A response from the Left….

  1. msbpodcast says:

    O’Mama is a politician and a 1%er.

    Were you expecting him to speak the truth?

    How delightfully naive…

    • Spy-vs-Spy says:

      Is our President so full of shit that the only truthful part of him is his skin color? — BROWN?! Or am I being a racist for questioning his administration?

      See how easy it is to stack the deck when it comes to politics?

      Believe what you want. WATCH WHAT THEY DO!!!

  2. bobbo, in Repose says:

    It all comes down to how finely a HARVARD TRAINED CONSTITUTIONAL LAWYER can slice and dice the meaning AS DEFINED IN THE APPLICABLE STATUTES what “spying” means.

    Easy to do. Thereafter you can agree or disagree with the distinctions made…. BUT…. if you cannot even enunciate what some of the distinctions are==>you have no ability to appreciate the subtleties of the subject.

    Sucks to be you.

    • The Bot says:

      Get some new material.

      • bobbo, in Half Crouch says:

        Be specific. Give an example of how it could have been made better.

        Otherwise….. you are a piffle.

        • Bob73 says:

          “Sucks to be you.”

          That’s what he means by “old material”.

          Probably just hasn’t learned that one has to ignore some of Bobbo’s more common euphemisms.

    • Spy-vs-Spy says:

      Reading your Bible again? “The Liberal Takeover of America.”

      Seems to me that you were all in FAVOR of this shit head AND his agenda!

      So Yes. It definitely sucks to be YOU!

      • bobbo, in Half Crouch says:

        Other than Obamacare, Obama hasn’t done anything not approved by the FERP… and the FERP’s are by and large supporting Obama’s NRA program here…. so what exactly is the Liberal Takeover that has you in such a fever?

        I have never been “for” Obama except as the only reasonable alternative to the total derps that ran against him.

        MCane/Whats her Name and Rmoney/Shifty Softshoe? I’d vote for a pile of sh*t before anything the FERP’s will likely put up for the Next 10 years, captured by the Far Right as they are.

        Nice combo of made up and nonsense. How far right are you?

  3. ECA says:

    with so many promises given AS many take offices in the public defense. And few ever fulfilled.

    Is this a bunch of LAIRS??
    Or is something ELSE happening?

    Money, greed, threats, ???

    If most of them are corrupt..it started LONG ago. and has been increasing over time.
    Control over media
    Control over the cities, counties, states..
    Control over LAWS from the past.
    Changes in Election laws,

    • Spy-vs-Spy says:

      It’s called HUMANITY! It has it’s up’s and down’s. But when it’s down it’s pretty fucked up. Huh?

      About the only lesson we can all take away here is that someone like Obama is proof positive that it’s possible to be well educated, well spoken, and still be an ignorant power hungry fool! But then, one doesn’t need to look much further than Wall Street to see that.

      Seriously! Connect the dots!

  4. kerpow says:

    Well he didn’t really lie. He said no more “illegal” wiretaps so they made them legal. See how it works?

    • Spy-vs-Spy says:

      Those agencies/laws/abilities were “legal” before Obama ever took office. So when you watch that video you can see how he really said nothing!

      But it sure sounded good. And THAT just goes to show that you really can learn a skill in Church. It’s called “public speaking.” It also explains most of the faith-based fools who “believed” all of his campaign crap too. After all, they VOTED for him based entirely on what he SOUNDED like! (Sort of, like HITLER!)

  5. deowll says:

    Pick a topic and Obama has said one thing and done another. He has charm. He’s likeable but if you believe anything he says without being able to confirm it from a credible source you are foolish beyond the power of words to express.

    • noname says:

      Oh you got words, (“beyond the power of words to express”) use them!

  6. steve says:

    yes we can-thank you satan.

  7. Dallas says:

    I find Teapublicans complaints about “Obama breaking campaign promises” as laughable.

    You can see the irony

  8. fred says:

    wiretaps no longer illegal
    no “letter” required
    tracking EVERYBODY
    the solution: changed the law
    “everything that Nixon got in trouble for is now legal…”


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