The document includes advice such as “hide under thick trees” (believed to be bin Laden’s contribution), and instructions for setting up a “fake gathering” using dolls to “mislead the enemy”.

Found by the Associated Press in a building in Timbuktu, the ancient city occupied by Islamists last year, the document is believed to have been abandoned as extremists fled a French military intervention last month. It is a Xeroxed copy of a tipsheet (pdf) authored by a Yemeni extremist that has been published on some jihadi forums, but that has made little appearance in English.

The list reflects how al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghbreb anticipated a military intervention that would make use of drones, as the war on terror shifts from the ground to the air.

  1. orchidcup says:

    Jamming the control frequencies with an old-fashioned multi-spectrum transmitter appears to be one of the strategies.

    This one is rather puzzling:

    5. Jamming of and confusing of electronic communication using the ordinary water-lifting dynamo fitted with a 30-metre copper pole.

    A water-lifting dynamo? An electric water pump?

  2. orchidcup says:

    3. Spreading the reflective pieces of glass on a car or on the roof of the building.

    That will teach those drones a lesson or two.

  3. deowll says:

    Thanks for the post.

  4. Rick says:

    If you’re not doing anything illegal you have nothing to worry about, just enjoy that outdoor cookout and ignore the buzzing noise above.

    • The Monster's Lawyer says:

      You hear that buzzing too? I thought I was going nuts. Do you hear those voices too? I found that wearing a tin foil hat and padding my underwear with a few foil sheets helps. You’ll thank me later.

  5. MikeN says:

    You should simply go to the website and click opt-out from the drone program. You will be placed on the Do Not Drone list.


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