1. Glenn E. says:

    That’s why the IRS has to go after the 100s of millions of us little guys, for the nations tax revenue. Because Congress’ slack tax code, has allowed the top 100 major corporations to skate by, with paying almost nothing in taxes. Not to mention the the thousands of millionaires, the IRS lets skate by, with paying a tax rate well below what most of us non-millionaires pay. Even though they are supposed to pay more. Mitt Romney’s infamous “13%” is a perfect example. I’ve never in my whole life paid a rate that low. It was always closer to 30%. And I didn’t make more than $25k a year, in good times. But along comes old Mitt and his millions. And the IRS only troubles him for 13%.

    So naturally, the system has to screw the rest of us wage slaves over, to make up for all that missing millionaire revenue. It’s all because Congress knows it will get some of what the millionaires save in taxes, as campaign contributions. So basically, it’s a kind of money laundering. The wealthy pay their Congressmen 10s of thousands of dollars, in order to get the tax loop holes, to avoid paying 100s of thousands of dollars in taxes. Just as big time criminals give up a percentage of their ill gotten gains, to “clean up” the source of the rest of their money. Only THAT’S illegal. While the millionaires’ version of it, ISN’T.

    • Cliffyp says:

      30% of 25k = $7,500
      13% of +1,000,000 = +$130,000

      Sounds like you need to step it up and pay your fair share, aren’t the millionaires putting in enough?

      Why is the discussion always about governments need to steal from people equally and never that governments shouldn’t steal?

      • Ken W says:

        What is fair?

        I guess they both have the same amount of wealth, assets, and investments for the government to help protect. Between the two, who benefits the most from a stable government and rule of law?

      • bob says:

        That always seems to be the comeback…compare total dollars instead of total percent. It doesn’t matter – 35% is 35%, and if someone making only 25K can pay 35%, someone making over $1,000,000 certainly can.

    • Glenn E. says:

      Actually it was 14%. According to Joe Isuzu.


    • DoDoHead says:

      And your grips is what again? That Congress and big business are screwing us? What else is new?

      Don’t get me wrong, I agree! But don’t you think you’re missing like half of the equation here? Don’t you think that the millions of CUSTOMERS who WILLINGLY buy that over priced Apple crap have anything to do with it?

      • Jimmy says:

        Apple being more expensive has been proven wrong for years. Want an iPhone? Get one for free, $99, or $199. Just like a Samsung or LG phone. (With a contract, of course.

        Want an iPad? Get one for $399. Or an equivalent Galaxy 10 for $429. (Wait, that’s more expensive, right?)

        Want a 3/4″ thick laptop? Get an AIR for $999. Or pay twice as much for an equivalent Sony.

        Fact is, Apple stuff has been in the mid-priced range for years. “Expensive Apple” is a myth quashed years ago.

    • dusanmal says:

      None of responses explains this Leftist slight of hand: Mitt paid MORE than 30% of his taxes on the income when he earned it as salary. He could have than just kept cash that he didn’t spend. And would have not contributed ANYTHING more either to economical growth of the country or to the Government. He made willing decision that it is good for him, whole economy and Government to re-invest that money, despite Big Brother re-taxation on the “income” that investment got him. So, real tax rate paid by the Mitt on the income of X$ is (your tax rate [or likely more]) + X*gain/n *13% + (X*gain/n*87%)*gain/n *13% +….. Making total tax rate paid by him on the money he earned certainly larger than yours. While in the process helping total economy grow and prosper.

  2. Winston Smith says:

    Taxes (and laws) are for Commoners. And the take over of the USSA by corporations is now complete. Welcome to Fascism folks.

    • noname says:

      Yes, the corporate takeover of America is in progress; luckily it not complete.

      Yes, America is drifting dangerously from its democracy moorings (representative republic for the purist) and heading for a Repuke led, Tea Party brand of Fascism!

      • Winston Smith says:

        I can name about a dozen Dem congress critters that are NOT whores to coorporations. So ok, it’s not quite complete yet.

        All of the Reptards are corporate whores including the Teatards which is just the Lunatic Wing of the Reptard party. And Obama acts like a moderate reptard, so I group him with them.

        You, my friend, are an optimist. I’ll see you at the Revolution.

    • Ding-A-Ling Freedom Bell Ringing says:

      “Fascism is simply the combination of big business with big government.” — Dr. Gary Null

      So guess who (what party) is FOR big government?

      Hint: Take a look at HISTORY for like the last 100 years!!!

      Hint: Take a look at what “party” was in power when the PRIVATELY RUN Federal Reserve was given power to mint our money and when IRS was instituted (both acts signed into law in 1913).

      Hint: Take a look at what party has always been about “tax and spend” which ultimately GROWS the power hungry and corruptly moronic government.

      Hint: Take a look at Obama-care that NO ONE was even wanting!!!

      (Sure, there were some good things in Obama-care such as insurance companies not being able to deny pre existing conditions. But that was a relatively simple fix. We did NOT need to pervert the Constitution by creating another TAX – even though it’s not called a “tax” – by imposing coverage on every single American and enforced by… guess who?!!!)

