Sunday night is the Oscars, so give us your predictions. Just remember that the voters are primarily older than the general movie going public which explains some of past year’s winners. And, like the video above demonstrates hilariously, millions are spent on ad campaigns in the Hollywood press for the nominees by the studios. Sort of like how bills get passed in Congress; money (and bullshit) talks.

Here is the list of nominees.

  1. Admfubar says:

    let’s see….
    the “Academy”, a term loosely used to describe the mafioso of hollywood, will pat themselves on their backs (hard enough to knock the wind outta them) on their grand sham perpetrated on the american public.
    yes hollywood is going broke because of file sharing movies by the public. and as you see their block busters for this year are raking in the dough. even more money for the “awards ceremony” broadcast rights. what more could they ask for? (just all of your money and your rights as an american)

    • So what says:

      Check the accounting, not a one of those “block busters” made a profit. Comparing hollywood to the mafia is like comparing the NFL to pop warner.

      • Gwad his own self says:


        No, seriously. HAHAHAHHAHAHAH.

        What a maroon. “CHECK THE ACCOUNTING” he says.

        You keel me mang.

  2. bobbo, the junior culture critic says:

    I haven’t seen any of them. Just clips for their promos.

    David Lipton got all prissy as he can’t avoid recommending Les Mis because the actors are actually singing rather than lip sinking.

    Some late night talk show guys said Lincoln was too boring, which the clips I have seen support.

    Is Die Hard 6 in the running?

  3. sargasso_c says:

    One question. Why is it called Oscar?

  4. deowll says:

    I know it’s awful but I would have trouble caring less about who wins.

    My empathy level is high enough I’d rather be beaten than watch the movie being advertised. I find there is more than enough real pain in the world without soaking in pretend pain. All to often the only thing I can do about either kind of suffering is to ignore it. Depressing.

    • bobbo, the junior culture critic says:

      “My empathy level is high enough……” ///// BWHAHAHAHA! Do-ill made a funny: pretending to be someone else.

      The demand for bread by the peasants is the demand for a social safety net provided by a Nanny State that is not dominated by the SUPER RICH, our Monarchy of the day.

      You couldn’t be less empathetic if you were paid to do so…. or just plain self centered, myopic, and delusional.

      Just as you are.

      • deowll says:

        We had a social safety net that worked sixty years ago. Due to reckless and irresponsible actions on the part of the Federal government our currency and economy are about to completely implode completely removing everyone’s safety net including yours and you are much to silly to grasp that. You are about to be another flattened and hungry troll on the Obama road to a socialist’s paradise. I prefer to call it third world nation status.

  5. I didn’t recognize her, so I Googled for the name of the actress spoofing Ann Hathaway in this video. It’s Emma Fitzpatrick, and she’s got quite a set of pipes. With the right musical choices, she could easily put many of today’s pop singers to shame.

    Among her credits is a role in The Social Network.

  6. msbpodcast says:

    Who gives a fuck?

    Its just a sampling of what issued from the cloaca.

  7. jpfitz says:

    Agreed, who cares. Actors must be the most narcissistic people on the planet.

    I stopped watching when men like Carry Grant and Jimmy Stewart were gone.


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