Kiyoshi Ota/EPA

Japanese parents bring their children to the Sensoji Temple to let novice sumo wrestlers goad their children into crying. The seemingly cruel rite is performed in the belief that their cries will result in them living a long and healthy life.

I’m surprised the WWF hasn’t copied this – turning it into a money-making hustle in the United States.

  1. The Monster's Lawyer says:

    For crying out loud. ??#%$@!

  2. deowll says:

    It beats flushing babies down the toilet which on best evidence is done in America.

    • spsffan says:

      Oh, you mustn’t do that! They breed in the sewers. Before you know it you will have evil smelling flocks of babies climbing out of people’s lavatories impinging their personal freedom.

      And now, for something completely different.

  3. Sumu says:

    C’mon little guy..Now with your left little hand, just grab a hold of that dot, and squeeze hard and make him cry..

  4. Tim says:

    “Sooooohhyahayyy! OOOooOOO! AHHSOooo! You smell of soured milk and your effeminate sensei dresses you funny.

    Ta bu’ tali algiea gigga chen ching

  5. Tim says:

    Of course, I’ve heard tell that the quickest route to making a newborn cry is to cut the tip of his dick off…

  6. Slightly less crazy than a christening.

  7. msbpodcast says:

    Konichiwa Yamamoto-san, how ya gonna make the li’l shonen cry?

    No bath in a month from my work on the fish docks.

    So: chemical warfare then.

  8. msbpodcast says:

    I call SPAM!

    Delete it or make him pay.

  9. So What? says:

    Of course the kids is going to cry, they think their about to be eaten. You would cry too.

  10. bobbo, the Jr cross cultural interloper and political activistlevel with new technology says:

    Yeap…. the Pukes looked at this and their take a way idea was to constantly whine. Sadly, the effect on the efficacy of a working modern democracy is about the same as shitting in one’s diaper.

    Yea, verily.

  11. Uncle Patso says:

    Here in the West, we also hand our babies over to fat men to make the babies cry, but only around Christmastime.

  12. Guyver says:

    Could be worse.

    You could have self-proclaimed open-minded liberals demonstrating their ethnocentrism.

  13. Dallas says:

    I believe John Boehner was a two time crying champ, defeating all the babies and creating the new adult category.

    • Guyver says:

      I believe John Boehner was a two time crying champ, defeating all the babies and creating the new adult category.

      Could be worse. You could have the President of the United States whining about how he lost the gun control issue.

      • Dallas says:

        He was correctly frustrated for the 91% of Americans thst wanted background checks.

        Instead, the NRA puppets in Congress voted as their NRA masters wanted.

        You should be ashamed of yourself

  14. Captain Obvious says:

    I would pay money to watch this.


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