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  1. jim says:

    i’d actually favor the south american and african brackets this time around. but i would have put tim dolan and mark oulette down in the tri-state bracket myself and make that the north american bracket.

    • ± says:

      African for sure! That’s what this “retirement” is all about. To take another step towards reigning in increasing Moslem hegemony in Africa.

      • Egon Ruuda says:

        It would be awesome to have the first negroe Pope. And no, we have had three african popes before but the darkest of them was a light skinned Berber from modern day algeria and the other two was mainly italians living in Lepcis Magna (modern day tunisia and libya)

  2. sargasso_c says:


  3. orchidcup says:

    I would bet on the long shot with 100:1 odds.

    Francis J. L. Beckman

  4. Johnny "The Wrench" says:

    I wonder what the real odds are in Las Vegas. You know, “SIN CITY”?!

    Anyone know?


  5. dusanmal says:

    But, it is not. It is politics. Hence – three way race between Italian (local political network), Black Pope (to mirror US/World hypnotoad in charge media results) or American (current Pope’s political network).

    • Egon Ruuda says:

      Trust me, there will never be a black pope, EVER. The catholics and the muslims still favour Ibn Khaldun in thought and that blacks are more or less animals.

      Btw if you did not know, Ibn Khaldun invented modern arabian-european racism against all orther races and it stuck for centuries. Read anything from that bastard and you will know what i mean. He is considered one of the highest scholars of islam and in the west one of the wise men of the era.

  6. msbpodcast says:

    There’s a fuckin’ archbishop called Jerome hAnus?

    For reals? … Wow …

    Well, the pedophage has my vote.

    Somebody start up a gift subscription to NAMBLA for him.

  7. Admfubar says:

    Pick your pope in public.. sounds like a faux pas to me..
    and dont point that finger at me.. it was just picking your pope

  8. Dallas says:

    When does the black smoke start? The rule is if they start with white smoke and then black smoke, a negro pope is chosen.


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