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  1. Publius says:

    Tuesday is when Sunday shows are published?

    AWWw…. C’mon man….

  2. Publius says:

    >Kagan wrote: “The question — similar to every inquiry into probable cause –is whether all the facts surrounding a dog’s alert, viewed through the lens of common sense, would make a reasonably prudent person think that a search would reveal contraband or evidence of a crime. A sniff is up to snuff when it meets that test.

    Cops are a reasonably prudent person, by definition!

    A sniff is up to snuff when it meets that test.

    Good Luck and Good Night

  3. hipster tipster says:

    Wild makeup sex makes there first fight worth it.

    • orchidcup says:


      Try imagining this scene:

      You see your neighbors standing outside their house, picking up garbage that they accidentally spilled on the ground.

      You point at them and say to your friend: “Look over there [location], they’re [they are] picking up their garbage [possession].”

      Spell out your contractions. Replace can’t with cannot, you’re with you are, and they’re with they are.

      This way, you will catch yourself if you make a mistake in writing.

      The students misplaced they’re books = The students misplaced they are books.
      Here, the second sentence makes no sense; hence, it is improper usage.

      Another hint: “there” has “here” buried inside it to remind you it refers to place, while “their” has “heir” buried in it to remind you that it has to do with possession.

      Remember there, their, and they’re by the following rules:

      there: the word “here” is in there so refer to there as a word for location.

      their: the word “he” is in their so refer to their as a word for people.

      they’re: there is an [ ‘ ] in they’re so they’re is like “they are”. Instead of saying they’re, say “they are” to see if it makes sense.

      If you have “there is” or “there are” then it’s always “there” — you’d never say “they’re is” or “they’re are” or “their is” or “their are”.

      If you’re unsure if you’re using “their” correctly, try replacing it with “my” —the sentence should work with the substitution.

      For example: Their house is purple. If you replace “their” with “my” the sentence still makes sense: My house is purple. So, you know you’re using “their” correctly.

      Turn off the auto-correct feature in your word processor. People tend to get lazy and forget special rules when the computer automatically corrects mistakes like the ones listed above.

      If you’ve ruled out “they’re” or “their” as the correct form, then “there” is one you should go with!

      Learning to spell correctly can help you succeed in school, get a good job, and not be an annoyance to people that have taken the time and effort to learn how to spell.

  4. ydna up thron says:

    whoo are these crazy generals? names please

  5. SPOCK says:

    curry and dvorak passionately arguing
    the definition of a ‘hipster’… priceless

  6. Anchovies Forever says:

    Can’t believe Adam was on the verge of tears when Dvorak questioned his knowledge of the hipster. Adam didn’t really know but his knee jerk anti-racial hipster jab to Dvorak was more or less misguided.

    Hey John C. there are blacks in New York who ride fixed gear bikes and wear thick black framed glasses and messenger bags filled with Macbooks too. Just because they don’t have them in San Fran doesn’t make it so everywhere.

    Adam “loving” John towards the end was sweet. I always thought that John was the top. Maybe Adam is more bi-curious than previously thought.

  7. Glenn E. says:

    I’m still trying to figure out what “Emo” means. Seems to be part fashion statement, part sexual lifestyle. Maybe. I haven’t heard Hipster used in decades. Talk about things that ought to be retired.


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