After courtroom fireworks Tuesday morning from a video depicting drug use, gunplay and beer drinking by inmates inside the Orleans Parish jail complex, and one video showing an inmate hanging out on Bourbon Street, testimony in the week-long hearing over a proposed jail reform package turned to a corrections expert who called inmate violence in the jail the worst he’s seen.

The testimony from Manuel David Romero, an expert for the U.S. Department of Justice, echoed the testimony Monday from another expert for the Southern Poverty Law Center, which represents inmates in the case.

Romero, former deputy secretary of the New Mexico prison system, reported a wide array of lapses in the jail facility during two visits last year, in April and December. Those lapses included inmates engaging in “sexual misconduct” in plain view of deputies who did nothing, Romero reported.

Also among the facts that emerged during his testimony was that 32 inmates suffered stab wounds in the jail facility last year. There also were 698 prisoner assaults, one for every three to four inmates.

Let me be the first to support stricter gun control measures among the prison population. Har!

  1. pedro says:

    Is like a venezuelan prison. Let’s all thank Obomba & his policies for making the US the third world country the lefties always dreamed about.

    You still have some ways to go, but are getting there fast. This is what gun control on the population looks like

    • jpfitz says:

      Here’s a vid for you Pedro, I used to think Ted Nugent was a loon, but I’ve come around to see his point of view as right.

      Warning, Piers Morgan alert.

    • G-White says:

      You’re an idiot, Pedro! I WAS IN OPP!! And I was I there during the Bush administration up until two months or so after the Obama administration took over. The horrors in that hell hole had nothing to do with the Pres, so shut your f***king mouth and stop making light of the situation of the people in there.
      I actually know a couple of the guys in the video from the rare occasions we were let out on the ‘yard’ ( which was a concrete court surrounded by concrete walls). All the sh-t in that footage is real and it has NOTHING to do with Obama.
      That place was pure hell and if you have anything disrespectful to say, keep it to yourself…

      • pedro says:

        What hellhole are you talking about, prison? Because that’s what we’re talking about here: The utter lack of control of the US and the purposeful policy to make it weaker rather than stronger.

        That’s what’s shown in the video. Are you even watching the same thing?

  2. Guyver says:

    Liberal social experiment run amuck.

    • G-White says:

      Moron! It’s not an experiment…it’s hell!

      • pedro says:

        You are really dense, don’t you? The thing you see in the video are the result of what Guyver said: liberul’s social engineering experiments.

  3. sargasso_c says:

    Looks like a college dorm.

    • G-White says:

      Ummmmm no! I’ve lived in both a college dorm and OPP and I didn’t need a shank in my college dorm…but I had three in OPP-HOD.

  4. deowll says:

    What happens in state prisons is a blame the governor thing. This is not a federal issue. Sounds like he needs to replace a lot of people. How good a job is your state doing?

    No adding in another level of incompetents, the fed, is staggeringly unlikely to fix this.

    • pedro says:

      Where’s the DoJ supervision? Oops, sorry. They’re too busy making the legal frame for droning (which then will be sent to the messiah who then will pass it to his minions in congress & senate) and making the blind eye to illegals & fast & furious.

      • jpfitz says:

        Where was your outrage when Dumbo droned the browns? Or, invaded Iraq with made up WMD’s and sending troops without body armor?

        Dumbo sent the same drones your bitchin about. What the hell Pedro? I’m no fan of this administration, obama lies like the rest. Where was your outrage back then.

        • pedro says:

          In other words, you’re ok with what’s going on in that prison.

          • jpfitz says:

            Of course not Pedro, New Orleans is one of the most politically corrupt spots in the US. So… you get what you see. Not that this is the way to run a prison. The local and state corrections has run amok.

          • pedro says:

            Indeed they are running amok. And the fed’s aren’t doing their job either.

            SO the question to ask is, how much is this purposeful and how much is plain incompetence?

            Regular corruption most of the times falls into incompetence, people not doing their job for greed. Thing get degraded but as a byproduct, not the prime goal.

            I’m going to refer to the videos I’ve posted as an example. Venezuelan prison system has never been a model of human rights. But at least, there was order from local and central government, with the usual small time people trying to get some money smuggling things in & out of prisons.

            But what you see in the video, is the purposeful final destruction of the jail system. The reason here? Crowd control. They carry kidnapping & robbery rings from inside prisons, the inmates run the jail, not the jail officers and this on orders from higher up. They have weapons, civilians cannot (unless you are with el comandante)

            See my simile now?

            Which one do you think is the cause resulting in the video you saw from the US prison?

    • G-White says:

      Actually the Feds are the only ones who can possibly fix it. The city and state are too corrupt to fix it. If they could or wanted to, they would have years ago…. The Feds aren’t perfect for sure but oversight is the only thing thy can help that place. You’d just have to know the system there to understand…

      • pedro says:

        And what good of a job would you say the Fed’s have done so far?

  5. Hmeyers says:

    God will have to send Hurricane Katrina II to finish the job that GW Bush started with Katrina I.

    Because — like — Bush caused Katrina through global warming.

    Or something …

    • jpfitz says:

      I wonder sometimes if your supposition is close to the truth.

