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Like the boss who wants to hang out with you on a Saturday, corporate Facebook brand pages can get a little weird. What’s with all the personal questions? And please stop asking me if I like you.

Which is why it’s hard to believe that it took till now for someone to create Condescending Corporate Brand Page, a pitch-perfect mockery of every desperate advertiser’s milquetoast attempt to be your social media pal.

“We’re a big corporate brand using Facebook,” reads the page’s description. “So look out for us asking you to like and share our stuff in a faintly embarrassing and awkward way.”

On Thursday morning, the page greeted its fans with a picture of a black man’s hand shaking a white man’s hand. “If you don’t click on this post,” read the text, “we’ll assume you’re a racist…”

The joke has now extended to Twitter as well. On Thursday, the site launched, which, according to its description, intends to tailor the mockery to the platform…

And of course, this being social media, fans of the page get to contribute.

“Wow. I just felt like I absolutely had to engage with you guys and let you know how great your brand page is!” wrote one fan. “Knowing how engaged I am right now, I was also wondering if there was a way I could spend more at yourcondescendingstores?“

Good wry chuckle for a Sunday morning.

  1. Trex says:

    Lick my Page.

  2. deegee says:

    I hate Facekook and Twittledum.
    They are contributing to the downfall of humanity.

  3. noname says:

    Their “pick up lines” need work!

  4. McCullough says:

    The most annoying phrase now is “Like us on Facebook”.

    I think its time to start the first anti-social social network.

  5. sargasso_c says:

    You know what makes this bird go up?

  6. bobbo, pontificating like nobody's business says:

    I’m finding more and more articles and videos I want to read must log onto Facedbooks first. That ain’t right. The Rule of Fewest Clicks should be made the law.

    Yes, I’m a liberal, and I want laws to control the excesses of corporations in an otherwise free market.

    Yea, verily.

    • deegee says:

      I agree.
      I also refuse to visit or post on any blogs/forums/comments that require me to use a Facekook account to log in and comment.

  7. jpfitz says:

    Just like pedro’s commenting dislike after every Dallas comment.

  8. The Monster's Lawyer says:



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