Not the useful four-legged species that give us sweaters and butterflied leg of lamb with mint jelly. Nope, we’re talking the far less helpful, two-legged kind, you know: Democrats and Republicans.

A USA Today Poll out today identified the sheep in question:

The survey asked 1,000 Americans to assess two education policies. The first plan was to reduce class sizes and make sure schools teach the basics. The second was to increase teacher pay while making it easier to fire bad teachers.

For half the sample, the first plan was labeled a Democratic plan and the second a Republican plan.

Okay, fair enough, but:

Then the labels were switched for the other half. The “Democratic” plan became the “Republican” plan, and vice versa.

And what did the sheep do then?

In both cases, about three-fourths of Democrats and Republicans lined up behind the plan they had been told belonged to their party. In fact, both sides were inclined to describe their support as intense, to say they “strongly” favored it — regardless of which policy it happened to be.

Sheep happens.

Polarized, mindless sheep so incapable of critical thinking about the merits of an issue that they just line up behind which every party is marching them off the Left cliff or the Right cliff. With the same splat at the bottom.

Read the rest of the USA Today piece. And weep.

  1. Somebody says:

    An article saying that blind partisanship makes you stupid?

    Of course bobo is agitated.

    Please, do it again.

    • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

      Blind partisanship is stupid, but it is a FREEEEEEDOM issue and an analytical one.

      People will always be blindly partisan, they always have been, they always will be. Its a fact of the matter that drops out of any serious discussion.

      Ergo, when you have an article that addresses the issue as if it were relevant….. something else is going on.

      And thats what I explained.

      I know you can read words, but do you ever think long enough to pull together what all the words added up actually mean?

      People who blame the voters are assholes. They might also be stupid, or shills, or self centered or whatever===but they are all assholes. OH===they might also be uninformed or misinformed as well.

      But when you read the truth and continue to think the lie, then you are just an asshole. Probably lazy more than stupid?

      Ha, ha.

      Just Look.

      • greyangel says:

        Did you really just spout all that crap? Really? I’ll be looking for you on the next Republican ballot.

        Ignoring basic facts and substituting opinion seems to be a Republican trademark. Thanks for reminding me why I really don’t want to follow this garbage.

    • MikeN says:

      It’s not bobo, it’s baaabo

      • Gwad his own self says:

        “I’m on the lamb but I ain’t no sheep”.

        -Sandy Pearlman, Alan Bouchard, Eric Bloom

        • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

          HA! Back when Napster was my thing, one day a band member of BOC was on line and we chatted. He was bummed out with his life. All the money they made had been stolen by the record producers and he was left to teach music in High School.

          Sheep or not, most of us get led to the slaughter… eh wot?

          Gwad—you could love us a little bit less? – - – Please?

  2. Kevin Baker says:

    I agree with former Presidential candidate Patrick J. Buchanan on almost nothing except this:

    “Both major parties represent two wings of the same bird of prey.”

  3. honeyman says:

    If its any consolation, we have the same easily led sheep destroying the country over here in Oz.

    4 legs good – 2 legs bad – baaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    • jpfitz says:

      Thank you for the clip. One of my favourite films.

      It appears most industrialized country’s have the right left problem only to be realized as a single bird of prey.

  4. jpfitz says:

    This polarization is a part of the journalism machine we now have in this country. Wealthy, powerful people and corporations need their message shouted at the public for many reasons. Imagine… psyops now a “normal” insidious procedure performed on unsuspecting U.S. citizens. The one side of a population is fed a message fitting their belief system. The opposing populace also fed messages in step with their beliefs. The result is your liberties taken or given up for some odd sense of security.

  5. orchidcup says:

    Critical thinking has gone the way of the dodo.

    Critical thinking is in the eye of the beholder.

  6. orchidcup says:

    That sharpening divide is reflected in the way voters assess presidents and political parties.

    Voters are not famous for critical thinking.

    Ninety percent of Democrats have a favorable opinion of President Obama; 80% of Republicans have an unfavorable one.

    What is shocking about this statistic is 1 out of 5 Republicans have a favorable opinion of a Democrat president.

    Eighty-three percent of Republicans have a favorable opinion of former president George W. Bush; 76% of Democrats have an unfavorable one.

    Even more shocking is the revelation that 1 out of 4 Democrats have a favorable opinion of George W. Bush.

    Maybe what is needed is a third party for independent voters.

    • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

      Good comment “but” it only further demonstrates how the analytical candidate will “know his district(s)” and how they have been gerrymandered to what effect: is it better to go to the base and get out the vote, or go to the middle and suppress the vote, run a third party candidate that fools like ((you know!)) favor so much to corrupt any real choice…. and so forth.

      Win, you always praise “the voters.”

      Lose, you can blame all sorts of issues like the voters, the media, the opposition, not getting your message out, etc.

      Its all very mechanical.

  7. MikeN says:

    As a reminder to pro-pot advocates… your options in political parties are actually these: you can vote for a Republican, which means that you’ll get at best someone who publicly despises pot use and will grumble like hell and grudgingly comply whenever it gets pointed out to him that the Tenth Amendment applies to state laws that he doesn’t like, too. Or you can vote for a Democrat, which means that you’ll get at best someone who gives you a friendly wink about pot, then send in a SWAT team to no-knock your house, terrify your kids, and shoot your dog because they don’t give an [expletive deleted] about the Tenth Amendment and they think that camera-loving War on Some Drugs paramilitary actions make them look like tough guys. Or you can vote for a Libertarian, which means that you’ll get a Democrat.