Or just the new Mac Pro coming later this year.

  1. Tux says:

    I hate Apple. Not that Microsoft or even Google are any better either. So perhaps you’d care to listen to Richard Stallman’s opinions (and if you don’t know who he is then… let’s just say that you probably stumbled on this blog quite by accident):


    • Sam says:

      Haters come across as so pathetic to me. I really enjoy using Apple devices but I don’t hate Windows systems. Hey you like Windows, great, no problem, use what ever works for you.

      • Tux says:

        A little mixed up are you?! Do I detect a little fan boy (fanboi) resentment trying to masquerade itself as some kind of superior moral? See if you can follow along since you won’t watch the video or THINK…

        Microsoft is a COMPANY and one of the products they make is called Windows.

        Apple is another COMPANY and one of the products they make is called a Macbook.

        I don’t “hate” Macbook’s or Windows so much as I hate the COMPANIES who shove these proprietary “slave-ware” items down everyone’s throat. These companies have got so good at it that the unthinking masses of people who actually swallow also think it’s good for them. And that’s thanks in a very major way to one history’s most cunning evil men – Edward Louis Bernays – nephew to the great and powerful Oz otherwise know as Doctor Sigmund Freud.

        What’s worse are the total idiots who either can not or will not think which Bernays clearly identified – including ways to control them. It’s as if society is nothing but a bunch of dogs, cows or any other domestic animal (owned by a higher being) all getting together to admire each others collars and then be lead around by their nose, neck or EGO! And that’s all fine and dandy from a psychological point of view, but here’s the thing:

        Microsoft and Apple OWN the world of information and the masses who buy into their sales pitches. They own it a little more every day when someone buys or even “freely” uses their proprietary products. Every time someone agrees to the terms of use it helps enslave us all just a little bit more each time. And it doesn’t take a genius to realize that Microsoft, Apple, Google, even Canonical (makers of Ubuntu), and the list goes on, treat their customers/users like moronic cattle when they decide to track, snoop or even just abuse the willpower to resist the next great – and meaningless – widget. Widgets which give them economic power as well as control over people’s lives! And when companies take advantage of a collective IGNORANCE like that then I think I can say I hate them with damn good reason.

        I also hate the Nazi’s for almost the exact same thing since the Nazi’s were also very good at getting a majority of people to believe in another complete lie. But if that’s something you want to forgive then go ahead. I won’t. But I also won’t let my hatred for injustice and ignorance consume me either. However, I will probably get a little more concerned once Apple and Microsoft start building a few more ovens.

        Of course, this was a blog about Apple and their aspirations to develop an R2D2 device – a device which could end up owning us all (although highly doubtful as far as any sort of A.I. entity or something). Not that Apple or Microsoft haven’t already succeeded in owning a few billion users or anything. But if that seems hateful then perhaps that’s because you don’t like admitting you have a master whom you answer to with both money and information. And maybe now you’re a bit angry since you probably just now realized that you were probably a bit too stupid to not realize it any sooner. So by all means, hate me. I’m only the messenger.

        • Grey Bird says:

          Wow, we have a Godwin in 3.

          • bobbo, in Repose says:

            Shirley, he did that on purpose?

            “I hate Apple. Not that Microsoft or even Google are any better either.” /// Apple and $MS==so you “hate” 95% of OS makers? I don’t know which one, but I’d think that Apple or $MS is more evil than the other for a list of reasons rather than a general lump?

            Adding Google is like comparing Apples and Not Fruit?

            …. and I don’t think The Great Oz has anything to do with Freud. Maybe you are making some mindless association there too?

            I’ll raise you a Stalin.

          • Anonymous Coward says:

            F— that sanctimonious, self righteous , censorious, a-hole Godwin.

        • MikeN says:

          Looks like Richard Stallman is the expert in psychology who has you repeating his mantras.

        • deegee says:

          “a device which could end up owning us all”

          Never going to happen.
          You have been watching too many movies.

          A long time ago consumer products were made in the USA.
          Then the cost of manufacture rose (in part due to worker wages, unions, etc.) and the goods manufacturing was pushed to Japan.
          Then Japanese products underwent the same price increases for the same reasons, so the goods manufacturing was pushed to China and a few other cheap countries.
          Now as China and the other few remaining cheap countries that manufacture goods undergo their worker revolution, the cost of all manufactured goods will rise worldwide and there will soon be no more cheap countries to mass produce this trash that we consume.

