You’re paying for it, might as well enjoy it.

  1. Can I Come In? says:

    Party at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. ?

    I thought Sequestration closed the White House. Did they sell tickets?

  2. Derek says:

    Just imagine how great the party would have been if sequester hadn’t kicked in

  3. jpfitz says:

    Hey, there’s Cyndi Lauper. I kissed her at a Jones Beach concert back in the 80’s, well kinda, I kissed her ear.

    What did I just watch? was it live or memorex.

    • McCullough says:

      It was live. But the party’s over.

      • Smart A says:

        Which party?!

        • msbpodcast says:

          It doesn’t matter which party. 🙂

          They’re all fuckin’ lyin’ 1%ers.

          You don’t have to be Διογένης ὁ Σινωπεύς, (Diogenēs if Sinōpeus) to know that it would be hopeless to wave your lantern around, looking for an honest man.

  4. bobbo, Jr culture Critic and totally self involved lover/voter says:

    Live? No reruns, no transcript??

    I kissed a car once. Just as with Females, or our gubment, I expected more of a response.

  5. bent at the waste says:

    more waste of your money via the 1% fat cats.

  6. BigBoyBC says:

    …and Nero fiddled as Rome burned.

  7. noname says:

    “Sequestration Forces Cancer Patients To Travel Thousands Of Miles For Treatment”, meanwhile; Obama holds his package and says “Sequester This”!

    To be fair, “Obama To Return 5 Percent Of His Salary In Solidarity With Furloughed Federal Workers”.

    As time goes on, I am less and less impressed with Obama; but know, he is far far better than anything the REPUKs offered.

    Personally I would like to see Elizabeth Warren run in 2016.

    I am concerned Hillary Clinton is too much of a Washington insider and hasn’t demonstrated drive or the knowledge base to fight against the heavy headwinds of Wall Street moneyed interest!

    • bobbo, Jr culture Critic and totally self involved lover/voter says:

      You almost had it. Hiliary is bought and paid off for by Big Wall Street Interests. Like Obama, she will continue the corpocracy theft continuing to transfer the Country’s wealth from you and me to the Super Rich.

      Just look====>

      Its a very common theme of failures, bureaucracy, and gubment: No one ever mentions what ACCOMPLISHMENTS Hiliary achieved. Is traveling to 82 countries and logging 2 million miles “an accomplishment?” I don’t think so.

      Add that to her self delusion of dodging bullets landing in Sarevo (whereever) and you got a self centered FRAUD manuevering for political office.

      Just Look for Christ Sake. Like BushtheRetard its right in front of your face.

      Just look…………..

      • bobbo, Jr culture Critic and totally self involved lover/voter says:

        Crap!!! The common characterization of the failures in office today is: “Listing inputs rather than outputs.”

        Its telling shit from shinola…even on a resume.

        Review your own life. Is it one of input or outcomes?

        Ha, ha……… but I dither.

        Onward to some other output!!!!!

  8. Mrsurfboard says:

    Glad to see Obama has got “skin in the game”

  9. jpfitz says:

    We get the honor of watching the rich drink champagne and prance around. Woo-hoo!!!

    • Smart A says:


      They’re not rich! Just ask them.

      (Pssssst! I gota bridge in Brooklyn for sale if you “believe” that one.)

  10. ± says:

    Wow. Is all.

    PS to McCullough —- since I’m apparently too dense to get an email to someone at, send me an email for evidence that at least some of the domains hosted at the server address are being blocked by those who use Comcast as their ISP.

    • ± says:

      Forgot to mention that this means that (at least some) people trying to view get an error message screen.

      • bobbo, Jr culture Critic and totally self involved lover/voter says:

        I’m on Comcast. I have “no issues” that I can tell of.

        firefox 19.0.2. Crashes on Youtube these days but I use IE for that.

        Just waiting for my fix.

    • McCullough says:

      Why would you think you’re being blocked? I’m pretty sure John uses Comcast as well.

      • ± says:

        You have my email address (work email). If you don’t want to email me using yours, use a throw away one and I’ll send you screen captures and other stuff. There are at least 5 sites of the many hosted at that site (server ip besides that are being blocked from viewing at my work location by Comcast here on the east coast. I am sending this from my home computer (different ISP).

        My becdar (big evil corporation radar) is tingling.

  11. jpfitz says:

    What does Justin Timberland and Memphis soul have in common?