      Not that the other party doesn’t have it’s problems. But if there’s any sort of choice between the lesser of two evils then I know what party I’m going to associate myself with. That is, until more people in that party wake up and see their own problems (which, by comparison, are relatively trivial).

      And even though I highly object to any religion being involved in government – to say nothing of religion itself – I don’t object to almost all of their MORALS! The only thing I really object to is when the religious congregation and religious leaders allow their beliefs influence their reasoning. Because when perverted facts, or even the complete absence of facts are considered, it’s a fast track to hell (for lack of a better word).

      …And when certain “anti-theists” claim that religion is the problem, that too is a BELIEF — NOT A FACT!!!

      • So What? says:

        Hint. Do you think only one “party” is responsible?

      • jimbo says:

        > there were some good things in Obama-care such as insurance companies not being able to deny pre existing conditions.

        Are you insane? They won’t make any profit at all once people with pre-existing conditions can suck them dry. Would you sell insurance to someone whose house was already burnt to the ground? Then the government will be the only source of “insurance”, another chain around your neck to keep you in line.

  3. jpfitz says:

    I have no clue how to fix the tax system be it individual tax or corporate tax. One phrase I hear to complain about corporate taxes is that they’re the highest in the world. I hear this from my nephew who says the corporate tax rate is too high, I tried to explain the loop holes for corps but him being a young sales exec at a bank I told him I won’t argue finances with a banker and we left it at that.

    Does anybody know if this tax evasion or loop holes has been the norm or is this something ongoing for decades?

    • Glenn E. says:

      The US Corporate tax rate probably is higher than in other parts of the world. That’s why so many corporations, like Apple, work out ways to funnel their profits thru these other countries, to get their rock bottom tax rates. And with many of these European countries teetering on the brink of economic collapse. It’s pretty obvious that their corporate tax rates are TOO LOW. And they’re getting bailed out by others, who rates are substantially higher. But you can bet the corporations and millionaires don’t live there, if they can help it. So your nephew is a wining moron, who expects everyone else to carry the burden. Not the big investors at his bank. If he does ever get a clue about it. His bank will probably fire him. They don’t want people at the bottom who know it’s all a scam. That’s what brought down Enron.

      • DoDoHead says:

        That’s a pretty good explanation. And it’s also a pretty good argument for a national sales tax and/or flat tax.

        I say we should abolish the IRS tax code which always ends up giving preferential treatment to only a few who really only know how to work the system. It’s unfair and has always been unfair ever since Woodrow Wilson (another Democrat) signed it all into law (which he later regretted).

        Sooner or later, some smart person is going to look at the unequal treatment of the IRS tax system and then look at the 14th Amendment!

        … It’s something the TEA party is very much in favor of too.

    • noname says:

      Looks like it’s been happening for awhile.

      Share of Federal Revenue

      Corp profits & personal income

      • jpfitz says:

        That first chart is frightening. The amount of payroll tax taken from the working man is despicable.

        • noname says:

          What’s by far more scary, the trend by corporations to only feed off of society (pay little for the vast amount of infrastructure that facilitates their business)!

          If corporations are people, then tax them like people!

  4. jpfitz says:

    Excuse my syntax, I’m typing on a galaxy.

  5. Glenn E. says:

    According to the December 2012 article. Romney got in on some charitable trust’s tax exemption, back in 1996. And then Congress closed the loophole right after him, in 1997. Coincidence? The trust remained, because his and all the other, previously established, got grandfathered in. The US Congress is big on grandfathering things for the rich. While retroactively reversing things for the poor.


    • noname says:

      Isn’t that the truth!

      Congress has only become what they spend most of their time doing, a fundraising whore attracting new Donors. Once a donor is acquired, they have to retain them, making them a fundraising whore!

      If that isn’t essentially bribery, what is?

      “Recent estimates are that many congress members spend anywhere from 25 percent up to 50 percent and more at times.”

      • ± says:

        I betcha both Glenn E. and you vote D/R every election if you vote.

      • DoDoHead says:

        Let’s not forget about ol’ Jeb. You remember Jeb, don’t you? Dub-ya’s bro? Florida’s now ex-Governor?!

        Jeb Bush almost went to jail during the savings and loan scandal way back in the 80’s if you can remember that far back. It was about the same time horny ol’ Billy Boy Clinton was scamming people in Whitewater Arkansas too!

        “I don’t discriminate – I hate EVERYONE!” Everyone associated with politics and banking, that is.

        • jpfitz says:

          Is there a club we can join being like minded. Forget the T party. These crooks on the hill need term limits and a five day work week. Not the three day fiesta currently enjoyed.

  6. bobbo, Jr Macroeconomic and Tax Theorist says:

    I thought the law was that corps set up just to avoid taxes were illegal and would be “pierced” to recover the taxes due? Course, as the current IRS dispute shows, who cares what the law says if the IRS is not enforcing it thru their rewritten internal policies?