          Now the middle class is shrinking rapidly, they are all becoming the lower class and the poor, who in a decade or less probably won’t be able to afford anything but some food and electricity for lights from their wages.
          Only the rich and powerful in the world will be able to afford luxury items like computers.

          So all of this futuristic AI machine utopia is nothing but crap.
          In Canada we are already at a tax burden on the commoners of more than 50% and climbing. The corporate and rich here currently owe in taxes to the CRA as much money as our entire national debt, for which the CRA will never go after, because they know their place and who pays their wages.
          The USA debt is so massive that there is no chance of ever paying it off, the debt clock currently has the USA at more than $50k per person and increasing ~$3B per day.

          In a decade or so many of these high-tech companies won’t even be around any more, since they will have no populace with any financial means to peddle their trinkets to.

        • kerpow says:

          Jeez dude, its just a computer. Don’t like it? Don’t buy it. Nobody is forcing anything down your throat. For instance, MS is touting the next gen Xbox One that must have the Kinect camera attached to work and I’m saying no thanks and will not buy one. See how easy that is?

          • Tux says:

            Try filing your taxes without being pressured to use “e-file” (in some places it’s not even an option). Try enrolling in a school, or surf someone’s web site. You might not even touch a keyboard, but here’s a hint: THEY ALL USE COMPUTERS! And it’s almost a certainty that those computers will be using either an Apple system or a Windows system, probably even at risk without updates or virus/malware protection.

            Even the majority of Linux systems are at risk either by design or by flaw too. And here are a few hints as to why you may want to re-examine that penguin move: Care to read up on the recent security problems with Apache. Care to read up on Adobe Flash?! Know what a “CODEC” really is? Do you have ANY idea why these things aren’t legal for anyone else to distribute in the USA or pretty much anywhere in the developed world without consent (excepting for somewhere like France)?

            But my concern isn’t so much about the lack of security which almost no one really looks at (asking the real question why are those systems are REALLY at risk — and it’s NOT entirely because they are bigger targets). Those computers may be completely up to date and in perfect tune, but here’s the real problem: NO “COMPUTER OWNER” REALLY “OWNS” ANYTHING WORTH DAMN THING BEYOND THE PHYSICAL CASE, CIRCUIT BOARD, ETC. And even then it’s NOT entirely theirs!!! (Hint: BIOS/UEFI) As such, these “users” are essentially CONTROLLED by someone else when you look at the monetary and INTELLECTUAL control shoved down their throats when they are forced to agree to “terms” and re-purchase software they may have already purchased! (Hint: Do you really think Windows or OSX are “free”? Have you ever tried to look at the source code for Windows 98 or OS9 so that you might be able to maintain it yourself?! Ever really read a “EULA”?!)

            The only software anyone owns might be what they write. But don’t be so quick there either since you better check whatever you use to compile with – or even write with!

            So yes, these popular OS’s and other “proprietary” software it is in some way (large or small) shoved down SOMEONES throat even if they don’t own a computer!!!

            And to even think that an XBox is part of this argument PROVES you have NO IDEA what any of this is even about. (I can only guess that you think your games are legally yours once you hand over a few bucks to someone – WRONG!)

        • tj - the former catholic says:

          And it was recently discovered that by default Ubuntu scans texts of searches carried out by users in order to generate add revenue from Amazon.

          Ubuntu is “free” software. Free doesn’t stop this from happening. Ubuntu is probably the easiest distro to manage from a non-techie standpoint and most people aren’t willing or aren’t technically able to even go that far. So what do you propose?

          I know RMS won’t use a cellphone, Does Stallman refuse to drive a car with an RPM governor too ? I mean a car is yours right? If you want to kill the tranny/engine by over-revving you should be able to right?

    • noname says:

      So you hate Apple, good for you. Feed the hate, let it fester and boil inside of you. Take these feelings and lock them away. Let them fuel your actions. Let hate be your ally and you will be capable of wonderfully horrid things!

      Obviously somebody has something you don’t have, an annual sales of $65.23 billion…

      Go ahead and hate; Apple hears your screams (and so does the NSA when you are talking on the i-phone)!

