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Diamondback Rattlesnake Found Near Tucson

Thanks to my friend Tim

  1. donttreadonmeMF! says:

    That’s one big snake.

  2. bobbo, are we Men of Science, or Devo says:


    The rattlers are cross breeding with the Pythons!

    Run for the hills……..oops…… I meant the Urban Core.

  3. LibertyLover says:

    That picture comes from a story circulating on Facebook. It seems this particular snake didn’t rattle when the rancher got close to it. In fact, a lot of ranchers have noticed the rattlers NOT rattling.

    Turns out pigs like snake meat. And when they hear a rattle, they run TO the sound instead of AWAY from it.

    Mother Nature in action.

  4. McCullough says:

    My friends and I ran across one on a trail at the bottom of the Grand Canyon a couple of years ago. That one did rattle, but then, there aren’t any pigs down there.

  5. denacron says:

    A big snake, although the perspective makes it appear much larger.

    Its surprising how many people near where I live run the over or hit them in the head, then cut off the rattles with many often surviving.

  6. Floriduh says:


    Heah, hold my beer for a sec.

  7. So What? says:

    WOW a diamond back rattle snake in Texas what will they find next in Texas, Texans?

    • Reading is Fundamental says:

      Geography challenged, or reading challenged? Public school edumacation, perhaps?

      • So What? says:

        Miss read the caption sucks to get old and have to wear reading glasses thought it said Austin, so it should have been Arizonans instead. Doesn’t have the same ring though.

      • So What? says:

        Damn tiny smart phone screens.

        • Smart A says:

          You know why they call them “smart” phones?

          Because the phone is often smarter than the user!

  8. The0ne says:

    Poor snake. Had to die because of fear. This one is 3 times the size of rattlers we have in the canyons here.

    • ± says:

      Know what you mean about snake fear. We’ve had a harmless corn snake as a pet for 21 years in an aquarium. He/she is now 4.5 feet long (starting from 4″) and a beautiful friendly snake. Over the years visitors, on occasion, wonder what is in the aquarium and when they discover it is a snake, totally freak out. Some people have an inborn visceral fear of snakes. Today I found out that our home contractor (a big burly guy who eats nails and shits rails) is freaked out by snakes and wouldn’t get close to it.

      I feel the same way about spiders, but know they are harmless and good. I can now force myself to pick up big assed wolf spiders (found in our basement) to face this down.

    • Ed says:

      Fear is healthy.

      If you had to clear the snakes out of your yard before letting the kids out to play, I’d bet you would have a different perspective. I would rather kill a rattlesnake out of fear, than allow my children to be harmed out of foolishness.

  9. Dallas says:

    Well, I just think this guy’s outfit is awful.

  10. noname says:

    Geez, it’s a small snake held up by a midget, what the big deal?

    He only looks to be a few beer cans tall.

  11. deowll says:

    This snake was made to appear larger the way the Hogzilla was made to appear larger. It is being supported near the end of a stick much nearer the camera than the man but it is still a very big snake.

    The size and plant growth suggests timber rattler rather than the location suggested.

  12. Dallas says:

    How about something on North Korea? No more snakes, popes and gays.

  13. Harry says:

    The way he is holding it is an old fisherman’s trick to make your catch look larger.

    • Floriduh says:

      Will that work with my “package” as well?

    • RIF says:

      Photoshop “experts” are sooooo-boring. If that fucker crawled into your sleeping bag, I guarantee you would be screaming like a 9 year old girl.

  14. Yankinwaoz says:

    I’m really don’t believe that is Tucson, or even Arizona. I’ve never seen green vegetation that thick there. Looking at the patchy grass, the hard white colored earth, and the thick, dark green vegetation, I would guess it is Florida.

    • bobbo, are we Men or Biologists says:

      Excellent call Yank. I agree. I copied the pic and entered it into Google Image Search and found this detailed website:

      I had a pet garter snake I took everywhere with me until it slithered off someplace. I’m not uncomfortable around snakes at all but see no reason to keep poisonous ones around. Same with spiders.

      I’ve never understood the thrill of letting an unthinking dumb animal with no bank account nor feelings of responsibility or remorse get near me. Same with people actually.

      Ha, ha.

  15. Chris Mac says:

    This guy prolly thinks he can heard cats or retube paste, tooth!

  16. Anonymous Coward says:

    Some rattlers can grow up to 7′ long, and they’re a heavy snake for their size. Fisherman’s trick or not, that snake is probably at its maximum natural size.

  17. orchidcup says:

    This snake would be considered a snack in Texas.

    Perspective is everything. The snake is much closer to the camera than the poorly dressed individual.

  18. Spitting Cobra says:

    Yeah, It was found lurking just outside of Photoshop, Arizona.


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