      The Pentagon “may” have known that one big blow was gonna wipe that low lands clean of the poor people. Um, most of the folks residing there were of color. So let nature just wash the nasty bits clean. Disgusting, yes, but only conjecture.

  6. Admfubar says:

    looks more like plot to privatize prisons, BEWARE!

    • G-White says:

      Idiot! They’ll never privatize that prison. They make a per diem on each prisoner. They make and skim too much money. They’d never let a company make what they are..

  7. Dallas says:

    This can be fixed if all inmates were required to have guns.

    • pedro says:

      This would be fixed if you were the practice target

      • Bob73 says:

        Okay children. Can we please just get along? This bickering is really getting old and is beyond uninteresting.

        • spsffan says:

          I agree. Perhaps we should send Dullas and Pancho to jail.

          In New Orleans.

        • pedro says:

          That’s exactly how I feel about DUhllass’ “pearls of wisdom”. I just wish you and me could get what we wanted which is for posts like his disappear.

          • noname says:

            Most people here would be happier if your troll posts disappeared!

            You mostly never have anything useful or constructive to say!

            You take it on yourself to be a true “Dallas Hater” regardless of what he posts, Why?

            You are by far the ultimate DU troll! Who knows the delusions and psychosis you obviously labor under.

            Dallas doesn’t address you, excepting when you attack him! And Bravo, to Dallas for mostly ignoring you. Dallas being the adult, even chided me for standing up for him.

            Pedro what is your malfunction and why aren’t the meds helping?

          • pedro says:

            Sure. I’m the one with psychological problems.

            One advise from me: Don’t ever let a shrink read one of your posts. You don’t even know how easy it is to push your buttons.

          • noname says:

            Haa! Listen to you “One advise from me”.

            Isn’t that a hoot!

            First I would say, shut the F* up and learn how to spell advice, bitch!

            Everyone thought, with the money you spent humping your shrink(s), trying to examine that mushroom you call a brain, you could at least spell or not get confused between advise and advice!

            pedro, you are one very sorry, pathetic troll looking for self-importance by attacking Dallas! Dude you are sad!

            It’s about time you Man UP, grow a pair and move on!

          • pedro says:

            You know one of the reasons I call you nobrain? Is because you cannot be take advise?

            Why: Because, like your lover DUhllass, your IQ doesn’t help you in the understanding department.

            Here, learn a little English:

            “Definition of ADVISE
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            Thanks for giving me the joy of laughing at your lack of brain. As a reward, go give DUhllass another colon cleansing or better yet, ask him to give you one; you deserve it.

          • noname says:

            STILL TRUE and you still are a PUTZ:

            “Everyone thought, with the money you spent humping your shrink(s), trying to examine that mushroom you call a brain, you could at least spell or not get confused between advise and advice!”

            You are the dumbest PUTZ anyone has ever encountered! You can’t even understand grade school level English grammar or how to use a dictionary! It makes you mad, doesn’t it?

            pedro, is your Dallas Hate because you are, too dumb to know the difference between a transitive verb and a noun?

            pedro, is your Dallas Hate because you are, just dumb and you HATE YOURSELF?


  8. Publius says:

    You have the US War on Drugs to thank for the high number of abuses people suffer in prison. The USA is #1 in the world in percentage of its own people sitting in a prison. About half of the entire prison population does not belong in prison. There would be a lower density of humans in these jails if it were not for the racket otherwise known as the US War on Drugs. But high headcount gets people a bigger budget, and no self-serving prison executive can turn away a bigger budget for his or her business unit.

    • Wrigsted the Dane says:

      U.S.. has 10 times as many people in prison in proportion to its population than we have here in Denmark and most other European countries and ten times as many police officers per capita. But you still have a high crime rate. It’s not exactly a tribute to your ideals as the country of the free, fair trials and all that. And we have laws against drugs, so you can not use that as an excuse.

      • pedro says:

        Yet what are the guys doing in prison? Drugs. Double idiots: being taken for a ride by drug dealers on the streets and then in jail.

  9. Mike Carlson says:

    This is a lack of attention the government is giving to what the inmates are doing.

  10. bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

    I post here not as the Second Highest Rated Troll on the DU Forum, and not because I don’t Type worth Sh*t and too often type what I was thinking “next” making what is presented incomprehensible, and then I often take joy in the spoonerism of the wrong word, but because when made the point of a comment, I do love words.

    pedro says:
    4/7/2013 at 4:38 am

    Sure. I’m the one with psychological problems. /// You are on the troll continuum with your “excessive” rejoinders to Dallas. Same with the Yawn. On balance, I think it is marginally ok as Dallas doesn’t take offense, considering the source. With Dallas you are trolling the individual. With yawns, you are trolling the forum.

    One advise from me: /// Here you are using advise as a noun. It is incorrect. Its a close call but clear–the difference between giving advice and what is given? I always pass over such misspellings as dwelling on the obvious and inconsequential is not interesting and the mark of a dull normal. But, when such an issue has been made a specific point, you should at least read and apply the very definition you pasted. Then, continue to post as you wish.

    Don’t ever let a shrink read one of your posts. You don’t even know how easy it is to push your buttons. /// Very few of us have buttons to be pushed. Just a few ruts.

    Of course, the forum benefits each and every time one of us posts as intelligently as we possibly can. I always get wifey to help me when that is called for.

    But, I dither.


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