Executive Producers: Sir Geesaman, Philip Sanders, Sir Sander Hoksbergen, Robin Clements
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Art By: Melissa Shutlz-Jones

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  1. Peace and Love says:

    Just jumped the shark again.
    The London photoshopped blood and blind belief in the bbc “witness” was comical.

    Now not so much an honest critique of state and media dis-information as it is a competitor to the likes of MSNBC or Beck.
    Not so much researched as it is a scanning of the web to find stories that match the agenda. The Bruce Gagnon homage was a good example of this, basically some random with a matching agenda or conspiracy. First we have Bruce’s statement of FACT, the US is unilaterally restarting the cold war based on some incredibly spurious evidence, and the PRC is doing nothing but defend itself like some innocent virgin captured by drunken pirates. Obviously no mention of India, Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, Tibet, Vietnam etc. He rambles on, and to quote Bruce, “the only conclusion I can come to is because Russia has the largest supply of natural gas”. Just the one eh Bruce? No other possibilities? Not one? That’s deep analysis buddy.
    Bizarrely John outs this shill (re trains etc) but retains as credible everything else that fits the NA agenda.
    The show has always been hit and miss (maybe deliberately) but lately it seems like they’re deliberately trying to miss, maybe trying to not offend, maybe trying to stake out unique positions to their media competitors. Maybe the take on the IRS conspiracy had to be spun as a repub plot to make adam’s dinner parties more pleasant. Suddenly can’t find occum’s razor when a fully hatched conspiracy drops on their heads.
    I sometimes wonder if the lumping in of 9/11 inside job, moon landing etc with meaningful examination of the press is to provide an insanity plea or just kidding defense, just in case.

    The sad thing is there is plenty wrong in the media to scan, but this “everything western is a conspiracy” crap is a ridiculous homogenization. The simplistic “all about oil” cliche is in itself a distraction. Confirms the theory that the modern liberal, through PC indoctrination, has lost the ability to discriminate intellectually, or criticize the lesser. Probably explains their dazed and confused view that “all parties/politicians are the same” which then, at least partially, becomes self fulfilling prophesy.

    I’ll continue to listen as it beats most of the dire competition and I like the alternative (though sometimes somewhat fabricated) and humorous views and they do hit some interesting chords amongst the bum notes.
    Still an entertaining show, more laughs than Rachel Maddow or Beck, keep it up and good luck!

  2. Kent says:

    Obama’s speech – America über alles.

  3. Kent says:

    July 4th – expecting a false flag with the Adam Kokesh gun march on Washington. Makes me wonder about Kokesh. Put that in my red book.

  4. ivan says:

    Deconstruction is just another of means of control.
    Chasing your own tale. Hey but I like the smell.


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