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  1. noname says:

    Looks like psychotic pedro?

  2. Nick the Rat says:

    I thought that was Kevin Rose for a second

  3. Peace and Love says:

    Oh, and obviously control of most of the media. Expect a crackdown and demonization of podcasters posting their conspiracies and opinions.

  4. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    “I may not be a Constitutional law professor…..” /// You got that right.

    NONE of the BoR is to be read individually and absolutely. They must be read all together along with the Constitution itself and balanced off against one another. Sorry==but simple absolute no exception interpretations are for first readings by grammar school kiddies.

    After that, then read all the Sup Ct case law that defines all those balancing acts. Do you think you “should” be able to yell fire in a crowded theater….. when there is no fire? Same with shield laws. given the government has an obligation to keep secrets ((one can argue that but not productively)) the shield law puts a limit on that secrecy. Its only a slight pirouette to say it is not addressing the first Amendment.

    Not even a tricky issue.

  5. flatwombat says:

    Isn’t there enough in this story to talk about without going back to another nut-job analysis of the USA and it’s leader(s)?

    If any of the story’s true, a Person Of Interest was blown away while unarmed after “about to write his confession” to three murders while alone with the officer and interrogated at his residence without any witness or video. And, he’s shot in the back of the head???

    OOOO…he’s a terrorist!?? (Take the officer’s word on that too) So, that makes the killing just peachy. Now taking bets on how quickly this will be swept under the rug.

    • flatwombat says:

      Guess not!

      Okay then, gents, go back to how they’re taking away your pea shooters and Constitutional Rights to be an asshat or how the Pres. is either the Greatest Thing Since Swiss Cheese vs. An Immigrant from East Slobbovia.

      Meanwhile, anyone notice that the price of shells and guns has gone through the roof and who’s making the Big Bucks from your paranoia? YIPPEE YAY NRA, YER GONNA SAVE DA DAY! …right.

      • jpfitz says:

        “Meanwhile, anyone notice that the price of shells and guns has gone through the roof ”

        Simply microeconomics.

        The other stuff played out in the MSM is softening up the sheep for further programming similar to putting a frog in a pot of water then adding heat slowly, the sheeple slowly slowly…

  6. Somebody says:

    And for your further “murdered by the FBI while under interrogation” pleasure I submit:

    May it prove a comfort and guide to you in these trying times.


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