The fun starts at 2:50

Two Texas women are suing after state troopers subjected them to a humiliating and invasive ‘roadside body cavity search’ that was caught on video. Female trooper Kellie Helleson is seen in the footage aggressively searching the private parts of Angel Dobbs, 38, and her niece, Ashley Dobbs, 24, in front of passing cars.

The women, who claim the trooper used the same rubber glove for both of them, were initially stopped by Helleson’s colleague David Farrell on State Highway 161 near Irving after he saw one of them throw a cigarette butt out the window. Angel Dobbs said Helleson irritated an anal cyst she suffers from during the search, causing her ‘severe and continuing pain and discomfort.’

The suit said: ‘Angel Dobbs was overwhelmed with emotion and a feeling of helplessness and reacted stating that Helleson had just violated her in a most horrific manner.’

The two women are also suing the director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, Steven McCraw, who they claim ignored previous complaints about ‘unlawful strip searches, cavity searches and the like. Angel Dobbs passed a roadside sobriety test and the women were given warnings for littering.’

I think the bigger story here is that the cops are doing this in full view of the public and knowingly being recorded on camera. Also, keep in mind simple possession of marijuana is now legal or decriminalized in many states. The Public will pay big for this.

  1. MikeN says:

    Who knew that because marijuana is legal or decriminalized in some states, that those states get to dictate policy in the other states.

    Texas is also #1 in prison rehabilitation and drug treatment for prisoners.

    • Colonel Panic says:

      So Mikey, littering justifies a sexual assault by police in PUBLIC. You mean that policy?

      Fucking idiot.

      • MikeN says:

        No it doesn’t justify it. Just commenting on McCullough’s comment that implies other states’ policies should dictate policy in Texas.

        • McCullough says:

          It’s called putting things in perspective, Mike.

          • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

            No its not. Its called making irrelevant connections. How close to the Drone Program is this?

            I assume all involved thought it was a legal cigarette butt being illegally littered onto the highway. Still illegal IN ALL STATES, if it was mj.

            Totally appropriate to make a stop and give a ticket for that…… but nothing more.

          • McCullough says:

            So how is it irrelevant that in most states it’s a misdemeanor or even legal, and in another state it warrants a cavity search in public?

            In any state this is considered unreasonable search, even if mj was detected. It’s totally relevant.

          • MikeN says:

            In West Virginia it’s a misdemeanor to sell your children. I guess that puts things in perspective, we should say it’s no big deal

          • MikeN says:

            Concealed carry is legal in many states. So if the cops come in and knock a guy to the ground upon realizing he is carrying a gun, cuff him up and put him in jail, we should put things in perspective and say the cops are overreacting because of the laws in other states.

          • Get a Clue! says:

            There’s no arguing with an IDIOT like that. So don’t waste your time!

            Next video we see will probably be of Mikey getting shot to death for drinking a soda in his own bedroom! (Remember that one?)

    • Jonesy says:

      MikeN – do you have a problem with the 4th Amendment?

    • Carlos says:

      Where can I apply for that state trooper job?

    • dadeo says:

      ..Texas is also #1 in prison rehabilitation and drug treatment for prisoners.

      Aggravating anal cysts is the back road to Deep In The Heart Of Texas, don’t you think? The US also leads the world in citizens in prisons by far – and how does the drone-star state stand on that stat? [url=]The seem to be leaders in that stat too. [/url]

