1. Peppeddu says:

    Thanks, saw the video right before dinner, and now I am in the mood for bacon instead!

  2. Admfubar says:

    MAKIN’ BACON!!!????

    oh wait it is about smoked pork bellies….

    never mind…

  3. Gildersleeve says:

    Certainly this guy got through the process efficiently and quickly, but I watch the show for the pretty girls and pretend they are cooking for ME. ho yeah.

    “However you slice it”; nyuk nyuk.

  4. Uncle Patso says:

    Hmmm, cool . . .


    I just remembered — I can BUY bacon!

  5. John Andrews says:

    No way my wife is going to let me use that much refrigerator space for that long! Right now there is not enough room for another egg, let alone a huge slab of pig fat. . . . Maybe I will try it later…

  6. mainecat says:

    Does the Kosher salt make the bacon Kosher?

  7. AC_in_Mich says:

    Mmmm bacon

    Maybe Homer can get Marge to try this

  8. Supreme Ultrahuman (I see the comment system is still designed for retards.) says:

    One of our voting requirements should be that you eat bacon. Mmmm…

  9. dusanmal says:

    If you are nearby NYC, try Muncan Foods in Astoria… 29 types of bacon… This video makes for interesting high school project for a teen, however if you want your bacon properly done – go Muncan. (And allow a lot of time, last time I was there you get a number and wait hour or two…)

  10. bobbo, one lib-tard spanking right wing retards for years says:

    I haven’t eaten bacon in years. I go ham or Canadian Bacon or even sausage for less fat/cheaper……….but……….just yesterday I got a free day pass off the Webitubes and went to Sam’s Club.

    Very nice thick cut high meat bacon. I couldn’t pass it up and I’m glad I didn’t. Nice sammiches.

    ……………..too bad you can get a tomato with any taste these days.

    • noname says:

      “……………..too bad you can’t get a tomato with any taste these days.”

      ‘au contraire mon lard doigts, mensonge entreprise croire DU ami!’ you certainly can; it’s called grow your own!

      Cherokee Purple is a good tomato variety that gives any salad or sandwich a slice of summer in every bite!

      It will get you off the “Webitubes”, possibly outdoors (in the summer) or grow them indoors.

      Either way you’re off the “Webitubes”; which is a very good thing for all. 🙂

      • bobbo, one lib-tard spanking right wing retards for years says:

        Racoons eat all my home grown.

        cute little f**kers all the same. I wouldn’t shoot them, but wouldn’t complain if someone else did.

        • Mr Diesel says:

          Wait, I’ve read your posts for years, you too would complain.

          Cute little striped rodents.

        • noname says:

          bobbo, you have raccoons indoors?

          Better hope your neighbors don’t use a Bushmaster AR-15 for the kill!

        • Angel H. Wong says:

          Grow some ghost peppers, coat them with honey while they’re still on the plant and then wait for next day.

  11. Soylent Green says:

    I wonder just who would eat this stuff if they knew how closely it was related to actual HUMANS!

    After all, if a pig heart and other pig organs can be successfully transplanted into live humans it sort of makes you think twice about bacon, ham or any other pig product.

    (…You knew someone was going to say it.)

    • bobbo, one lib-tard spanking right wing retards for years says:

      You are totally correct: Protein/food is just that.

      People should be allowed to eat whatever they want to, including other people. Proper consents secured as already provided by law.

      And “no” I didn’t think anyone would overly fixate on our cousin the pig. Its no more compatible than all other mammals except for size and availability.

      • noname says:

        Of course, only bobbo would advocate FDA approved cannibalism!.

        Maybe bobbo can teach the FDA how to conduct surprise human corpse inspection(s) and grading with stamping the grade and inspection marks onto “the meat”?

    • John E. Quantum says:

      Some cannibals refer to human meat as “long pig”, owing to the close similarity of human and pig meat in color, texture and flavor. That similarity explains all the various cultural prohibitions against consuming pork products.

  12. prof. johnnycakes says:

    Additionally, the leftover pork skin makes for some yummy pork rinds or crackle bread.

  13. Glenn E. says:

    Next video segment, how to milk your own cow, and pasteurize the end product. Really, we can’t support our local butcher or deli, even for bacon? In my town, we loss our best bakery, because of all the grocery stores and donut shops that took their business away. The results, very crappy made baked goods, that taste of artificial ingredients. And probably, mostly are.

    The only way I’d make my own bacon, would be if some sold a Mr. Bacon machine. Like a breadmaker (which I don’t have). Only you toss in the pork belly, and the seasons, and come back in 10 days to find neatly sliced strips. Otherwise, way too much work, and mess. And you’d have to have more than one slab of pork resting in the frig, to cover a week’s worth of breakfasts for two or more people. Or a 2nd frig, devoted to just curing bacon, and other meats. Doesn’t sound very economical now, does it?

    • Captain Obvious says:

      People who appreciate their local butcher or deli are likely the the people who’ve tried to do themselves and appreciate the work involved. The majority of people go to the big box looking for the cheapest deal.

  14. deowll says:

    Not the way my father did things at all. Of course my father was curing meat so it would keep while this guy was doing something entirely different.


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