1. Bob Whiite says:

    Oh Crap! The people responsible for paying back the National debt I created have started showing up!

  2. Captain Obvious says:

    No bobbo. I actually read all the comments.

    Bob White FTW.

  3. Dallas says:

    White chicks love them black guys!

    • pedro says:

      No wonder you’re wrong all the time, you measure everyone else by your very low standards

      • Dallas says:

        Shouldn’t you be hauling a mattress and stolen lawn chairs on some highway?

        • pedro says:

          Shouldn’t you be poking something up your ass?

          • The Monster's Lawyer says:

            What is it with you and Dallas’ ass?

          • pedro says:

            The real reason is I like to see how many lovers does he have around. Never fails to see a lover of his come out in his defense.

            I’ll give you a pass this time for defending him because you’re a lawyer.

  4. Anonymous Joe says:

    “Billy (Jojo’s little sister – not shown) finds the famous red button!”

    However, I also like the following previous suggestions:

    Your Tax Dollars ‘at work’!

    “That was the politicians favorite ‘side step.’ This is the ‘Oval Office Run Around.’”

  5. Glenn E. says:

    “Barack clearly outdistancing the competition.”

    BTW, when did they restore the Resolute Desk, by closing up that hole or “door” that Kennedy had put in the front for his kids?

  6. Mike says:

    We run in a circle to start the tornado. Then all our problems will be blown away.

  7. pedro says:

    Here come the ICE union representatives, run!!!!

  8. guymandude says:

    “If we get going fast enough we can run on the walls!!!”