Consider that in California, millionaires on top of the 39.6 percent they’ll pay to the federal government in 2013, there’s an additional 14.63 percent that now goes to the state. Add in payroll taxes, local taxes, and property taxes, and I’ve seen estimates that the total tax bite could exceed 60 percent here.

But the rich aren’t paying their “fair share.”

Rachel Maddow was last seen running screaming from the set.

  1. Rick says:

    The problem is the rich CONTROL PUBLIC POLICY.

    Sure they pay taxes but they run our government, which is WHY it overspends in the first place.

  2. Hunter says:

    I thought it was a pretty good show this week. While I am a little surprised by Maher’s statement, I fully support his right to say it. We seem to forget that most people have both conservative and liberal ideals. I know I don’t completely agree with one party or the other. It would have been nice to watch the show live, but I had to work late at DISH on Friday night. Thankfully I found it online in the HBO section of I love it because I can access my favorite shows and movies from any computer that’s handy; I can even get caught up when I am stuck at work!

  3. Brian B. says:

    Bill Maher’s problem is he earns his money as wages, like the rest of us commoners. He needs to find some way to hide all of his income via interest and capital gains, and thus he too can avoid paying taxes like the ultra wealthy. The system is rigged against anyway trying to earn their way to wealth.

  4. Pieman says:

    The problem with liberal idiots leaving California because of high taxes is, these assholes caused the high taxes and will go to other states and screw them up as well.