Everyone else is just getting by, hoping the pizza delivery guy gets here before American Idle (sic) starts while answering silly telephone poll questions with silly answers to screw up the results.

While 44% of registered Republican voters indicated that they believed armed rebellion would soon be a reality in the U.S., just 18% of Democrats agreed. As for Independent voters, 27% indicated that guns would soon be used to settle the country’s political problems.

The partisan gap on the question of whether armed revolution will soon play a role in America’s political history mirrors the differences in opinion on gun control. While 50% of those surveyed said that new gun control legislation was necessary to protect the public, just 24% of Republicans said new laws were needed. A whopping 73% of Democrats favored new legislation, the survey found.

  1. Sir Craig says:

    Gun fetishists want to protect themselves against “a tyrannical government.” Get into a discussion with one of these people and ask them to define — specifically — what constitutes a “tyrannical government,” what conditions of government specifically need to be met in order to require citizens to take up arms and start shooting their legislators, and you’ll never get an answer.

  2. Rick says:

    Republicans are small-dicked pussies. there will be no armed rebellion. They will be French rifle droppers the moment they see M-1 tanks knocking down the fence to their gated community.


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