52-year-old John Alleman suffered a heart attack on the street outside the restaurant. The unofficial spokesman of the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas has died from a heart attack he suffered last week Monday.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, John Alleman, 52, suffered a heart attack on the street outside of the restaurant last week and was taken off of life support on Monday.

The owner of the restaurant, “Doctor” Jon Basso said in an interview with the Sun that Alleman “lived ate and breathed the Heart Attack Grill” and “lived a very full life.”

Alleman, a local security guard, was a famous regular at the restaurant who ate there almost every day. He was nicknamed “Patient John” and was featured in a picture on the menu…

According to Yahoo! News, this is the second time one of the restaurant’s unofficial spokesmen has died in two years.

The restaurant is known for it’s overly-fattening menu, one that features a “quadruple bypass burger” that pushes 10,000 calories. Last year, a man suffered an apparent heart attack in the restaurant while eating the restaurant’s “triple bypass burger.”

They saying goes, “you are what you eat”. That apparently includes dumb – on the way to being dead.

  1. Homer says:

    Mmmmmmm… can I get a bucket of french fries with gravy and a large chocolate shake with that? What do you want, Marge?

  2. Dave Koss says:

    Jon, the owner, was a client of mine in Dallas. This makes spokesman #2 that has died. He is sad, but doesn’t blame his food. He’s the most spacey/ADD man you’ll ever meet. He’s smart as hell, but too micro-managey for his own good. That’s what caused the Dallas store to close so quick.

  3. Rick Cain says:

    52, thats a hell of a good run for an obese person. People are dropping dead in their 40′s now.

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