Executive Producer: Melody Mugler
Associate Executive Producers: Sir Steven Van Der Have, Michael Levin
Art By: Joe The Dish Slave

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  1. Hmeyers2 says:

    Show notes link is broken.

  2. t0llyb0ng says:

    Condi were unstable in Naples
    unable in Coral Gables
    untenable in Suffolk
    & irreconcilable in Lubbock

  3. t0llyb0ng says:

    Condi were unassailable in Nepal
    unstoppable in Bhopal

  4. War on brains? Must be another GOP tactic. They already declared wars on reason, intelligence, and science.

  5. adambum says:

    Wouldn’t you get more donations if you enumerated your expenses
    in producing each pod-cast? I don’t think folks realize how much cost is involved. The equipment and bandwidth isn’t free!


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