    Also of note in a time when IRS tax auditor staff is being cut, every study I have ever seen shows a $ spent on tax enforcement yields 6-10 $.

    ITS ALL OBVIOUS: Like Senator Cruz, too many idiots like Cliffy Pee want to “starve the beast” and have tax revenue decline while bridges fall down. ===SEE??? Government doesn’t work so you shouldn’t pay any taxes at all.

    Silly Hoomans: RICH (which includes all politicians by process) = CRIMINAL

  7. deegee says:

    Canada is no better.

    Back in April this year before the 2012 income tax deadline, the major news networks released stories where the rich top percent’ers of Canadians, politicians, corporations, etc., are cheating, hiding, not paying, in arrears for years or decades, etc., and the CRA is not going after them and has just ignored it for a long time.

    Of course the CRA won’t go after the 1%’ers.
    But if any of us little folks miss even a monthly or quarterly tax installment payment, get ready to be audited and thrown to the wolves.

    The worst part of it is: the estimated amount of unpaid tax money by the 1%’ers is enough to pay off our country’s debt! (according to the CRA and opposition).

    Just one linky, change the _ to .

    An FYI regarding some of the other comments, here in Canada the average corporate tax rate is lower than the average personal tax rate (according to my CA) by almost half.

  8. Mr Diesel says:

    Did they do anything against the law? No. Good for them.

  9. Sea Lawyer says:

    What taxes have Apple evaded?

  10. Sea Lawyer says:


    Bobbo = idiot.

  11. Captain Obvious says:

    Actually Apple wasn’t all that sophisticated in the foreign income sheltering. They’ve just been more up front about it lately than everyone else.

  12. Grandpa says:

    He’s right. They didn’t break any laws. It’s the laws he didn’t break that need to be changed. Stop allowing tax breaks for outsourcing jobs.

  13. bobbo, Jr Macroeconomic and Tax Theorist says:

    Fun to see the Right Wing Simpletons applaud CRIMINALS getting away with cutting their throats.

    Why would ANYONE think Apple is to be thought well of for offshoring their profits made in the USA whether legal or not? If legal, why approve that if its legal only because the RICH = CRIMINAL paid a few CONGRESS CREEPS = CRIMINALS to pass exceptions for their particular businesses, circumstances, or miles from a washed out bridge?

    I guess when you think paying taxes is theft, getting healthcare makes you a pussy, having a gun makes you safe, having minimum building codes for known exposures is a limitation on your freedom, and so forth down the litany of shame THEN yes, we’ll just add your sorry ass to the list:


    Enjoy your kiddies moving back in with you.

    • jpfitz says:

      By your comment I would hope you’re not kneeling at the church of Apple. I did watch a disgusting display of bowing at the feet of an Apple exec during a congressional hearing. I will never buy an Apple product, ever. The cult of i has distorted almost all aspects of modern technology along with the lemmings anxiously awaiting the next version of some i device. Suckers the lot of them.

      • bobbo, Jr Macroeconomic and Tax Theorist says:

        JP–read my comment again. You got something completely reversed.

        Apple is bright and shining on the outside and totally corrupt on the inside. Slave wages overseas and off shoring taxes. APPLE = CRIMINAL.

        I don’t follow apple and don’t have a single product of theirs only because of its cost/exclusive sourcing/non-modifiable products.

        • jpfitz says:

          My mistake then. I am concerned about corps like Apple who are mind controlling the faithful, even to the point of whole school districts having to use only Apple products.

          At least with a M$ system the internal parts are configurable and compatible.

    • NewformatSux says:

      The people on this site were applauding Timothy Geithner once Obama nominated him for Treasury Secretary.

      No complaining about Apple’s non-payment of taxes until Obama is out of office.

  14. DoDoHead says:

    Who the fuck do you think you are? QUARK for DEEP SPACE NINE or something?!

    Talk about delusional.

  15. orchidcup says:

    Corporate tax rates in the USA are the highest in the world if corporations paid those tax rates.

    However, we know that large multinational corporations avoid those tax rates, so the argument that such tax rates stifle free markets in the USA is a complete lie.

    • Dallas says:

      Agreed. The sheeple are trained to look at things at the surface.

    • jpfitz says:

      That’s my argument that is rebuked by some who I converse with, I hear we have to lower the corporate tax rate so the economy can pick up is always the counter punch. It’s like they are hard of hearing or just not comprehending. Very frustrating.

  16. Hmeyers says:

    vid tried to be funny. It wasn’t.

    Maybe issue is supposedly “serious” — but the issue isn’t serious either.

    This is a “dog and pony” show, the government isn’t going to do anything.

    And there isn’t anything to do either.

    This is throwing raw meat to shmucks in a “hey look, government cares about megacorps paying taxes!” — except they don’t, these megacorps give big campaign contributions.

    I’m not fooled by this, the government is putting on a show.

    I know better.

  17. tomdennis says:

    So Whats New?


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