Just over half the public says that the GOP should give up more than the Democrats in any bipartisan solution to the country’s problems, according to a new national survey.

And a CNN/ORC International poll also indicates that a slight majority of Americans sees the Republican party’s policies and views as too extreme, a first for the GOP, and fewer than a third say they trust congressional Republicans more than President Barack Obama to deal with the major issues facing the nation.

  1. Charles says:

    What about the Alternative Minimum Tax that 30,000,000 people will pay for the first time thats hidden in osamacare. Currently only about $4,000,000 pay this tax and George Bush wouldn’t force them to osama will. osama will sooner or later force us all to pay this tax.

    As far as having a surplus after bill clinton left Orifice, it was all Fuzzy math that the liberuls excel at, The surplus was a 10 year projection ON PAPER, THAT’S ALL IT EVER WAS!!!

  2. MikeN says:

    >Define balanced budget. In my definition, everything is paid for

    So you think Republicans should not pass a budget that isn’t balanced, then? Let’s look FORWARD! Should they pass Obama’s proposed budget?

  3. Mrsurfboard says:

    Gangman Style also got 1 billion views on Youtube. Just proves that most people are retarded.