Executive Producers: Sir Geir, Sir Melancon, Sir Philip Meason
Associate Executive Producers: Adam Levine, Judy Schwartz
Art By: MartinJJ

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  1. ivan says:

    Maybe less searching on internet during the show?

  2. stormtrooper 651 says:

    Are these meltdowns by Adam a regular feature now?

    • Charlie says:

      It’s a feature!

    • dave m brewer says:

      It’s a life style…

      • dave m brewer says:

        Adam spends the first 30 minutes of the show telling us his hard dealing with life during the past few days. (Love it, better he than me.)

    • HUGSaLOT says:

      No he’s only “lost his shit” about three times on the show. Each one a little different. This is the 1st time I felt like the show’s future is in jeopardy. It’s been over 5 years for No Agenda, most podcasts never last 2-3 due to burnout.

  3. bardxz says:

    Luv you Adam. Slamming the main stream media is entertaining. Your personality interactions is entertaining. Noagenda is an entertainment podcast. Does not mean you have to be a monkey boy, but embrace what the podcast is, entertainment…for some, big bucks in the entertainment industry.

  4. JT Hut says:

    It’s a “media assination” if you only count MSNBC, ABC, C-SPAN and PBS as your “media.”

  5. Mike Carlson says:

    Does make sense huh. I always love going through your blogs.

  6. Spudboy says:

    I see this show as a turning point. Could be the beginning of the end.

  7. Benjamin says:

    Just discovered No Agenda. Hope Adam’s meltdown at the end doesn’t effect the future of the show.

  8. B. Dog says:

    I love the picture, and was able to pick out my favorite girl. They don’t seem too interested in the bitcoin, though.

  9. orchidcup says:

    Is Adam off of his meds again?

    • Tim says:

      You seem quite knowledgeable concerning medications and their {scandalous unscrupulously gathered information from the smallest creatures inhabiting God’s creation} quantifiable interactions, orchidcup.

      This one time, at band camp, I stuck some phenazopyridine, ondansetron, hydrochloroquinone, azathioprine, polyethylene glycol (PEG), medroxyprogesterone, methylprednisolone up your pussy; Also, just for shits and giggles I crammed in a little Mucilex(tm) just to see if it would still fit.

      • Tim says:


        I tried to finger in a little IFCF yellow #5 but you said it would make you forgetful; So, in my mercy,…

        • orchidcup says:

          Adam, is that you?

          • Non-Adamised-Tim says:

            No. Stop asking great (stupid) questions.

          • Non-Adamised-Tim says:

            Also; If you wish to engage in asexual transverse binary fission, then I’m *down with that* — my safe word is *lindsey graham*.

  10. msbpodcast says:

    Mr Dvorak, I find it lamentable that you can’t get the proper revenue due your good self from all of this shite spam that carpet bombers keep putting on your blog…

    Send them a bill.

    DMS-FRANCE was even nice/stupid enough to provide an address:

    57 rue d’Amsterdam
    75008 PARIS

  11. Tom B says:

    This is like seeing your favorite band have a fight on stage. I don’t see the show lasting much longer the way it is currently ran.

  12. deowll says:

    Paul got Eric Holder to make a clear statement and the tactic was to get him to do it before Friday so the Senate could pass their bills and go home for the weekend rather than having to work the weekend.

    Paul noted while talking to Gerta V. that the media got the answer to the question before he did. Perhaps the problem is that Holder can’t answer a simple question.

    Adam is badly mistaken about how large quad copters can be. Have seen photos of quad copters that are supposed to be able to carry a man. Larger ones may exist.

    Rand Paul preferred Romney for President over BO. If Adam and John prefer BO then that is their problem.

    An offer has been made by a Repub to raise the money to continue the tours if the WH can figure out what the cost is. The person over those tour guides now makes about 100,000. The pay went up about 30,000 in 4 years. They also have to pay the FBI overtime however it is still thought to be about 17 or 18 thousand a month.

    The TSA is still hiring but they are going to have some staff take a day off without pay once a month. Right.

    Adam, put them up for sale any way you can. I did note somebody this week saying they would take bit coins as contributions not that I could do jack with bit coins either. Specie, precious metal, on the other hand seems to be worth having. In fact copper seems to be worth having.

    The woman has a point but I think moron is the wrong word. I’m not sure what the right word is. I don’t think it’s been created yet. ?8^) I do enjoy the show.

