Police: Walmart Worker Turned Tricks In Store

APRIL 26–A Walmart employee is facing a prostitution charge for allegedly “soliciting sexual encounters” inside the upstate New York store where he works, police report.

Foster Bills, 22, was arrested after Walmart managers contacted state troopers to report that they had received “an anonymous complaint of a male subject performing sexual acts in a secluded location” in the Queensbury store.

The “secluded location” was apparently a Walmart bathroom, and johns were solicited through Craigslist “casual encounters” ads.

In response to the Walmart complaint, cops launched an undercover investigation that resulted in Bills’s arrest Wednesday “after he accepted cash for sex from an undercover State Police Investigator,” according to a press release.

Must’ve been one of their “full service” Supercenters.

  1. Captain Obvious says:

    68 behind the scenes photos from the Empire Strikes Back.

  2. Captain Obvious says:

    Here’s the 95 year old woman who tasted Hitler’s food for poison.

  3. Captain Obvious says:

    Check out the consistent pitching of Yu Darvish. Is it any wonder he has a 1.65 ERA?

  4. Captain Obvious says:

    And just when you thought your computer was a dinosaur.

    • msbpodcast says:

      Apart from the fact that is has nothing to do with turning tricks at Wal*Mart™©®, I actually worked on a system (a Keronics EDS [a Data General rip-off]) which was being installed as a replacement for an IBM “plug board” 401 computer which was running the actual accounting system for Les Aliments Grissol (a division of Imasco.)

      I wrote a Pascal-like high-level language for it, a recursive decent compiler all of this to implement a payroll system.

      It had 48k words (not Gigs not Megs, K words) of magnetic core memory, a 10 meg disk drive (5 megs fixed, 5 megs removable platter,) and a front panel to toggle in the IPL boot program.

      That was a hoot and a holler.

      • noname says:

        cool beans!

        I worked on the Univac 1219 (militarized version of the Univac 418-II) computer back in the day on board a Navy destroyer. It had 128K words of magnetic core, 2 msec memory cycle time, mylar boot tape, cassette tape data backup, Kleinschmidt Teletype, 18-bits machine and could do double precision math at 36 bits, real-time clock, eight input/output channels, I/O was interrupt driven, power was 115volts, 400hz, at 2000 watts….

        Not that I did the scale of programing the way you did, but I repaired and maintained it.

  5. bobbo, we think with words and flower with ideas, no matter how many red herrings are stranded along the way says:

    Captain O–a serious hijacker will choose topics of tangential connection to the OP. Something about Mass Retailers, Working Conditions, Prostitution are all even mostly on topic. Homosexuality is still a tangent.

    I enjoy maximizing my position by playing within whatever the rules are. Others enjoy doing whatever they want to.

    God doesn’t care–just like the prostituting homosexual at WallMart. ……….. So now………. I guess religion is a “fair” tangential subject?

    Was it warm that day?

  6. Captain Obvious says:

    The Urban Dictionary defines bobbo.

    • bobbo, we think with words OR turn to the Urban Dick says:


      #2 (as always) is rather interesting, and not being a sports fan, unknown to me.

    • So What? says:

      Definitely #4

    • noname says:

      Hey Captain, I for one enjoy your tangential connections! Please continue them!

      It’s not like the topics here are technologically based (as some might expect) or particularly relevant in some broader societal meaningful way.

      Your tangential connections bring color to these drab posts, particularly bobbo’s oft disconnected deconstructions!

  7. Rabid Monkey says:

    This is a really lame story. News at eleven.

  8. Glenn E. says:

    Let’s face it. The only reason that prostitution of any kind, anywhere, is illegal. Is because the government can’t figure out how to tax it, without appearing to support or approve of it.

    Just like with alcohol consumption, in the US. It was Ok before Prohibition. And the states and feds taxed its sales. But then a bunch of fanatics got the politicians jobs on the line, from “supporting” a moral degradation (drinking). So one by one, they jumped on the Prohibition bandwagon. Not because they believed any of that nonsense. But because they wanted to get elected, or re-elected. So by 1920, it was deemed immoral and prohibited to drink alcohol, in all 48 States. Until 1933, when they changed their minds, mostly because of the loss of taxable revenue. So it is with prostitution. Can’t tax it, without looking immoral in the voters’ eyes. So it’s an illegal sales transaction. Except in parts of Nevada. Where they don’t care about looking immoral, for allowing it as a legal trade. The state would probably fold up, without its revenue, as part of its tourism.