    Is this an oxymoron joke or are people that stupid to accept a white pop singer as a southern soul singer. JT was born in Memphis though. He doesn’t have the soul part at all.

    • bobbo, Jr culture Critic and totally self involved lover/voter says:

      jp===what be happin’ wid you? Think soul is a black persons experience?? “♫..Ain’t got no job, wife done left me for a craker, and the horse done left the barn…”

      That might be Mississippi Mud Delta Flatbush Soul….but Dag Nabbit, white boys who grew up in the suburbs feel pain too. Fer instance….. Comcast is blocking my isp’s. Life does’t get more Blue than that.

      Talk about your cultural elitism!

      ((btw–unless its country western ((spit!!)) the horse mentioned rides you!))

      • jpfitz says:

        Yea, I thought you’d call me out on my prejudice. I cringe every time that ‘N Sync pop singer appears. Now he’s an actor and a soul brother. You’re right on calling me out, thanks for the redirection.

        Soul music comes from strife and struggling in this white mans world, I see or hear no soul in that voice and act. Heck, Lauper had much more soul than JT.

        JT ruined one of the greatest songs, Sitting on the dock of the bay has some real images and emotions whenever I hear the original.

      • jpfitz says:

        You really didn’t my much if Comcast is blocking you.

  12. Smart A says:

    Seeing this, I’m reminded of a famous quotation: Let them eat CAKE!

    Translation: Screw the taxpayers!

    So what else is new?

    • bobbo, Jr culture Critic and totally self involved lover/voter says:

      Today they say: “50 Million on Food Stamps?–They are lazy!”

      Ha, ha. Yes indeed. Rich vs the Rest. Not so much a war, as an unavoidable state of being.

      Its true.

    • dadeo says:

      I saw Nero fiddling..

      • bobbo, Jr culture Critic and totally self involved lover/voter says:

        Fiddling who?

        But I dither////……..But I fiddle.


    • msbpodcast says:

      I am waiting for US citizens to get fed up enough and then Mademoiselle Guillotine will make an impressive contribution to society.

      The best part of executions has always been the preceding show trials.

  13. noname says:

    Welcome to America 2.0, the “Clash of design philosophies”. Repukes think they are our savior reborn: “He who is not with Me is against Me”.

    *********”Can’t we all just get along?”************

    A.) REPUKes want a top-down design (also known as deductive reasoning in the process of decomposition of our current system) by breaking down our system to gain insight into its compositional sub-systems to redesign and improve. They cite the tangle of elements and subsystems, developed in isolation and subject to local optimization as opposed to meeting a global purpose. They claim to now have an accurate overview of our system and have reformulated government specification and purpose to reduce it to its base elements.

    B.) Democrats want a bottom-up approach, (also known as inductive reasoning or synthesis) from the piecing together of original systems to give rise to grander systems, and making the first systems sub-systems of the emergent system. Bottom-up processing is a type of information processing based on incoming data from the environment interpreted and recognized as a need to add new systems. In a bottom-up approach the individual base elements of the system are first specified in great detail. These elements are then linked together to form larger subsystems, which then in turn are linked, sometimes in many levels, until a complete top-level system is formed. This strategy often resembles a “seed” model, whereby the beginnings are small but eventually grow in complexity and completeness. This, “organic strategies” may result in a tangle of elements and subsystems, developed in isolation and subject to local optimization as opposed to meeting a global purpose.

    *********”Can’t we all just get along?”************

    You decide:: Select either A, B or C (Both)?

  14. Dallas says:

    Nothing there. Never happened.

  15. RIF says:

    Nice! They pulled the “private” video of a White House party that taxpayers are paying for.

    Get back to work slaves, we need your tax money.

    • deowll says:

      They don’t want the under classes to get upset watching their betters enjoying the good life.

  16. RIF says:

    The pool report from Memphis night at the White House:

    Some funny comments from Ken Ehrlich, the executive producer of the show —

    As he was warming up the audience before the show started, he said so many of the night’s songs would feature hits by Otis Redding that he has dubbed the event “Otis for POTUS.”

    He then led the audience in practicing their synchronized clapping to a recorded version of “Respect.” Afterward, Ehrlich said he was “particularly proud of all the white people. I think we really proved something … and we’re going to keep proving it all night.”

    Its good to know we’re coordinated enough to clap along to a song. Stay Classy Ken.


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