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  1. NewformatSux says:

    “You can arrive in your private jet at Kennedy Airport, take a private limousine and go straight to the shelter system, walk in the door, and we’ve got to give you shelter,” Bloomberg said, speaking on the radio.

  2. bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

    Troll with one of the better responses in a very too long time, yet still inartfully in error, says:
    3/8/2013 at 6:24 pm

    You assume TOO MUCH! You (Bobo) said, I guess this is along the lines that if you have a net worth of ONE MILLION DOLLARS that you are poor …

    WHAT?! You guess that if someone has one million dollars that they are poor or rich or something? /// I’ll bet you have only read this single post, P/M 2 or 3. Read the entire thread. Several regular posters here want to argue means testing should including Millionaires BECAUSE $!MM is not that much–inflation, housing costs, fraudulent loans and so forth. THAT is the context within which I posted.

    I saw no mention that poor people have millions of dollars or even a quarter! /// Me neither, and if they do, they are not poor.

    I did however see mention that there may be a few SMART people who happen to BE “poor” even by Obama’s definitions. /// What Obama definition would that be? Smells like BS. Prove me wrong?

    And some of these “poor people” might not NEED the Social Security that they were FORCED to pay into all their lives. That’s probably because some of these “poor people” may have (unwittingly?) done smart things like SAVE and INVEST – or just not SPEND! /// Another incongruous misuse of inartfully defining what “poor” means. Rather silly.

    So does that mean we should deny money that was FORCED from people who had pay into a program which had PROMISED to pay it back? /// All things are possible when avoiding a default of the entire system. If you read this entire thread, you will read SS is due to all people. Changes to the program according to democratic procedures.

    If so, then call it what it really is, a TAX! /// I did dipshit.

    And when you do that you might also note that everyone’s tax rate will more than DOUBLE! But then, that’s not exactly a very smart political move, now is it? /// I’ll bet you can’t list more than one assumption to reach this result. HINT–don’t confuse your conclusion with an assumption. ((Ha, ha.===I cracked myself up with that one.))

    I suppose anyone in your world of goose stepping communists – /// I’d more rather be a commie than forced to goose step. Gee–I do hate parades.

    er – liberals who actually work and saves a few pennies despite being shaken down every day, that it’s time to then pluck those saved pennies that were EARNED! It’s called tax and spend SOCIALISM! And the fact that you’re hero left wing criminals have their eye on this nice big pile of cash should concern you. But then, responsibility seems to be a four letter word for liberals. /// The record is clear that it is Pukes who want to plunder the nest egg of the great majority of (poor) Americans. Bush repeatedly tried to PRIVATIZE SS. Straight up–that was an attempted theft of money from the poor to the advantage of the RICH. I’m surprised it didn’t work. Ryan still Tryin, rest of the Pukes too. Why you so taken in?

    … And If you have some kind of problem with rich people being evil blights on society or something then by all means, tell us who they are! /// Current favority is Trump. He brags about how many bankruptcies he has had as a mark of his business expertise. I could go on at length.

    Don’t just copy and paste a list from Dow Jones or People magazine or something since that’s nothing more than being a (jealous) BIGOT! If you have a problem with certain billionaires like Rupert Murdoch then I might agree! But to say all rich people are evil money sucking whores //// Context. And not fair as RICH = CRIMINAL has been explained in other posts. Of course, not all RICH are CRIMINAL. But the richer you are, the more likely criminal. Its just a “fact,” whether poetically as I use it, or factually from an straight up legal perspective. And for that, I would give you all of the Large Bank Executives, most recently in the Drug Money Laundering cases. Do you have eyes?

    is being the one thing you claim you aren’t – it’s essentially being a RACIST! /// Stupid.

    Another idiot right wing nutbag, or perhaps just a troll too lazy to prepare himself, VANQUISHED. Sadly…. not even fun.

    Silly Hoomans, loving the boot on their throats, thinking it is freedom.

  3. Why not? I hope it’s a good idea for every1


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