Republican lawmakers in North Carolina have introduced a bill declaring that the state has the power to establish an official religion — a direct challenge to the First Amendment.

One professor of politics called the measure “the verge of being neo-secessionist,” and another said it was reminiscent of how Southern states objected to the Supreme Court’s 1954 integration of public schools.

The bill says that federal courts do not have the power to decide what is constitutional, and says the state does not recognize federal court rulings that prohibit North Carolina and its schools from favoring a religion.

The bill was introduced Monday by two Republican representatives from Rowan County, north of Charlotte, and sponsored by seven other Republicans. The party controls both chambers of the North Carolina Legislature…

The bill does not specify a religion.

The North Carolina ACLU chapter said in a statement Tuesday that the sponsors of the bill “fundamentally misunderstand constitutional law and the principle of the separation of powers that dates back to the founding of this country…”

Professor Michael Bitzer…said the bill is based on discredited legal theory that the states can declare themselves exempt from federal law.

“We saw this in the aftermath of Brown v. Board of Education,” he said, referencing the integration ruling. “The belief is that the states hold more power than the federal government. If the federal government does something, the states can simply ignore it.”

Some folks in Confederate Republican politics still don’t believe they lost the Civil war. Why expect them to understand the Constitution?

  1. Bob73 says:

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    • Guyver says:

      Such a pity. But I digress. You could do so much better bobbo if you would just try harder.

      My guess is this works for him at school during lunch period when he gets his feathers ruffled.


    • bobbo, are we Men of Science, or Devo says:

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  2. orchidcup says:

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      Is Bobbo like this all the time, or only when you post? :)

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        Huh? I like Orchi. Copy and Paste and all.

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        I think a year or so ago I complimented you on taking the fire while maintaining calm. It certainly does have its pro’s and con’s. Keeps you looking good, but I wonder if you really pay attention or care?

        x 2.

  3. cliouser says:

    from wikipedia there were established religions in the colonies and for some time in the early states.

    Colony Denomination Disestablished
    Connecticut Congregational 1818
    Georgia Church of England/Episcopal Church 1789
    Maryland Church of England/Episcopal Church 1776
    Massachusetts Congregational 1833
    New Hampshire Congregational 1790
    North Carolina Church of England/Episcopal Church 1776

    South Carolina Church of England/Episcopal Church 1790

    Florida Church of England/Episcopal Church 1783
    Virginia Church of England/Episcopal Church 1786

    Certainly our founding fathers did not feel the federal constitution applied within the states. We didn’t have a national religion, but individual state religions were up to the states. Over the years our federal system has slowly been becoming nationalized. Lincoln ended states rights when he did not allow secession. A free people should have the ability to choose whom they wish to assemble and disassemble themselves from.

    • bobbo, are we Men of Science, or Devo says:

      Nice idea. Such plebiscites do occur. I don’t think the secession being for the cause of imposing slavery was even part of the consideration.

      Is fun to think about though.

  4. Somebody says:

    But actually, the states can and should ignore federal law that violates the constitution even if the supreme court lies and says the laws do not. Otherwise, what we have is absolute dictatorship.