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  1. SPOCK says:

    hello john. i just grabbed the latest show, and will listen later while cooking dinner, which is typically how i do it. it seems to be a good combo. but after listening to four-ninety-four, and thinking about the revenue model discussion, i had some thoughts. it seems like a tricky situation because you (and adam) deserve to earn a fair amount in relation to the time and effort you put in. i also like that you do NOT do advertising, which gives you 100% control. but the problem is that you will always be at the mercy of the listeners to provide. but then i listen to other shows (sports & politics) and the hosts are obligated to plug the warez of the ad donors. this allows them keep their show available to everyone, and still make money when listenership is slow. i realize it’s business, but the effect is intrusive to the flow. (buy these beautiful flowers, buy these amazing window blinds, buy these kick-ass ladders, etc.) as much as i’m unsure as to the effect of moving no agenda to a subscription model, it would eliminate moochers (like me) from enjoying a unique product that is free. but then you have to think about whether the show has grown a large enough base to support the change. once you switch, there will be those who refuse to pay no matter how much they like what you do. i still owe you guys a chunk of change, and i’d be willing to pay for a subscription model, as long as it’s reasonable. you gotta sit down and try to predict the numbers, which is always messy. anyway, just wanted to share, even though i haven’t revealed anything valuable. there isn’t anyone else out there doing what you do (imho) with the same balance and mix. good luck, and keep rolling.

  2. Wrigsted the Dane says:

    I do not know what kind of herring John is talking about. We do not put herring in oil up here, because we do not traditional have access to food oil. We marinate our herring in the most insidious ways, not all equally tasty I’ll be the first to admit. But we wash them down with snaps, so it takes the worst of taste.
    So my advice is to drink more and eat less!

    • Tim says:

      What? No Northern Scrod in Quaker-State??

    • AXL says:

      One of John’s half truths again; probably referring to sardines in oil. Delicious!
      And the bullshit about the ‘brown cheese’ that is full of sugar. It is simple, in the processing of the milk the lactose is caramelised thus the colour and taste. There is no sugar or fat added. The content is basically the same as in any cheese from cow or goat milk.

    • deowll says:

      I think herring is an oil rich fish. John thought it was added when it was already there of course herring is canned a lot of places.

    • JT Hut says:

      I like my herring with sour cream and served on a cracker.

  3. TooManyPuppies says:

    You guys should do a little more research on this Eric Harroun character, because he wont be droned.

    Eric Harroun has been fighting with and training the Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist group Jabhat al-Nusra in Libya and now Syria, the same group that our current administration is sending money to and the UK government wants to send weapons to and at the same time they’re called our enemy and we need to fear them. All the while, Eric has been collecting a DoD paycheck.

    • deowll says:

      So dear leader and his staff are supporting people that think killing Jews and us is a religious service for which they will be rewarded while the US Jews think he is the anointed one? Quaint. Why would I think the Jewish state is going get hit by all sides and the US is all set to say, “Woe is us, how can that happen? We certainly didn’t see that coming. Maybe in a few weeks after things settle down we’ll try to figure out what happened.”

  4. TThor says:

    What is it with Adam’s stink eye on Rand Paul? Adams was very critical from the start when Rand came on to the national political scene. The bad thing about Rand way the way he talked and his hair! Adam in a nut shell. Emotional to the hilt. And once he hates something he never lets go… So sad!


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