      • Tux says:

        WOW! Did you ever miss the point.

        Try watching the video. And then try keeping your PERSONAL advice to YOURSELF!

        • Uncle Dave says:

          I’m curious. What do you use? What do you suggest the average, non-techie who doesn’t have the knowledge or interest to build and tinker with their own computer or OS (ie, Linux) use? Windows and OSX are the only viable alternatives for the average person. You can certainly argue about their control, etc. and how we got here, but the average person who just wants to do stuff has no choice but go with one or the other.

          BTW, you apparently were too literal in taking my R2D2 headline. It only referred to the shape.

        • noname says:

          Yes, you really should take you own PERSONAL advice and stop being a EVIL hypocrite!

          As YOU SAID:
          “I hate Apple…listen to Richard Stallman’s opinions”

          That is your ADVICE (listen to …) and PERSONAL OPINION (I hate …).

          You really should try and understand the English language and yourself!

        • MikeN says:

          You shouldn’t hate Apple, they have Nobel Prize winner Al Gore on their board, as well as Richard Windsor.

  2. Hugo Smedlap says:

    Somebody should make a base to make it more stable. Then it would look like a tiny Cray.

    • UncDon says:

      I was thinking the same thing, and maybe that would be a nice aftermarket product, with speakers for iTunes and iPod dock built in.

  3. US says:

    So they took the Mac Cube from a few years ago and rounded off the corners?

    • Mawdsquad says:

      That’s exactly what I thought also, well right after I thought it looked like a can of Fosters.

  4. mark harry says:

    Looks like a huge middle finger to the after market manufacturers.

  5. MWD78 says:

    new from Apple, the iSpy!


  6. Kent says:

    That’s not a computer, its a Honeywell electric heater.

  7. Mr Diesel says:

    I have an iPad, a MacBookPro, a bunch of Windows systems but the systems I use to get my actual work done all run Linux.

    I have an Android phone and everything just feeds all info to the NSA data center to make it easier on them.

    Good grief people, it’s computers and software, not the cure to cancer.

    Who gives a shit.

  8. B. Dog says:

    That is a fine unit. Are we in the future yet?

  9. Peppeddu says:

    Another non-upgradeable non-serviceable gem from Apple.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s glued together or at the very least using some exotic screws.

    Expect to be charged up to the nose for any repair.

  10. deegee says:

    meh… not really news I am interested in.
    I don’t care for the looks of it if that was the main point, but Apple has always tried to be different.

    I have mostly PC but some Apple/Mac hardware and I’m not a fanboi of either, they are just tools to get my daily work done, and I’d rather be on a sunny sand beach somewhere disconnected from the tethers.

    The thing with Apple computers is that the current high-end PCs already have all of that same cool new technology at 2/3 the price.

  11. Steampunk Dreamer says:

    Darn. I thought the R2D2 reference meant a merger of technologies.

    Imagine an iPhone mounted on a Segway, with Siri interpreting your voice commands and operating a simple robotic hand. And throw in a Kinect-like product to recognize gestures.

    “Siri, get me a beer, read me my email, find the remote, and feed the dog. The food’s over there.”

    Go for it, Apple!

  12. Uncle Patso says:

    Thunderbolt? Two? Another daisy-chain technology? Ick!

  13. super77 says:

    Will this revolutionize the computer “box” industry? Maybe, maybe not. Could go the way of the Air or die like the Cube. Obviously everyone that hates Apple has made their predictions.

  14. sargasso_c says:

    Kind of cute, if you like computers with vaginas.

    • super77 says:

      You might be on to something there. The target market for the MacPro is 99% male.

  15. Howard Beal says:

    Yo, Tux dont buy it! Hey what are you doing on line get the to a cave.

    Corporations exist to make a profit THATS the #1 reason for them to be. This is never going to change so just don’t buy from those that piss you off Raging against the machine on this little forum realy is just you kowtowing to the man.

    Go to a garage sale buy some old silicon, solder it together, brush up on your unix and then make your next post on craigslist.

    iOS for the car I want.
    mini iPhone I want.
    new Mac Pro Sweet!

  16. mojo says:

    If it’s not full of beer, somebody screwed up.

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