  13. KJ6QDT says:

    All you db’s are crap sock puppets. The show will live on.

  14. msbpodcast says:

    I see/hear AC has taken deconstruction to heart, and too far. “A life unexamined“* may not be worth living, but too close examination may reveal some self-deception.

    Its must be extremely frustrating to be a formerly well-to-do media personality and captain of industry who is now be reduced to being a moderator at SXSW who’s guests, themselves a pop-oddity band, have bailed on him.

    He feels the need for lucre, Sestertius , the filthy stuff Vespasian charged Romans at the door of the pissoir to pass through and relieve themselves, to keep himself in the style to which he had been accustomed. Unfortunately, the circumstances have changed and he hasn’t.

    Ho’s ain’t doing blow jobs for bit coins…

    *) It’s Socrates bitchez…

  15. Todd McIntyre says:

    AC may be starting to lose it, it’s easy to have a nervous breakdown when all you see around you is BS. The biggest problem they have is trying to get the slaves to support them. Even Alex Jones knows you got to have seeds.

  16. AXL says:

    The Rand Paul rant was over the top. Even sadder when we know the outcome. Got halfway in this show and gave up. This was ill prepared and hastily done. Sloppy work will be sloppily supported. sad.

  17. daveo says:

    It is hard to contribute to a show that is constantly insulting the listeners. Name calling, whining, and self aggrandizing don’t make me want to donate just to listen to a couple of guys bullshitting.

    • TXtinman says:

      Have to second that, daveo. I was disappointed at the rudeness and hard cutoff at 2:39:00. I ain’t gonna pay to hear begging and bitching. That is not entertaining.

    • HUGSaLOT says:

      I’m getting sick and tired of almost half the show dedicated to John reading donation emails, and Adam hitting the soundboard playing jingles for them. I really don’t need to hear the fucking “karma shot” jingle umpteen times!

      I love hearing Adams take on the mundane, and John jaded opinions, but the show is getting stale. Adam is obviously in a RUT if his only source to make a living is donations. I can understand his frustrations but for FUCKS SAKE Adam stop biting the hands that feed you, DOUCHEBAG!

      I applaud John’s professionalism and not balking when Adam goes apeshit like this. Even when Adam’s rage is directly aimed at John, he always keeps his cool. Yet John always acts ignorant as to why Adam is upset, which I find comical. Then Adam pretends his hearing goes bad saying “what” at John, thinking John has said or is about to say something to enrage Adam.

      So while Adam blocked me on Twitter I’ll still listen to see what happens on Sunday, assuming he still wants to do the show. If so he needs to apologies to us (not me, i don’t care) and make some fucking changes to the show. It’s already stale. Unlikely I’ll ever donate again.

      Maybe Mrs Mickey needs to make pancakes again on Sundays?

      • What? The moth is always drawn to the flame? says:

        Adam acts like he needs to get out more regularly, see the world.

        But what I find odd is that he talks about “Curry Dvorak Consulting” like it is an impossibility. His view seems to be that everything is impossible now, yet he has been a “doer” in the past.

        Why doesn’t he give up on his apparent fear of not succeeding, and actually start a consultancy? He may have to become more serious, on a more regular basis, but the word on the street is that owning a consultancy is where the low-overhead money is.

        But, maybe he can’t change his spots. Maybe he is too engrained in acting like a low-class lout, and can’t undermine a consultancy by also acting like a lout on his “radiO” show. Sixty-nine-sixty-nine. Really, and you are 48?

        JCD remains high class because he knows that to do otherwise would endanger his other revenue streams.

  18. Glenn E. says:

    I’ve just gone thru the lose of a parent, for the second time. So sorry if Adam’s little problem doesn’t seem that important to me, at this time. Constructively, I’d suggest doing the show only once a week, instead of twice. Perhaps retaining the Sunday slot. And not depending so much on listener contributions for an income. In other words, don’t give up a decent day job, for the dubious calling of deconstructing MSNBC, CSPAN and other Tv news reports.

    I could do the same thing, deconstructing movies I’d seen on cable Tv channels. A past hobby of mine. But I wouldn’t think I could make a living off it. I’m surprised NA has worked as well as it has, for as long as it has. But the 2013 economic recovery was bound to have an effect. People are struggling to pay the higher fuel prices, and too busy getting work. Listening to NA twice a week, for three hours is a bit of a luxury. Mostly for the retired, or out of work. Neither of which are rarely well off enough to pay for this sort of entertainment. Time to rethink the NA business model.

