Guerlain Chicherit has been a favorite rally raid driver of ours for a while. We cheer for him in the annual Dakar Rally – especially now that he’s driving for Mini.

As difficult as Dakar can be – he didn’t face anything like this in this year’s competition.

  1. mainecat says:

    10 seconds is all that’s needed. The rest is unneeded buildup.

  2. Uncle Patso says:

    I think the person who came up with the correct ramp design should be equally celebrated with the driver.

    • bobbo, the ONLY true Libertarian on this blog, all others being dogmatic posers says:

      I was wondering very similarly “what is the skill required here other than reach the right speed?” but then thought the act might require a shift in weight at just the right time. IOW–what actually makes the vehicle flip?

      • jimbo says:

        > what actually makes the vehicle flip?

        I used to do that all the time as a kid with toy cars by running them at a magazine laid open, pages down on the floor.

  3. god says:

    Wonder if mainecat watched all 12 minutes of actual play in the Super Bowl?

  4. Severian says:

    This is all about mathematics, not driving skill.

  5. UncDon says:

    Lets see him do that with a school bus!

  6. jpfitz says:

    Waste of time and money. BFD. I did the same with my Schwinn 40 years ago.

    I’m a big fan of auto racing, this is not that. This is a Cooper commercial.


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