Executive Producer: Sir Dwayne Melancon
Associate Executive Producer: Sir Matt
Art By: Anonymous

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  1. SPOCK says:

    another good show john. i think you and adam made a
    valid point regarding the morgan vs. jones sensation. it
    may have not been completely scripted, but i don’t think
    piers invites polarizing guests to his show without being
    perfectly aware of who they are, and what they represent.
    i think it was probably more of a mutual back-scratching
    between parties to draw media attention and viewership.
    but in terms of entertainment value, you had to love it. i
    also agree that crackpot shouldn’t be so hasty in leaving
    amsterdam, if it were not for the living situation back in
    austin. hopefully he at least did some touring of the local
    coffee shops before jumping ship back to the states.

  2. Publius says:

    Adam correctly predicted Mali would get hit on this episode. 24 hours later and I read that Mali just got hit by France.


    Now if you could just tell me, what’s AAPL going to be worth at 9:40 after Monday opening? Need to know. Adam??? John???

    I am hereby promising to send in my donation $$ to the show. Well done John and Adam.

    PS. OIL and GOLD are the #1 top economic outputs of Algeria and its next-door-neighbor Mali, respectively. Thank you, CIA World Factbook. The Eurotrash currently commenting on reddit are totally pretending the purpose of the French invasion is to … get this… defend Europe from the Islamists. hahahah

    France’s PM is the new Irwin “Desert Fox” Rommel! Hitler, if he were still alive, would be so jealous that France not Germany has finally achieved dominance of North Africa. Kudos to all the French royals who bravely still remain true to their original love, OTHER PEOPLE’S GOLD and OIL.

  3. Publius says:

    Libya had plenty of the shiny yellow metal, as well as its world famous North African black gold. No wonder France took Libya last year.

    Those French royals sure know where to find all the under-defended gold and oil!!!

    Source: BBC

    The IMF data show Libya’s reserves to be 4.6 million ounces, a figure of nearly 144 tons. At current market prices the value is over $6bn.

    There are twenty countries with larger gold reserves. But, with the exception of Lebanon, they are all much richer or much larger in population.

    Britain for example has twice as much gold, but ten times the population and an economy more than 30 times the size.

    A closer comparison is Algeria, which is, like Libya, a North African oil producer – it has 20% more gold reserves, but more than five times the population.

  4. ivan says:

    There is Rubicon Easter egg in Zero-Dark-Thirty.
    For all you fans out there.

  5. ECA says:

    Want to see CHILD programming??
    Watch TV..Watch cartoons..
    THE GOOD NEVER does anything BAD..
    20 guys with RAY guns cant hit you, but the good guy can pick those 20 off, VERY easily..
    BAD guys cant shoot.
    SHARING…(not part of the Capitalist system, everything IS MONEY)
    on and on and on…

    Then you graduate HS, and EVERYTHING is wrong..

  6. Simon says:

    Thanks Brolf !!!


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