      State 1990 2000 2003 2004
      Alabama 15,665 26,332 27,913 25,887
      Alaska 2,622 4,173 4,527 4,554
      Arizona 14,261 26,510 31,170 32,515
      Arkansas 7,322 11,915 13,315 13,807
      California 97,309 163,001 164,487 166,556
      Colorado 7,671 16,833 19,671 20,293
      Connecticut 10,500 18,355 19,846 19,497
      Delaware 3,471 6,921 6,794 6,927
      District of Columbia \4 \5 9,947 7,456 (NA) (NA)
      Florida 44,387 71,319 82,012 85,533
      Georgia 22,411 44,232 47,208 51,104
      Hawaii 2,533 5,053 5,828 5,960
      Idaho 1,961 5,535 5,737 6,375
      Illinois 27,516 45,281 43,418 44,054
      Indiana 12,736 20,125 23,069 24,008
      Iowa 3,967 7,955 8,546 8,525
      Kansas 5,775 8,344 9,132 8,966
      Kentucky 9,023 14,919 16,622 17,814
      Louisiana 18,599 35,207 36,047 36,939
      Maine 1,523 1,679 2,013 2,024
      Maryland 17,848 23,538 23,791 23,285
      Massachusetts 8,345 10,722 10,232 10,144
      Michigan 34,267 47,718 49,358 48,883
      Minnesota 3,176 6,238 7,865 8,758
      Mississippi 8,375 20,241 20,589 20,983
      Missouri 14,943 27,543 30,303 31,081
      Montana 1,425 3,105 3,620 3,877
      Nebraska 2,403 3,895 4,040 4,130
      Nevada 5,322 10,063 10,543 11,365
      New Hampshire 1,342 2,257 2,434 2,448
      New Jersey 21,128 29,784 27,246 26,757
      New Mexico 3,187 5,342 6,223 6,379
      New York 54,895 70,199 65,198 63,751
      North Carolina 18,411 31,266 33,560 35,434
      North Dakota 483 1,076 1,239 1,327
      Ohio 31,822 45,833 44,778 44,806
      Oklahoma 12,285 23,181 22,821 23,319
      Oregon 6,492 10,580 12,715 13,183
      Pennsylvania 22,290 36,847 40,890 40,963
      Rhode Island 2,392 3,286 3,527 3,430
      South Carolina 17,319 21,778 23,719 23,428
      South Dakota 1,341 2,616 3,026 3,095
      Tennessee 10,388 22,166 25,403 25,884
      Texas 50,042 166,719 166,911 168,105
      Utah 2,496 5,637 5,763 5,989
      Vermont 1,049 1,697 1,944 1,968
      Virginia 17,593 30,168 35,067 35,564
      Washington 7,995 14,915 16,148 16,614
      West Virginia 1,565 3,856 4,758 5,067
      Wisconsin 7,465 20,754 22,604 22,966
      Wyoming 1,110 1,680 1,872 1,980

      • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

        Wow! Too bad the value of the dollar couldn’t go up like that?

        The number of employed?

        Quite dramatic.

        Makes me feel……. somethings wrong.

      • deowll says:

        Not sure how we actually compare to countries like China or Russia because they won’t tell you the truth.

        It is also true that we have over 300,000,000 citizens and some of the people in prison aren’t citizens.

      • Get a Clue! says:

        Obviously, running a prison is a FOR PROFIT gig!

        Maybe that cop or even the entire police department has some MONEY invested in it! Hmmm…

        The cops always tell us there’s no quota to fill. But maybe if you asked them if there were cells to fill you might get a different answer. Then again, try and find a cop who isn’t blinded by the system may be a job all unto itself.

        So could it be the politicians? Naw! They always tell us what’s going on. They’re so honest! (If you believe that one, I have an even better whopper about an invisible guy who’s always watching what you do – and his name isn’t Santa Clause.)

  2. Carlos says:

    Two girls, one set of gloves!

  3. Dallas says:


    • The Monster's Lawyer says:

      exactly what i was thinking.

      • Dallas says:

        That was rough to watch.

        I always have my breakfast or lunch before viewing a video post from McCullough or response from Alphie.

        • The Monster's Lawyer says:

          This is symptomatic of our eroded sense of self respect and privacy. It started in earnest with allowing the TSA evermore invasive routines at the airport. Those who bristled at the “inconvenience” were told to find another mode of transport. Now it’s accepted as normal for someone to grab your privates in public as well as x-ray you. Now this. Is this the price we have to pay if we want to use the interstate highways?

          • Dallas says:

            I agree. The sheeple are desensitized to getting groped by the Republican installed TSA.

            In addition, having children shot and killed in schools is just “downside” of the 2nd amendment right to the thrill of owning an assault weapon.

          • MikeN says:

            TSA is expanding to highways as well. So if you don’t like it, just stay at home.

