Swedish grocery chain Axfood says it will donate several tons of lasagna containing horsemeat to the homeless in Stockholm.

The food retailer was one of several in Sweden, and of many across Europe and the United Kingdom, forced to pull meat products from shelves after a discovery that products believed to be beef actually were horse meat…

While the tainted food could not be sold to consumers, Sweden’s National Food Agency says the food can be donated.

Axfood will donate about 11,000 pounds of frozen lasagna to the St. Clara church, which will distribute the food to the city’s homeless.

Axfood will be required to remove the products from their packaging and provide an accurate list of ingredients.

A tasty solution, eh?

  1. Rick says:

    Kim Jong Il of the PRK reportedly was a big fan of horsemeat, but to glorify its unsavory image they would call it ‘Cosmic Cow’.

    Who knows what his son, Kim Jong Un eats. Considering his waistline it looks like he eats all of the PRK’s political prisoners.


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