    • orchidcup says:

      Listening to NA twice a week, for three hours is a bit of a luxury.

      Six hours a week is a lot of talking. A good editor could take both shows each week and cut out the fat and leave the meat and bone for a condensed version that could sell for a subscription fee, but is there any money in that?

      Mostly for the retired, or out of work. Neither of which are rarely well off enough to pay for this sort of entertainment.

      Again, donating money is a luxury most of us cannot afford.

      Time to rethink the NA business model.

      The value-for-value business model seems reasonable and solid.

      The problem may be the perception that the interwebs is a place to get free stuff. As in free beer.

      Why should I pay for something that I am already getting for free?

      An edited, condensed show that is available by subscription could be a revenue stream, but that is only one idea.

  19. Tim says:

    “…chapter 12.o9 , title 10…bla bla bla”

    Spot on, Adam. “There is a heavier than usual dew this morning, governor… Drone’em!”

  20. skoops says:

    I would like the NA show to continue as it is.
    I think the best option for John and Adam to continue is to:

    1. cut the (free)show length at 2 hours
    2. continue to record for as long as you want and offer the whole length of the episode for paying donors.

    So the freeloaders get 2 hours of NA per episode max. Donors get the whole show.

    Technically it shouldn’t be too difficult to offer a donor-only-rss feed (i think)

    Austrian television does this in their evening news program. 10 minutes before the end of the program, when everything important has been said, they say goodbye to all viewers in the rest of europe and then continue the news show for austrian subscribers for another 10 minutes.

    And yes, I started a NA paypal subscription because I like the entertainment factor in the show

  21. dave m brewer says:

    Adam… The people who wrote in made some good suggestions. And you are bitching… what’s up with that! The shows are too long… ass-hole!!!

    All you are thinking about is money. If that is so, stop doing the show. If I donate $500.00 you better lick my ass.

    Adam you go find something better to do with your time. Maybe washing cars is better suited for using your time.

    Adam is bipolar.

    (I listen to the show and don’t donate. So FUCK YOU Adam!!!)

    • dave m brewer says:

      BTW, the people in the chat room are nuttier than you. They are like flies on shit. WTF do you expect.

      • dave m brewer says:

        I can’t wait for Sundays show. I’ll be in the chat room giving you shit!!! Douche bag!!!!!!!!!

  22. jpfitz says:


    I expect John to send back any donations made for today. Adam is acting like a spoiled child. Has Adam ever worked a real job, with a real boss breathing over his shoulder expecting results, earning money for the company.

    I know he was some sort of “celebrity” in the lowlands, not here in the states. Poor poor Adam. Only making 500 dollars last week from DONATIONS. Makes me sick to my stomach, some of the donations came from people who don’t have a JOB and fall for his jobs Karma. Some of the Americans listening are either on a fixed income and some are on disability, times are tough and the display of greed was disgusting.

    John, did you set Adam up for this blowup? Adam is an example of the problems in this Country. Expecting money for almost nothing and his chicks for free. Adam believes he’s special. Ha.

    • jpfitz says:

      One more comment, Adam if your feelings or sensibility is hurt from ALLL the negative comments in the chat room, why do you follow the stream in the chat room? Are you looking for only positive attention, well kiddo, your mixed up and looking in the wrong place. You need to either smoke some ganga to chill or stay away from the drama that will cut through your thin skin of lately.

      Wishing John C. Dvorak and Adam Curry joy and happiness.

    • jpfitz says:

      Well now I feel like a fool. Oops…there is a show today.

      Anyway… my thoughts are a reflection of the disappointment that Adam and John would self fulfill a red book prediction.

      Glad to here the fat lady singing.

  23. deowll says:

    I would like them to discuss this:

    I’d kind of like to know why they think DHS is buying enough Ammo to fight a hot war for oh about 20 years with more armor than most countries have.

  24. mojo says:

    Yeah, just try and hire a decent hooker with your Bitcoin, pal…

  25. Kent says:

    So this means its okay to kill a non-citizen on US soil if there is no imminent threat

    Another good reason not to cross the boarder, and I am not surprised.

  26. Kent says:

    Know why I donèt donate. You know, with advertisers you only have to please them, with thousands of listeners, you have to please or not piss off thousands of them. You have managed to piss me off by spouting anti-arab and muslim propaganda from those racists who propagate it.


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