          • Zero Truth says:

            Dallas, if the Dems gave any more of a crap than the Reps, why is the Rep installed TSA still here? Open your eyes and realize they’re all assholes. Security Theater only has one audience, and it ain’t us.

            Right and left, red and blue, are Stalin’s tactics with American precision. The Republican National Corporation and the Democratic National Corporation are the bleeding same thing.

            Regarding your idiotic gun trolling, show me the last mass shooting at a police sation, you know, where the guns are. No, it’s always where they AREN’T: The open Victim Free Fire zone around our schools.

            Sigh. Guess we better lock up any slave who visits a gun range, he Must Be Planning An Attocity!!! OMGzorz!!!1!!eleven!

          • The Monster's Lawyer says:

            MikeN ~ “TSA is expanding to highways as well. So if you don’t like it, just stay at home.”

            Thanks for supporting my point. I feel sufficiently oppressed now.

    • McCullough says:

      Next time, it gets posted with Smell-O-Vision.

  4. plarsen says:

    Of course a cavity search is a police state reaction and in the described situation is comparable to assault.

    However, littering is no laughing matter. It is frightfully impolite and a sign of bad manners. It is deserving of punishment. Politeness is part of the social fabric.

    It made me think of something I once read in a Henlein novel: “The Cat Who Walks Through Walls” and I looked it up again.

    In it Dr. Richard Ames has the following dialogue with his bride to be:

    Dr. Ames: “No, no, not Tolliver. Although it may develop that Tolliver should be dead. No, dear, the man who killed Schultz. I must find him and kill him.”

    Gwen: “Oh. Uh, I can see that he should be dead; he’s a murderer. But why must you do it? Both are strangers to you — both the victim and whoever killed him. Actually it’s not your business. Is it?”

    Dr. Ames: “It is my business. Schultz or whatever his name is was killed while he was a guest at my table. That’s intolerably rude. I won’t put up with it. Gwen my love, if one tolerates bad manners, they grow worse. Our pleasant habitat could decay into the sort of slum Ell-Five is, with crowding and unmannerly behavior and unnecessary noise and impolite language. I must find the oaf who did this thing, explain to him his offense, give him a chance to apologize, and kill him.”

  5. Mooking says:

    These two “officers” belong on the national sex offenders registry for life.

  6. bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

    99% of the time, officers do follow department protocol. Its the Head Trooper/Texas controlling Agency that needs to be fired.

    • Dallas says:

      …or sent to TSA

    • BubbaMustafa says:

      99%?? LOL No friggin way its that high. 70% at BEST

      • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

        Yeah–but not on stuff they know they are filming themselves. NO DOUBT in my mind the cops are acting 100% withing department protocols. Probably could get fired if they DIDN’T do this.

        I am trying to be a more positive kind of guy.

        Its not the cops—its the Department/bosses.

        The babes didn’t look like they minded. I would still say we can do the roadside here, or take you downtown if you need more privacy, car towed, etc.

        Ha, ha. Cops. Thin blue line separating something……..

  7. Reverse Engineer says:

    Spinal Tap’s “Smell The Glove” comes to mind…

  8. TripHamer says:

    Hum….littering….look at their ID….write a ticket and move on.

    I’m sure there are more, real dangerous criminals out there that they can better spend there efforts on, protecting us from.

    • dadeo says:

      What self-respecting pot smoker throws away a perfectly good roach anyway?

  9. Captain Obvious says:

    It’s Texas. The officer thought they were her cousins.

  10. bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

    One of us on the wrong wavelength with McCullough says:
    12/19/2012 at 11:13 am

    Darn–wrote my whole response and then recognized where you are coming from: the Texas cops saw a butt thrown out a car window and they made a stop and search/cavity search looking for illegal drugs which could have included MJ?

    If MJ is illegal in Texas, and illegal under Federal Law–why shouldn’t they be able to do this???? Because laws in other states are different? But THATS THE WHOLE REASON for federalism==different states having different laws.

    My point would remain the same—is there probable cause to suspect drug possession when a butt is thrown out a car window? I can argue that either way and be happy with the results.

    Know your state.

