British Citizen and CNN television host Piers Morgan is engaged in a hostile attack against the U.S. Constitution by targeting the Second Amendment. We demand that Mr. Morgan be deported immediately for his effort to undermine the Bill of Rights and for exploiting his position as a national network television host to stage attacks against the rights of American citizens.

Har! Sign the petition here.

  1. deowll says:

    Okay, way more than enough people signed the petition to require the BO to step up to the plate and say no in order to protect his worshiper.

  2. Jesus Chirst says:

    Tho he is but one of my flock I must say I hate him.

  3. Proud Alien says:

    Dear Yankees, your stupidity, arrogance and hypocrisy are as strong as ever. Spare your hysterical whining: self-deportation is in my plans, though I don’t need your blessing, permission or approval to stay here and annoy some of your types indefinitely.

  4. if you think the 2nd amendment trumps the 1st amendment, but you run your mouth about “the constitution” and “liberty” 24/7, you’re probably an ideologue rather than a lover of liberty and freedom.

  5. Colin MacIver says:

    Interesting how that lime sucking bastard has fully put his phone hacking ways fully behind him with this latest stream of drivel about his adopted country. I demand he give up his tax avoiding ways.