Executive Producers: Baron Steven Pelsmaekers, Sir Craig of Manamana, Sir Paul Boyer (of Procrastination), Sir Jules Reid, Sir Terry Hayman, Sir Spiros Bettas
Associate Executive Producers: Robert Sierseman, Sir Ryan Burgett, Tyler Fox, Matt Asbury, Sir James Hirka
Art By: Kevin Thomas

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  1. Dallas says:

    Terrible photo of this great lady. Shame.

    Her ability to force a brain blood clot is also quite impressive.

    • JLF says:

      Great lady? Really? What makes you think so, the fact that she stayed married to her wandering-eyed husband Bill so long? It sure isn’t because she ran a tight ship at State. Recently, some of her subordinates have said things were a lot loosy-goosy there.

      • Dallas says:

        “Great lady….What makes you think so?… the fact that she stayed married to her wandering-eyed husband Bill so long?…”

        Because she’s an effective, decent public servant and my intuition is validated because she is amongst the top 10 most admired women in America based on Gallup Poll.

        Therefore, my intuition appears validated by polls. You’re intuition is based on nothing, simply nothing.

        I haven’t spoken to any of her employees to see if things were loosy-goosy. I form my opinions on fact.

        Her relationship with her husband is none of my business. Why is it your business? Are you concerned with her vagina or something else?

  2. That reminds me that we need a nuclear thermal rocket. Sign the petition here:

  3. Kimo says:

    Ahh, from the movie Brazil, my favorite! Though I did at first think it was the same person Dallas was referring too.


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