    • Captain Bee Fart says:

      Yeah I don’t think a public cavity search is appropriate under any circumstance except maybe life threatening.

      • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

        Ahhhh….. you are right. I forgot the public part.

  11. deowll says:

    I’m afraid that I must agree with the poster. Somebody needs to pay because I don’t think there were grounds for a cavity search at a public location.

  12. Nate says:

    “The fun starts at 2:50”?!?!?!!?!?!?

    You asshole, there is no FUN in this video, it’s not FUNNY, FUN OR FUNLIKE!!!!!!

  13. Neptune5 says:

    The cop went back first then front on each girl. Aren’t girls told to wipe front first then back for hygienic concerns?

    I am male so this is not from direct experience, but I’ve heard going the wrong direction can lead to infections. And it seems kind of gross. I bet this officer barely got a passing grade when she took the body cavity certification course.

    Oh yeah she forgot to change her gloves between searches.

    • Captain Bee Fart says:

      “Oh yeah she forgot to change her gloves between searches.”

      Har! Minor detail.

  14. George says:

    And you all understand that it’s the cops that will be on point for enforcing the new anti-gun legislation that is coming.

    “Spread your legs. We’re searching for illegal guns, clips (sic), and bullets.”

    And they are also the ones that will be exempt from all of it.

  15. dusanmal says:

    So many comments and no one is getting it: this is NOT about marijuana or drugs. That is the lame excuse. This is all about us letting Government to become too big and powerful “to help us”. With such authority given, inextricably connected comes power of police state. You want single payer healthcare – this comes attached to it. You want social services of all kinds – this comes attached. You want Nanny Government – that Nanny can now spank you and insert thermometer or laxative in whatever orifice it wants to.
    In the country with Constitution preserved, cops would shiver in fear of even looking at you wrongly. But, people voted in one more term for anal-probing Progressives. That’s what you get.

  16. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    Didn’t see anything sexual in that search, it was perfunctorily done, the same order for both women.

    That’s why the video exists, to protect the police from the public.

    • Jonesy says:

      LISTEN to the video, and look for the news reports. The girl describe fingers entering their ass and vagina, plus given the fact that the idiot cop doesnt even change gloves, makes it even more criminal.

      If this was your wife or daughter, would you still be defending these asswipes?

      Well, you probably would.

      • Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

        You leftist loons have no credibility, complain at the drop of the hat when it fits your agenda, without any regard for facts.

        The video reveals a bored policewoman doing a cavity search as she has been trained, without any sexual gratification evident in anything.

        If this were a leftist teacher doing this to a tea party student you’d agree.

        Its that simple. Leftist are a clear and present danger to our liberty, the alternate reality they live in doesn’t allow rational thought on most matters.

  17. Chris Mac says:

    Do they only get the HD version back at the station? How am I supposed to fap to that?

  18. MikeN says:

    But of course the public should be unarmed.

    • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:


      I mean Mickey….. Really?????

      Yeah, a gun is the answer…… to what exactly?

      Sorry I took the bait. Too stoopid to take seriously. YOU GOT ME!!!!

      I hate it when that happens.

  19. Comanche says:

    Did your here a request to search?
    What is the probable cause?

  20. B1 says:

    We may have a lot of CCTV in the UK but I have NEVER heard of this happening so out in the open as this! You’ll have to go through this before picking your kids up from school soon – “SHUT UP SLAVES” or what!

  21. Harry says:

    Law suit.

  22. MikeN says:

    Alexis de Tocqueville warned Americans against succumbing to an “immense tutelary power” that reduces us to “a herd of timid and industrious animals of which government is the shepherd.” The ultimate goal of American “progressivism” (although not, of course, its avowed intent) is to turn Tocqueville’s warning into a fact. And as we all know, it is the sad fate of sheep to end up in the slaughter-house.

  23. t0llyb0ng says:

    lawsuit is one word
    no hyphen in slaughterhouse

    • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

      Why do you hate spaces so much tolly? City born and bred?

      If I could spell, I might join you. Just for the fun of it, you know?

  24. Johnathan Stein says:

    Does anybody have another link to this video? The original is gone.


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