Obviously, this kid has it

Violent video games must be the culprit. Science says they cause mass shootings, right? So why not this, too?

Nearly one in five high school age boys in the United States and 11 percent of school-age children over all have received a medical diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, according to new data from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These rates reflect a marked rise over the last decade and could fuel growing concern among many doctors that the A.D.H.D. diagnosis and its medication are overused in American children.

The figures showed that an estimated 6.4 million children ages 4 through 17 had received an A.D.H.D. diagnosis at some point in their lives, a 16 percent increase since 2007 and a 53 percent rise in the past decade. About two-thirds of those with a current diagnosis receive prescriptions for stimulants like Ritalin or Adderall, which can drastically improve the lives of those with A.D.H.D. but can also lead to addiction, anxiety and occasionally psychosis.

“Those are astronomical numbers. I’m floored,” said Dr. William Graf, a pediatric neurologist in New Haven and a professor at the Yale School of Medicine. He added, “Mild symptoms are being diagnosed so readily, which goes well beyond the disorder and beyond the zone of ambiguity to pure enhancement of children who are otherwise healthy.”

  1. Mr Diesel says:

    Everyone will either be diagnosed ADHA or Autism or a peanut allergy.

    I wonder how we made it at all back in my day without bullshit doctors and drug companies.

  2. Trex says:

    The Health Industial Complex loves these new diseases. More Drugs to sell, more regular office visits for non-cureable diagnosises, etc.

    Treat the kids, bankrupt the parents.

    • MWD78 says:

      and medicate them into mindless zombie shitizens while they get moved through the local Indoctrination Center.

  3. MikeN says:

    Schools get more money to educate kids with certain diagnoses, and strangely they tend to diagnose this more often than outside experts.

  4. Irving of Berlin says:

    The article is describing the profit structure of the medical-industrial complex – not science.

  5. Glenn E. says:

    First the drug industry gets big business contracts with the military, to dose up the kids (17 and up) once they’ve been drafted and voluntarily inducted. Still, either way they have no choice what meds they receive in the services. Take them or face a court martial. Maybe even prison.

    Then, the drug companies figure they can push for mandatory inoculations of school children. Refuse, and they’re kept out of the classes. And the parents might be punished, for not providing their children proper education.

    Then, the drug companies got the bright idea of finding something that effects the brain attention span. So they got the doctors to start diagnosing a deficit of attention in children. So there could be a mandatory program to combat that in school children. If not mandatory, then very strongly forced upon.

    At the same time, the US military has got from vaccinating the troops against tons of diseases. To dosing the troops in combat, with all kinds of coping meds. They were better off getting hold of weed, back in the Vietnam war. But that probably mellowed the soldiers out too much. The military brass wanted more aggressive, super soldier drugs. You can bet Adderall is one of them.

    So it’s the modern era of “take your meds, and be a better slave”. It’s the law.

  6. bobbo, on the cusp of a galactic insight, if only I could see farther says:

    I’d take drugs if it would concentrate my attention. So far, the only thing beer does is make me happy making lack of concentration seem not important. Its kinda close, but not the same thing at all.

    I pity our kiddies. What they “need” is more physical activity–especially the boys. But its hard to do these days when it is “unsafe” to walk to school what with registered sex offenders able to deactivate their ankle bracelets and what not.

    Yes, I pity our kiddies.

    • Guyver says:

      I pity our kiddies. What they “need” is more physical activity–especially the boys.

      Especially when you have people whining about their cable bill as though cable were a life and death issue.

      • bobbo, on the cusp of a galactic insight, if only I could see farther says:

        Oh Poor McGuyver….. seems you are artificially trying to start an argument now rather than just let one arise organically. Rather a whiney kind of thing to do, aren’t you getting enough exercise?==or cable?

        Totally unrelated to whether or not the oligarchical status of multi-channel tv delivery is a social good or bad.

        What would Jebus watch?

  7. Mr Diesel says:

    Yes, I pity our kitties too, wha wait, what was the question?

    • bobbo, on the cusp of a galactic insight, if only I could see farther says:

      A double? Very funny Mr D—but indeed, we have too many of both. Seeing this thread in your good hands, I will depart this thread. ((See if you can get Glenny in contact with Earth. He’s been in orbit way too long.))

    • noname says:

      bobbo, you go girl.

      Let “bobbo” who is on the cusp of a galactic insight be.

      bobbo needs the contemplation of SPACE, cable and arousal from DU antagonists to breach beyond the burdens of pedestrian awareness, out-past limiting realms of reality. He seeks oneness with the vast expanses beyond mere Terra Firma Conscientious.

      bobbo seeks attainment from cosmic sources of unwieldly talents ever engaged in bidding quarrels of ideas, to festoon his proclamations of a new creed and

  8. Glenn E. says:

    I just have to wonder. If the nation’s military industrial complex, wasn’t so dependent on a significant percentage of US school kids someday being enlisted into the services’ workforce. Would there even be all this concern about ADHD? Or for that matter, being over weight. Seems to me none of this was of concern, until the numbers of voluntary enlistment, began to fall off. And/or those enlisting began showing up unhealthy and illiterate. So the word got passed down, thru channels, that something most be done to get the school kids back into shape for the services. And get their test scores up too.

    So they’ve been fighting all the various schools who long ago brought in a cheaper quality food service for lunches. While cutting much of the gymnastic programs. Leading to the weight gains. And now getting doctors into the schools, to “confirm” the need for Adderall or Ritalin. To turn the kids into super-students. So someday they can be useful as super-soldiers.

    Got to get them on the meds, early in life. If they’re to grow up to be useful slaves. If pressed for a reason, they’ll probably claim that the Russians and Chinese are doing it too. So we can’t fall behind in the chemical learning enhancement war.


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