A Brazilian doctor faces charges of fraud after being caught on camera using silicone fingers to sign in for work for absent colleagues, police say.

Thaune Nunes Ferreira, 29, was arrested on Sunday for using prosthetic fingers to fool the biometric employee attendance device used at the hospital where she works near Sao Paulo.

She is accused of covering up the absence of six colleagues…

The doctor was arrested by the local police following a two-week investigation in the town of Ferraz de Vasconcelos, and was released on Sunday.

Police said she had six silicone fingers with her at the time of her arrest, three of which have already been identified as bearing the fingerprints of co-workers…

Brazil’s ministry of health has said it will launch an inquiry of its own into the local hospital.

The town’s mayor, Acir Fillo says that the police investigation showed that some 300 public employees in the town, whom he described as “an army of ghosts“, had been receiving pay without going to work.

Modern science comes to the aid of phonies on the payroll.

  1. The Monster's Lawyer says:

    I wonder who ‘fingered’ her. Or was she caught red ‘handed’? There’s crime a’foot’ near Sao Paulo, Watson. If she’s the ‘head’ of some crime organization the long ‘arm’ of the law will insure she’ll probably get some time in their ‘penile’ system.

  2. sargasso_c says:

    Bad apples.

  3. plarsen says:

    Here in Southern Europe we are not that sophisticated.

    Many public employees come in in the morning and hang their jackets on the back of their chairs – then go on to their real second job.

    • deowll says:

      Not to feel bad. Here in the divided states we have many public employees who draw welfare and get food stamps/SNAP which they use in strip-clubs, gambling, and to purchase cigarettes and dog and cat food.

  4. Chris Mac says:


  5. Uncle Patso says:

    This story really deserves the Flying Fickle Finger of Fate award.

    The Monster’s Lawyer really nailed it with that phalanx of puns. Gotta hand it to him…

    – – – – – – – – – –

    My first thought was somebody is not paying attention, but for that many people to get away with it, the problem has to go deeper than some mid-level manager not doing his/her job. There has to be some level of corruption embedded in the very culture.

  6. When doctors cheat on their daily biometric “test,” one can’t help but wonder how often they cheated on the tests in medical school to get that valuable degree in the first place.


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