Nominated for an Animated Short Oscar.

  1. bobbo, Junior Art Critic and General Bon vivant says:

    Ok… two people living in the same house but in different worlds…. or whatever.

    I stopped watching at 4 min when they started watching.

    Puppets should never fight.

    If anyone can stomach this to the end….. Whats it all about?

    • bobbo, Junior Art Critic and General Bon vivant says:

      “when they started FIGHTING..”

      I only correct my typing/thinking/spelling when the error is not apparent. I call this respect.

    • dave m brewer says:

      Puppets have always fought.

      • bobbo, Junior Psychologist and General Gourmand says:

        Punch and Judy. Excellent context! Probably explains my initial twitch when the video started up. People fight too, all just as reasonably.

        Best avoided.

  2. msbpodcast says:

    Its about an answer to a question that isn’t asked and a solution to a puzzle that isn’t there.

    I don’t doubt that you just don’t get it, but its a sweet story about how life seems upside down but you have to just make the best of it anyway.

    What is Los Adolecente by DĂ«nver about?

    What are the Brandenburg Concertos by Bach about?

    What is Mitsu no coaki by Akino Arai about?

    Its irrelevant…

    • bobbo, Junior Psychologist and General Gourmand says:

      Mpod–quite the Jr Art Critic yourself. Mocking your own answer by supplying a response with no information?

      If you were Socrates, I would force the hemlock on you. Oops…..I meant, only if you weren’t Socrates…because you know the story of Socrates has meaning.

      Nothing wrong with coming of age, slice of life, they have that meaning>>>not no meaning.

      If you can’t find some meaning in almost anything ==then you really are dull normal at best. Mpod–are you dull normal at best? How close to dull normal is irrelevant?

      No…I stated the meaning I saw in the first 4 minutes but stopped watching when the short turned to FIGHTING. Another meaning in life: puppets should not fight.

      Just like on this forum. Filled with puppets doing bad things. I avert my attention, in shame. ooooh…..

      I avert my gaze
      Puppets all in disarray
      Wood for brains, splinter.

      • msbpodcast says:

        Bobbo, I can only thank the stars that they are aligned as they are, and that I am not Socrates.

        If your shadow cast upon the cave wall was to be my judge, I would give myself a fuckin’ gallon sized hemlock enema…

        • bobbo, Junior Psychologist and General Gourmand says:

          Keeping your eye on the prize huh?

          Thanks for seeing what I meant even as I was totally muddled (I think) in its expression.

          I shouda used puppets.

  3. Sarah Park says:

    Really a sensible film. If you only look deeper into the story.

  4. Siegfriedwithoutroy says:

    both are under water..

  5. WmDE says:

    Actually it is a story about how a woman should turn her life upside down to please a man and find happiness.

    • deegee says:

      You must be a woman…
      Perhaps you should get some therapy.

      That is not what the short is about.

      Watch the entire short again.
      At the end she is the one on the ground and he is upside down.

      • WmDE says:

        Not too sure what in my post leads you to believe I am a woman.

        As to the last scene one is performing the task of keeping them together while the other sits in his recliner.

        I believe it was Rosanne Barr that once said “You may marry the man of your dreams, ladies, but fifteen years later, you’re married to a recliner that burps.”

        How about this “Give a woman a pair of shoes and she’ll turn her life upside down for you.”

        • deegee says:

          If that is what you got from the short then you were watching it with personal non-factual preconceptions.
          Through most of the short the man is doing a number of things to try to get to “her side” including giving her a gift.
          It was not until the woman realized what he had been doing that she herself tried to get to “his side”.

  6. Captain Obvious says:

    That was terrific. Thanks for posting.

    Another independent film worth seeing.

    • bobbo, the junior culture critic says:

      Ugg. Two subjects I hate on film:

      1. Wounded Veterans Heroically overcoming odds in their rehab, and

      2. Quiet trout fishing in Montana.

      The real story about our wounded vets is the waste of human flesh and spirit in a war that should have been avoided AND the failure of the VA to get ALL the care they need without years of hassel, and

      Fishing is boring. If it weren’t for the beer, I wouldn’t fish at all.

  7. Silenus says:

    The film brought tears to my eyes. I’m trying to understand the viewpoint of the people who didn’t get it. If you have stayed together for 52 years, like my wife and I have, you’d understand the work it takes to make it work.

  8. The Monster's Lawyer says:

    Geez. A debate over “what is art”?

  9. HUGSaLOT says:

    video won’t work… anyone relink?


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