a Drop of water on the tip of your tongue as you Burn for Eternity?
    Have a nice day.

  11. Charles says:

    Don’t we all recognize liberuls, I think this calls for a permanent word change especially when talking about politicians, I’m talking Washington liberuls, from the top down!!

  12. d. jones says:

    love to see my car out there on the net!!! we are based in LaPlata county and patrol all of the 4corners area and more 🙂

    • d. jones says:

      ps come visit our fb site just search laplata zombie outbreak response team


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