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  1. TooManyPuppies says:

    Of course John, “Steve” Cook wasn’t at the SOTU. But Apple CEO Tim Cook was, and on camera.

  2. Glenn E. says:

    Maybe Carnival Cruises is the latest George Clooney. AKA, a deliberate distraction. Whenever something is going down, the govt. would rather not get too much media coverage. A cruise liner’s engines catch fire. And nothing else works aboard ship, for days. But apparently a radio message got thru to tell the world about it. How are these mega-ships built with no backup generators, elsewhere than the engine room? You know, in case of a fire. Which these cruise liners seem to have way too often. But nobody is ever prepared for. Come on!

    So when they get these passengers back to port, and “processed”. Are they told they must sign away any right to sue, or they’ll be detained further. So naturally, they’ll sign to go home more quickly. Thus the line is never seriously economically disadvantaged. So maybe the govt. subsidizes their slight losses, in the name of creating a diverting news item.

    I’d very likely never go on a cruise line, for one basic reason. It’s too much like being held a hostage, in a large floating hotel. Which you can never leave, if it’s too inconvenient for the owner/operators to let you leave. Like those snow bound jet airliners, that held their passengers hostage, away from the terminals, more a few hours. But wouldn’t feed them, or let them use the bathrooms, because they were in “take off” mode. For like six or more hours! Now that some laws are in place, to prevent this in the future. Apparently the cruise line industry isn’t effected by any of this. And they can without food, and emergency toilets. Until they reach port. I’d rather stay at a land based hotel. That doesn’t have to economic sanctions to hold me hostage, to help its bottom line. Cruise lines are for fools.

  3. Glenn E. says:

    BTW, a few things from the Obama SOTU address. The term “Judgment” isn’t part of the Scientific Method. Never has been. If it can’t be proven beyond any doubt. Then something is not a scientific fact. Period. And all this “judgment” and “consensus” nonsense, is just a form of religion. Because you’re told you must BELIEVE in science. Real (pure) scientific study or research, doesn’t require your believe or trust, in order to be valid. But obviously it does require your trust, to receive your tax dollars. And that’s what all this “climate science” is all about. Almanac Theater, is not science.

    Secondly, is this whole “12 hottest years, in the last 50” nonsense. That’s totally arbitrary. Cherry-picking the last 50 years, and ignoring the previous hundreds of years. To try and sell some kind of invented trend, that supposedly has only happened because of recent human industry. Ignoring the fact that with all the manufacturing jobs moving over to China. Very little industry is left in the USA, to be the cause of Climate Change. So blame the Chinese, not Americans. The US Industrial Revolution has come and gone. It is no more responsible for all the world’s air pollution, than England or Europe is. But politicians only want to blame those with the deepest pockets. Which means the US.

    And third, the idea that CEOs of major corporation wouldn’t want to hire workers in a country where infrastructure has gone down hill. Heck, that’s never stop corporations from relocating to Mexico, Philippians, Vietnam, etc. They make sure things are improved, just within the plant. So their managing executives don’t suffer. And the workers get to commute to the shanty towns, they live in. With poor roads, sewerage, drinking water, and non-existent electrical power. But Obama is using this “future jobs” argument, as an excuse for throwing money at any and all forms of infrastructure improvements. Even if they aren’t necessary. Or even if those CEOs couldn’t care about them, enough to keep or relocate their business to those states. If anything, economic depressed, and low wages, are what attracts businesses to any American town. If your town is desperate enough for jobs, that you won’t unionize. They’ll beat a path to you. But any hint of civic pride and improvement. And they’ll likely stay away. Because you’re not willing to be a “company town”. So don’t be spending the State into mega-debt, for lavish improvements that impress no corporations, to hire there. Those mostly respond to lowest tax rates. Which a State can’t afford to have, if it makes lots of costly improvements.

    • ± says:

      Not that I agree with all the rest, but this one I can’t let go:

      “If it can’t be proven beyond any doubt. [sic] Then something is not a scientific fact. Period.”

      Nothing in science is considered beyond challenge. There are no intractable facts. Everything we think we know is susceptible to change based on new information or interpretation of existing information. That is what makes science awesome and increases the body of knowledge which is known to be true (until proven false).

      This is just the opposite of religion, which is pure dogma.

  4. ivan says:

    About CIA and Islam.
    You have a scene in 0-Dark-30 where one of the top officials spreads his carpet and prays while his subordinate waits patiently.
    And of course in Homeland Brody is convert.

  5. The Monster's Lawyer says:

    ahhh…chipmunk love

  6. Kent says:

    That Ben Carson speech and Obama’s reaction wasn’t quite the way Adam Curry described. He did look serious, laughed at least once and did stand at the end of the speech and applaud. I wasn’t very impress by the old light house joke, btw, nor do I think there’s much honorable about Francis Scott Key or his poem (but then, I’m anti-militarist and Canadian).

  7. Kent says:

    And Curry is brainwashed on the Muslim vs Jewish propaganda war entry by one side. He needs to have a look from the other perspective, he might open his eyes since he is clearly missing the elephant in the room

    • deowll says:

      The elephant in the room is convert or die being pushed by militant Islam.

  8. Publius says:

    Adam and John:

    Marines are moving to the Pacific because the Obama admin has been moving forces to the Pacific, specifically the Philippines. It’s the first major post-WW2 buildup by USA in the Philippines in fact.

    Why? Because I don’t know why exactly. Obama is playing his strategy cards close. I can surmise it’s to put the scare — and the bases — into and around Chiner and Co.

  9. Publius says:

    Dept of Defense, or Dept of Property Acquisition and Maintenance, Foreign?

    The latter is more accurate. However, the former is more useful, due to the feel-good. Cognitive dissonance needs feel-good.

  10. Publius says:

    Prime numbers are exceptionally useful for crypto.


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