Swedish grocery chain Axfood says it will donate several tons of lasagna containing horsemeat to the homeless in Stockholm.

The food retailer was one of several in Sweden, and of many across Europe and the United Kingdom, forced to pull meat products from shelves after a discovery that products believed to be beef actually were horse meat…

While the tainted food could not be sold to consumers, Sweden’s National Food Agency says the food can be donated.

Axfood will donate about 11,000 pounds of frozen lasagna to the St. Clara church, which will distribute the food to the city’s homeless.

Axfood will be required to remove the products from their packaging and provide an accurate list of ingredients.

A tasty solution, eh?

  1. jpfitz says:

    The horse meat in the lasagna is European meat. Most likely not drugged up equine.

  2. rabidmonkey says:

    What is so with with horse meat? Seriously. Is it like it’s taboo or something? It IS food after all, for crying out loud. Seriously people. Let’s get a grip here.

    • rabidmonkey says:

      I left out the word “wrong” somewhere up there.

    • orchidcup says:

      Because of the role horses have played as companions and as workers, and concerns about the ethics of the horse slaughter process, it is a taboo food in some cultures.

      These historical associations, as well as ritual and religion, led to the development of the aversion to the consumption of horse meat.

      The horse is now given pet status by many in some parts of the Western world, particularly in the United States, United Kingdom and Ireland, which further solidifies the taboo on eating its meat.

      This behavior is sometimes referred to as speciesism.

  3. Peppeddu says:

    I don’t see what the deal is all about.

    Horse meat is considered one of the healthiest meat you can ever eat, and it’s more expensive than beef, pork or chicken.

    There are butcheries in Italy where they sell **exclusively** horse meat, and you easily tell if it’s fresh because the color changes to brown after only a couple of days in the fridge.
    They are considered delicacy stores where you can eat healthy meat at a premium price.

    In Japan they even make sushi and sashimi out of it. Mixed with horseradish and soy sauce it taste pretty damn good, and I believe it cost even more than the fatty part of a tuna.

    And to the dismay of some people; No racetrack hunting is required

    Granted, in some cultures people don’t like to eat horse meat, some don’t eat pork and some don’t eat beef, but this is a case of false labeling, and nothing more.

    I’d buy those lasagnas if they were labelled correctly and sold in my area, but I would have preferred 100% horse meat, not mixed with anything else.
    But if you get it raw, freshly cut, and you cook it with just a bit of salt (no oil or butter) I guarantee you’re in heaven.

    • msbpodcast says:

      it’s more expensive than beef, pork or chicken.

      Its not that expensive if you consider all the money the butcher dropped at the track.

  4. Brian says:

    I say neigh.

  5. spsffan says:

    Come to think of it, where’s Jonathan Swift when you need him?

  6. SPOCK says:

    not sure why horse meat is such a hot topic. i’d eat it. i don’t think it is nearly the psychological barrier that cat or dog would be to most to most world citizens. i imagine we’d all enjoy these things if prepared well, and the source of flesh were suppressed. i’m also still unclear as to why horse is considered to be cheaper than cow. i’ll look for it the next time i go shopping. fry it up with some worcester sauce and mushrooms.

  7. msbpodcast says:

    Its the same with eating any animal.

    People don’t want to associate the meat with anything familiar, like Porky Pig, Eor the jackass, Jumbo the Elephant, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, Flipper, Trigger, Rin Tin Tin or my friend Flicka.

    I say: Let ‘em have a good life and a quick, painless death.

    And then boil em, roast ‘em, sauté ‘em, fricassé ‘em or sashimi ‘em.

  8. Glenn E. says:

    Well you never hear of Mad Horse disease, do you? So maybe, in the long run, horse meat is healthier to eat, than cow meat. They probably don’t feed horse a lot of weird fattening feed, to achieve poundage, the way they do cows. And horses in the wild, get eaten when they die, by wolves and such. So the meat has go to go somewhere. Often domestic horses are shipped overseas to be slaughtered and eaten. And they’re herbivorous, just like cows. Only the meat is leaner, and sweeter, because horses generally don’t stand around so much, getting fatter.

    The 8th century Catholic Church started the ban agaist eating horses, trying to kill pagan rituals that did use horse meat. But I think it’s more about Class. Mostly just the rich can afford to own and breed horses. So allowing the lower classes to eat them, is abhorrent to their egos. Horses are like their super pets. And they’re not going to let Joe Sixpack eat their prize pets, when they die. So they orchestrated this modern cultural taboo against the eating of their most prized living property.

    Just as Kings of old use to forbid the peasants from hunting on their private reserves. “That’s the King’s grouse, you’re eating, slave”. As if animals are only from the place, where they’re recently found. And never wander in from outside of the reserves. But I’m sure many a peasant got a beating for “stealing” the King’s dinner.

    The countries that have little or no problem with eating “horse beef”, probably didn’t have, or don’t have, as much of a class division as those countries that do. The rich just don’t like the rest of you eating their pets. So it’s played as culturally bad behavior, rather than a law favoring the rich. Harvard University’s Faculty Club had horse meat on the menu for over 100 years, until 1985. So I guess it was Ok for these posh academics to eat horse beef. Probably only stopping it, due to a lack of appeal to later generations, raised on the taboo.


  9. Glenn E. says:

    The other day I had beef chili, made by a local grocery chain. And I have to say that I could have made better beef chili falling out of bed, with no recipe to go by. Than what this store threw together. Probably from beef trimmings, from the butcher shop. Likely only 50% lean or worse. Horse meat chili, would have tasted better. It can’t be very much different from either deer or antelope meat. And I’ve had both. You just get spoiled, tasting cow meat all the time. And a different flavor turns you off, when you’re not use to it.

    Frankly I think they should just use all this DNA science to figure out a way to grow meat you can eat, directly from plant matter. Then it wouldn’t matter what kind of animal it came from. It would be synthetically grown. And no concerns about diseases or pollutants affecting it’s safety. But all the food industry seems to care about is engineering alternative sweeteners. That end up making us fatter, or effecting our livers in some way. And they genetically modify things to spoil slower, or grow faster. But it still has to be raised on farms, where e-coli can contaminate it.

  10. noname says:

    Where’s the Penguin Burgers?

  11. Rick says:

    Kim Jong Il of the PRK reportedly was a big fan of horsemeat, but to glorify its unsavory image they would call it ‘Cosmic Cow’.

    Who knows what his son, Kim Jong Un eats. Considering his waistline it looks like he eats all of the PRK’s political prisoners.